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Games lovers, Get to know the Recon 70 headset

Games lovers, Get to know the Recon 70 headset

Turtle Beach company Launched the new Recon 70 gaming Headset, providing a high performance voice quality, surround sound ready, a lightweight and comfortable design, high-quality 40mm over-ear speakers, and a high-sensitivity flip-up mic.

The high-sensitivity mic picks up your voice lou...

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Nintendo introduces two new models of Switch this year

Nintendo introduces two new models of Switch this year

After the success of the Switch platform, Nintendo is planning to launch two new models this year, one cheap and the other top-class, according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the newspaper, the two new models of Switch may come up this summer, the first model will be cheaper co...

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Top Action Games for android in 2019

Top Action Games for android in 2019

Below is a list of top action Games for android in 2019:

1- New Sniper Shooting 2019 1.1 APK

New Sniper Shooting 2019


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Mad Box Console Controller

Mad Box Console Controller Design

Slightly Mad studio has announced its intention to work on a new home game console called Mad Box, which will be released in the next few years. The project is the first of its kind for the development team that used to develop the Project CARS games.

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										<p>Sega seems to have many games to talk about, specifically through the SEGA FES event, which last year saw a number of new games announced and players are looking forward to something similar this year.
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Yakuza Kiwami's release date in 2019

Release date of Yakuza Kiwami in Steam store

The Yakuza Kiwami PC game was announced in the middle of last year, and since then the news of the game has been completely absent before Sega decided to share details about the upcoming launch plan and the deadline. The comicbook report showed that the remake of the Japanese Mafia is coming to Ste...

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch just laid the smackdown on Sony PS4 and Xbox One

Nintendo Switch enjoyed barnstorming sales throughout last year, according to the latest statistics from US market research company NPD Group. The figures show that the Switch was the best-selling system in the United States – both in terms of dollars, and the number of units sold.

The latest...

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How much do Americans spend on video games

How much do Americans spend on video games?

The video game industry in the United States eached a new level, according to data published by The Foundation , which NPD Group research market, video games revenues in the United States , including hardware, software and peripherals and subscriptions 43.4 billion US dollars in 2018, up from 36.9 B...

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Top gaming laptops

Top gaming laptops in 2019

Are you looking for an affordable top gaming laptop that suites your gaming needs?The top gaming laptops come in every shape and size, so we gathered list of affordable gaming laptops in the market nowadays:

1. MSI GS65 Stealth
-Intel Core i7
-Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB GD...

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Top gaming mouse.

Are looking for the top gaming mice?

If you’re looking for one of the best gaming mice, you should look for a mouse that can balance price and performance in a compelling way. Bare in mind that the best mouse is not necessarily the most expensive in the market. So, we gathered together some gaming mice that have been tested:


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