Uncovering the unmanned drone with new features

Unmanned drone with new features Unmanned drone with new features
The French company, Parrot launched an unmanned drone called 'Anafi Thermal' with a 4K camera and a Flir sensor that captures thermal images at 160 x 120 pixels.

The French company explained that the thermal sensor helps to identify the absence of heat from buildings and installations, and identifies the locations of animals, and people during rescue operations, and operates a camera sensor 21 megapixel camera, and provides the user with high-contrast images.

The drone is operated by a Skycontroller unit, via a smartphone or tablet, or connected to a portable device by cable. The new aircraft can be fully folded and weigh no more than 300 grams.

The battery charge is enough to fly under ideal weather conditions for about half an hour.

Parrott unveiled the new drone last May. Anafi Thermal will cost 2540 USD, with accessories including a skycontroller unit, a transport bag, three batteries and a variety of spare parts.