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New WhatsApp terms

New WhatsApp terms ... What will you do with user data and privacy after February 8?

The announcement of the application of the instant messaging platform "WhatsApp" new rules - and forcing users to agree to them - to a state of anxiety among the people who depend on them to communicate with friends and family.

WhatsApp has always been proud of its commitment to sec...

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HP new laptop having exceptional charging capabilities

HP unveils a laptop with "exceptional" charging capabilities

The American company HP recently unveiled a set of its new devices during the "CES" exhibition currently held in the city Las Vegas, and is considered the world's largest technology fair.

Among the surprises of "HP" was a laptop with the name "Envy 14", which one of its strongest fe...

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Sync an iPhone to an iPad

How can you easily sync an iPhone to an iPad?

The process of syncing an iPhone with a Mac computer is an easy and simple way to share media files across your devices. If you want the same music, photos, and contacts files to be available on iPhone and computer, then syncing is the right way to achieve this. However, you may also want to sync yo...

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4 reasons to explore the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i

4 reasons to explore the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i .. Huawei's all-in-one noise canceling headphones

Huawei recently announced a launch HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i is the latest earbuds that offers one of the most desirable features - "Active Noise Cancellation Technology" - within reach of users, and not only that, but Huawei has also taken this feature to the next level headphones in HUAWEINewly Launched ...

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Apple Store sales 2020

Apple Store reported $64 billion in sales in 2020

The Apple App Store made more than $64 billion in 2020, a 28 percent increase from the estimated $50 billion in 2019, according to According to an analysis conducted by the network CNBC.

That number represents a good amount of growth for the Apple Store, given that the estimated incr...

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"Motorola" unveils its new 5G phone ... and this is its price!

Motorola officially announced its latest version of the medium ā€œ5Gā€ phones, Ace Moto One 5G. The phone was launched in North America at a price of $399.

According to what the "Technology Without Borders" website quoted from the "GSM Arena" website, the "Ace Moto One 5G" phone. It is c...

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The company

"Google" discontinued the "Parly" application from its store

Google suspended the social chatting network "Parly" from its "Play Store", due to its failure to remove "terrible content" from "free expression" platforms.

Parley is determined to say it is "unbiased" on social media and has proven popular with people banned from "Twitter". As publi...

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Apple Reverse charging

Reverse charging ... a patent from "Apple" for its devices

Press reports revealed a "patent" for the American "Apple" company that enables its laptop MacBook from charging all its other devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and the iWatch.
According to what was reported by "Muzziz", from the "Patiently Apple" website, which specializes in the company's ...

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Amazon plans to launch an air fleet

"Amazon" plans to launch an air fleet ... what's the story

International press reports revealed that the American "Amazon" company is seeking to increase its air fleet by purchasing a huge number of aircraft, which raises the question, what will the American company do with those aircraft.

The website "Engadget", a specialized technical, stat...

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Earin New Wireless Headset

"Earin" unveils the distinctive "A-3" wireless headset ... and this is its price!

"Earin" revealed its wireless headphones "A-3", which is characterized by an open design, which is the third generation of headphones "Earin", which is available in the first quarter at a price of $199.

According to what the "Technology Without Borders" website quoted from the techn...

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Why Facebook cancels a famous feature

The reason Facebook cancels a famous feature

Facebook announced that it removed the like button on public pages used by artists, public figures and brands.

Facebook said in a post, the public pages will only display followers, users' participation in conversations and their interactions with others.

Facebook also explaine...

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Mi 11 Xiaomi new phone

Xiaomi unveils its new "Mi 11" phone ... and these are its features!

The Chinese company "Xiaomi" revealed the launch of its smartphone "Mi 11", The new one, which features a 108-megapixel camera and a high-quality screen, as well as a processor "QualcommSnapdragon 888 ".

According to the German news agency, the company has clarified that it has adopted th...

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Three new WhatsApp features

WhatsApp adds 3 new features ... What are they?

The popular instant messaging application "WhatsApp" announced updates that add 3 new features to its users.

According to "News 24", the application will allow the feature to set a time for messages to disappear after 7 days, and to search for new stickers, in addition to the feature to a...

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Samsung discloses the

Samsung discloses the "S21" series ... and fixes the date

Firm confirmed Samsung South Korean date conference "Unpacked 2021" , which is expected to reveal a series of "S21" next.

The company's account on social platforms published a teaser video that sets the current January 14 date as the date for its annual conference, in which it will un...

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Vivo competes with Samsung phones

Vivo competes with Samsung phones with excellent imaging capabilities!

The Chinese company "Vivo" announced the new "X60" series of devices that it provided with cameras with excellent imaging capabilities that would compete with phones. "Samsung"The modern South Korea, according to media reports specializing in technology news.

According to what was r...

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The new HUAWEI Y7a

The new HUAWEI Y7a .. 5 reasons why we think it's the phone to have

Have you ever thought what it would be like to own a smartphone with incredible charging speed, long-lasting battery life, and an excellent quad camera setup? Especially a phone that comes at an encouraging price. Huawei announced the launch of a new series smartphoneHUAWEI The famous and beloved of...

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 Apple's self-driving electric car by 2024

Apple's self-driving electric car by 2024 ... Here are the details

Apple is moving forward with the production of an electric autonomous car in 2024, as part of its project known as Project Titan, which began in 2014, according to the agency. Reuters.

At one point, the company backed away from this attempt to focus on software and reassess its goals. Dou...

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Lenovo introduces its new laptop

Lenovo is introducing its brand new laptop "Tab P11 Pro"

Lenovo introduced its new computer, Tab P11 Pro, starts at $ 499.99.

Specifications of the new computer:

1- The new computer works with the Android 10 operating system, according to the "gsmarena" website.
2- It includes an 11.5-inch OLED screen.
3- device wor...

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By the numbers: In just two weeks, iPhones get the hard work

iPhones get the hard work

After the "Apple" company was late in launching the "iPhone" phones last September, it was believed that these devices might take a big hit, especially in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic, and the decline in people's purchasing power, but things were completely different .


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 Leaks reveal the characteristics of the upcoming iPhone 13 from Apple

characteristics of iPhone 13

Recent technical leaks revealed the specifications of the upcoming "iPhone 13" phone from "Apple", indicating that it will solve the most prominent problems of version "12", and will come with a package of distinctive technical modifications.

Transferring the magazine websiteForbesAbout t...

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A device to detect people's thoughts

A device to detect people's thoughts .. This is what happened in the last meeting inside Facebook

Facebook told its employees that it is developing a tool to summarize news articles so that users do not have to read them. It also developed early plans for a neural sensor to discover people's thoughts and translate them into action.

Those ads and product demos were part of the social m...

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For the owners of these phones .. WhatsApp will stop working by 2021

WhatsApp will stop working by 2021 on some phones.

Media reports revealed that with the beginning of 2021, the popular messaging application 'WhatsApp' will end support for some smartphones that run on 'Android' and 'iOS'.

And according to what the 'Financial Express' newspaper reported, 'WhatsApp' will not start with the beginning of t...

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Nokia introduces its new smart phone

Nokia introduces its new smart phone .. at a low price

Nokia Company announced the launch of its new 'C1 Plus' smartphone in red and blue colors, at a low price of only 69 euros

German news agency quoted the company that its new phone comes with a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, with 1GB Of RAM, while the internal memory is 16 GB, With the possib...

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The latest phone from Xiaomi

The latest phone from Xiaomi excellent specifications and a competitive price!

The Chinese company Xiaomi unveiled the specifications of its latest phone, 'Redmi 9 Power,' which it will launch at prices starting from 120 euros.

According to the '3dnews' website, the new phone comes with a metal and glass structure that is resistant to shocks and scratches, protect...

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Nikon Free Online

For those who love photography, here are free Nikon online courses

Japan's Nikon Imaging and Optical Equipment Company announced its intention to offer free courses in online photography during the current April, to allow the company to offer its full curriculum in the ten portions of photography online for free.

The company stressed that "the period...

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