Facebook secretly working on 'LOL'

Facebook working on the 'LOL' Facebook working on the 'LOL'
The social networking company Facebook is working on a new secret project called LOL, a platform that focuses on memes, which are comic and aimed at teenagers, in an attempt to compete with platforms such as Tic Took, Snape Chat, And "Instagram".

The Next Web site says 100 students are currently testing it, and the publication summary will compensate for the Watch tab. It includes GIFs divided into categories such as For You, Animals, Failures, Dumps, and others. Users evaluate the content using one of three interaction buttons: "funny", "ok", and "not funny", with automatic progress towards the next section. At the top of the summary is the Dailies section, a collection of popular and organized passages, similar to Snape Chat.
If scrolling is not the user's goal, there is a button to play "random" content, and users also have the option of diving in specific category segments such as Memes, Pranks, and Gaming. The Facebook administration confirmed that it was already working on LOL, but provided little additional information about the project.