HP unveils a laptop with "exceptional" charging capabilities

HP new laptop having exceptional charging capabilities HP new laptop having exceptional charging capabilities
The American company HP recently unveiled a set of its new devices during the "CES" exhibition currently held in the city Las Vegas, and is considered the world's largest technology fair.

Among the surprises of "HP" was a laptop with the name "Envy 14", which one of its strongest features is its exceptional ability to charge, as the company claims that its new invention gives you up to 16.5 hours of use with only one charge, and it has a feature Fast charging, which charges the device from 0 to 50% of the capacity in just 30 minutes, according to the "Engadget" website.

The computer has "HP Envy 14" other advantages, such as a larger screen (14 inches), which allows viewing more than 11%, and Intel Core processors, 11th generation, Wi-Fi 6, a fingerprint reader to maintain privacy, a 720p webcam, and the dedicated microphone mute switch on the keyboard. The device also contains an "AI Noise Removal" tool that gets rid of background noise during calls or voice recording, 16 GB of random access memory (RAM) and 256 GB of storage memory.

It is assumed that the latest version of the laptop "HP Envy 14" will arrive later this January, which will start at $999.