System Utilities - System apps, list 54

System Utilities - System apps, list 54 System Utilities - System apps, list 54
We have compiled a list of System Utilities - System software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- Arrange Your Desktop 2.1.0 (Demo) 572 KB
Arrange Your Desktop : Arrange files of different types in related folders for which you can write custom names, create your own rules with file extensions, and select different folders to arrange with this powerful app

2- Radio Arcadie (Freeware) 190 KB
Radio Arcadie : Liste to ambiance zen music

3- Hack-It 4.01 (Demo) 488 KB
Hack-It : Change advaced window parameters with Hack-It

4- Alternate Directory 3.690 (Freeware) 607 KB
Alternate Directory : Find and delete unnecessary data on your computer, by scanning for specific file formats, with this lightweight and easy-to-use tool

5- USB Flash Benchmark (Freeware) 36 KB
USB Flash Benchmark : Find out how the USB Flash stick you are currently using compares to similar devices in its category by performing a quick benchmark test with this app

6- Ranish Partition Manager 2.44 Beta / 2.40 (Freeware) 135 KB
Ranish Partition Manager : A useful utility that will help you partition your hard disks.

7- BlackVue TimeSet (Freeware) 7 KB
BlackVue TimeSet : Set the time and date on any BlackVue dashboard camera by turning to this lightweight application that features a simple interface

8- Sushi's DriveInfo 1.0 (Freeware) 364 KB
Sushi's DriveInfo : View drive data with ease

9- Yodot ZIP Repair 1.0 (Demo) 10.1 MB
Yodot ZIP Repair : Repair and recover the contents of corrupted or damaged ZIP archives with just one click using this simple and straightforward software solutiom

10- Screenhive 2.1.0 (MIT License) 34.9 MB
Screenhive : Organize Steam screenshots into folders based on each game's title with just a few mouse clicks, by using this simple application

11- LuxMark 3.1 (GNU Public License) 116 MB
LuxMark : Run benchmarks and stress tests on OpenCL systems when it comes to GPUs, CPUs and any selected devices with the help of this tool

12- AutoClicker 1.0 (OpenSource under LGPL) 28 KB
AutoClicker : Simple tray application that can trigger continuous mouse clicks at the cursor's location, while also locking it in place, with a single key press

13- Quick File Renamer Lite 4.5 (Time-limited Trial) 3.2 MB
Quick File Renamer Lite : Rename batches of files with this light-weight software application that has both simple and advanced options, along with a preview panel

14- TimeTweaker 1.0.2693 (Freeware) 843 KB
TimeTweaker : Run applications from your computer on different dates by generating a separate profile for each program that you want to launch

15- SYSTRAN Translator and Dictionary 1.0.7 (Freeware) 84 KB
SYSTRAN Translator and Dictionary : This Vista gadget can translate over 52 language pair combinations and lets you consult bilingual dictionaries.

16- Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks (DPAN) 3.0.121 (Freeware) 72.8 MB
Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks (DPAN) : A performance analyzer for networks designed for detecting and reporting fragmentation related performance loss on networked systems

17- Acer LaunchManager 8.00.8115 (Freeware) 15.7 MB
Acer LaunchManager : A tool for mapping special buttons on your laptop, enabling you to assign new functions to multimedia buttons, as well as the 'FN' key

18- Timed Locker (Freeware) 83 KB
Timed Locker : Set a delay before the computer locks itself automatically with the help of this tool that can only be stopped by entering the password

19- KeyRocket / Frontier (Time-limited Trial) 832 KB
KeyRocket : A smart trainer for keyboard shortcuts that allows you to learn new keyboard combinations in order to increase your productivity

20- Drive Ejector 1.0 (Freeware) 13 KB
Drive Ejector : Simple desktop gadget that enables you to eject all or individual CD drives with the simple click of a button, catering to all users

21- MyPC (Demo) 3.5 MB
MyPC : View detailed information about the system, processes and hardware of your PC and perform secure file deletion with this comprehensive application

22- Weather Guide 1.1 (Freeware) 995 KB
Weather Guide : Displays the current weather conditions for your location

23- Find And Click 1.5.7 (Time-limited Trial) 559 KB
Find And Click : A simple-to-use and handy piece of software program that helps you automate mouse clicks on a certain object from the desktop, while running on low system resources

24- addLEDs (Freeware) 238 KB
addLEDs : Displays the status of the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys in the systray, providing information on network and disk activity

25- Window Walker 1.4 (OpenSource under LGPL) 680 KB
Window Walker : Useful alternative to the Alt-Tab shortcut in Windows that makes it easier to find specific windows if a lot of them are open at the same time

26- Net-version 1.0.31 (MIT License) 1.8 MB
Net-version : Find out which versions of .NET Framework are installed on your machine, with this lightweight and very simple command-line utility

27- Microsoft SideShow 1.0.27 Leaked (Freeware) 2.2 MB
Microsoft SideShow : This is the Microsoft Research project that was the starting point and the foundation on which the well-known Windows Sidebar was developed and built

28- DGEs Quote of the Day 1.0 (Freeware) 4 KB
DGEs Quote of the Day : Expand your mind with these inspiring quotes

29- QTask 2.1.0 (GPLv3) 14 KB
QTask : Kill one or more processes instantly by just launching an executable file, with the help of this lightweight, open-source program

30- Q Light Controller Plus 4.12.1 / 5.0.0 Alpha 3 (Apache License 2.0) 18.7 MB
Q Light Controller Plus - DMX lighting system manager with advanced capabilities, offering full control over the system components, such as dimmers or flexible heads

31- BBC Arabic Radio 1.0.1 (Freeware) 136 KB
BBC Arabic Radio : This widget lets you listen to BBC Arabic Radio without opening any other media device

32- AMP WinOFF 5.0.1 (Freeware) 605 KB
AMP WinOFF : Feature-rich utility for scheduling power management options, with support for multi-condition behavior mode, remote shutdowns, and administrative-only settings

33- Virtual Desk Switch (MIT License) 84 KB
Virtual Desk Switch : Easily switch between virtual desktops, and see which of them is active at any time via a tray icon, with this open-source utility

34- CRC32 (Freeware) 19 KB
CRC32 : Program for calculating 32-bit CRCs.

35- Icon Meter 2.0.0 (MIT License) 2.9 MB
Icon Meter : Monitor CPU, memory and disk usage, as well as network activity, with this small, open-source program that adds an unobtrusive meter icon in the system tray

36- doPDF nLite Addon 7.1 Build 346 (Freeware) 3.6 MB
doPDF nLite Addon : Create PDF files from any Windows application that supports printing using this app that installs as a virtual printer on your system

37- CloudReady USB Maker 2.1 (GPLv3) 41.9 MB
CloudReady USB Maker : Create a CloudReady bootable USB flash drive by turning to this lightweight application that packs an intuitive wizard interface

38- Classic Color Panel (Freeware) 247 KB
Classic Color Panel : Effortlessly customize the color settings of the system-level display of Windows using this lightweight and portable software application

39- Simple VHD Manager 1.3 (Freeware) 712 KB
Simple VHD Manager : Manage VHD files on your computer by adding or removing documents, creating VHDs and mounting them in a quick, convenient manner

40- NoVirusThanks Drive Revealer (Freeware) 855 KB
NoVirusThanks Drive Revealer : Find out the logical drive letters for all your drives along with the vendor ID, label, serial number, system type or hardware revision using this tool

41- Comparator 5.14 (Demo) 1.5 MB
Comparator : A simple to use and efficient tool that you can use to scan, compare and synchronize the file content of two folders located on your computer

42- NoVirusThanks WOW64 SysCall Monitor (Freeware) 472 KB
NoVirusThanks WOW64 SysCall Monitor : Spawn a process and monitor all system calls made by the process using this simple tool that can help track possible process errors

43- Nurburgring WebCam 1.0 (Freeware) 50 KB
Nurburgring WebCam : Shows a web camera at the entrance to the Nurburgring

44- Desktidy (Freeware) 521 KB
Desktidy : Conveniently access the files, directories and applications you are using on a regular basis from a drop-down menu placed on your desktop

45- WinRaidMonitor 1.4 (GPLv3) 509 KB
WinRaidMonitor : Monitors RAID and sends email notifications to a SMTP host when the disk becomes unhealthy, featuring support for SSL encryption

46- Mouse Point Viewer 1.0 (OpenSource under LGPL) 201 KB
Mouse Point Viewer : View the relative and screen coordinates of the mouse pointer at all times, and learn each window's process ID and handle, with this small, open-source utility

47- Triple Play Video Poker Gadget 1.0 (Freeware) 598 KB
Triple Play Video Poker Gadget : The gadget lets you play up to 10 variations of the world famous poker game

48- File Attributes Editor 0.9 (Freeware) 30 KB
File Attributes Editor : A file timestamp / attributes editor.

49- Globodox (Time-limited Trial) 73.1 MB
Globodox : Store important files that you imported from local folders or acquired from the scanner device, organize and easily encrypt them

50- System Migration Assistant (Freeware) 19.3 MB
System Migration Assistant : A useful tool for backing up and migrating your files