System Utilities - System apps, list 81

System Utilities - System apps, list 81 System Utilities - System apps, list 81
We have compiled a list of System Utilities - System software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- ShutDown Suite 1.0 (Freeware) 2 MB
ShutDown Suite : Allows you shut down, reboot your computer or log off.

2- Chroot for Windows 1.00 (Freeware) 207 KB
Chroot for Windows : Windows Edition for the popular Chroot for Linux

3- SKIMP 1.0 (Freeware) 1 MB
SKIMP : Skined Media Player : This fully skinnable widget allows you to play any audio media files

4- Task Manager Fixer 2.0.0 (Demo) 331 KB
Task Manager Fixer : Restore Task Manager in case it has been disabled by administrators or viruses.

5- WinDowse 5.3 (Freeware) 604 KB
WinDowse : Grab all the necessary technical information about any active window you are hovering your mouse over and copy it to clipboard with this tool

6- ExplorerView 1.1 (Freeware) 800 KB
ExplorerView : This tool will help you optimze your file browsing

7- DMG2IMG 1.6.7 (Freeware) 62 KB
DMG2IMG : Quickly and easily convert Apple compressed DMG archives to standard (hfsplus) image disk files in IMG format with this application

8- EDIFACT File Data Viewer 3.0 Final (Freeware) 213 KB
EDIFACT File Data Viewer : Simple-to-handle application that enables you to upload EDIFACT files, view information within them and export them to a TXT of HTML document

9- Idle Monitor 1.0 (Freeware) 144 KB
Idle Monitor : A utility that monitors your computer idle time.

10- WinGuruXP Console 1.0 (Freeware) 1.9 MB
WinGuruXP Console : WinGuruXP Console : a set of small and powerful tools designed to work together within a Windows Console

11- Clever Keyboard Indicator 5.0 (Demo) 856 KB
Clever Keyboard Indicator : A useful application that lets the user designate any and all keys from the keyboard to issue a sound / on-screen alert when they are pressed, with total customization available

12- How Old Is My PC 1.0 (Freeware) 711 KB
How Old Is My PC - Straightforward and clear-cut application which enables you to find out how old is your computer, with just a click of the button

13- All CPU Meter 4.7.3 (Freeware) 201 KB
All CPU Meter : View your Processor usage RAM usage and Processor Temperatures.

14- FreeSSM 1.2.5 (GNU Public License) 7.7 MB
FreeSSM : This is a diagnostic and adjustment tool for SUBARU cars meant to provide a high degree of control over the engine and the transmission of a supported vehicle

15- TBIView 3.00.0 (Freeware) 278 KB
TBIView : Allows you to open and view image files created by Terabyte Unlimited's Image or BootIt NG

16- Alternate Merger 1.606 (Freeware) 686 KB
Alternate Merger : Software solution that helps you combine several files together like text documents, MP3s and MPGs into one file that you can work on your computer

17- Win Versioner 1.0 (Freeware) 1.2 MB
Win Versioner : Retrieve basic details about your computer, such as OS, system type, RAM, CPU or Internet Explorer version by relying on this application

18- IndicXP Lite 1.0 (Freeware) 15 KB
IndicXP Lite : A tool for automated installation of Hindi/Indic support.

19- TrayBin (Freeware) 183 KB
TrayBin : Access and hence manage the Recycle Bin from the system tray and delete files with a simple drag and drop via this straightforward tool

20- SysSrvManager 0.2.0 (GNU Public License) 18 KB
SysSrvManager : Manage your system services with this utility.

21- My Faster PC (Demo) 5.6 MB
My Faster PC : Using this application you can scan then optimize your computer, by cleaning the registry, defragment the disk and uninstall programs

22- Context Magic 1.1 Beta 5 (Freeware) 188 KB
Context Magic : Context Magic : Extend Windows Explorer context menu

23- Kronos Desktop Genie 1.3 (Freeware) 1.2 MB
Kronos Desktop Genie : This Widget will display the data you retrieved from the Kronos Workforce Central suite of applications

24- Space Invaders 1.5 (Freeware) 324 KB
Space Invaders : This Yahoo widget allows you to view random Space Invaders images.

25- Perfmon 0.7 (Freeware) 94 KB
Perfmon : Launches Performance Monitor

26- UPS Assistant (Freeware) 1 MB
UPS Assistant : This simple and user-friendly application is specifically intended for monitoring your UPS device's status from the notification area

27- Large File Creator (Freeware) 52 KB
Large File Creator : Will help you create files for use in system testing.

28- Regjump 1.1 (Freeware) 54 KB
Regjump : Jump to the registry path of your choice by using a simple command, rather than opening the Registry Editor and browsing all the entries

29- VoiceMate Professional 2.15 (Time-limited Trial) 2.5 MB
VoiceMate Professional : With this lightweight and intuitive application, you can easily control your computer just by using the sound of your voice and a compatible capture device

30- IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server Edition 3.5.0 (Demo) 10.8 MB
IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server Edition : An application for the network administrators who need to change the disk space allocation on their servers by extending or reducing partitions

31- KTimer 2.0 (GNU Public License) 5.4 MB
KTimer - A simple-to-handle piece of software that comprises limited features for helping you shut down the computer or activate the hibernation or sleep mode with the aid of a countdown timer

32- LockCD (Freeware) 514 KB
LockCD : Disables the CD-ROM eject button

33- SyncSharp 2.1 (GNU Public License) 295 KB
SyncSharp : Automatic backup or synchronization of important files locally, on or connected USB drives through the Windows AutoPlay feature with this practical app

34- Two Finger Scroll 1.0.6 (Apache License 2.0) 282 KB
Two Finger Scroll : A reliable and user-friendly software solution that can be used to activate two or three finger gestures for Synaptics touchpads

35- Beat Meter 1.1 (Freeware) 196 KB
Beat Meter : This widget is just a simple metronome for everyone who needs some measure and tempo practice.

36- Serial Port Splitter 4.4.9 (Time-limited Trial) 5.1 MB
Serial Port Splitter : An application that displays a comprehensive interface and enables you to transfer data by linking multiple virtual ports to a physical COM port

37- RedMon (Redirection Port Monitor) 1.9 (Freeware) 433 KB
RedMon (Redirection Port Monitor) : Redirects a special printer port to a program

38- File Extension Changer 3.3.1 (Freeware) 312 KB
File Extension Changer : Change the extension(s) of single or multiple files

39- Samsung Format Utility 2.5 (Freeware) 913 KB
Samsung Format Utility : Small-sized and portable utility for formatting Samsung external hard disk drives in normal or quick mode, using low system resources

40- Append PDF 1.13 (Demo) 129 KB
Append PDF : Automates the process of appending multiple PDF files

41- AutoClicker 2.1 (Freeware) 756 KB
AutoClicker : An intuitive and simple to use application that enables you to automatically open a program, folder or file when you hover the cursor over it

42- PCchat 0.165 (Freeware) 168 KB
PCchat : Chat with your PC! Tell him what to do! Linux like console!

43- Porta'Menu (Freeware) 196 KB
Porta'Menu : This application is a launcher and enables you to add the executable files of your favorite programs so you can start them easier

44- Direct I/O 4.4.271 (Time-limited Trial) 1.6 MB
Direct I/O : Especially useful for existing 16bit software that accesses special hardware

45- Mouse Shaker (Freeware) 1.9 MB
Mouse Shaker : An application that detects mouse symbols the users created and respone to them

46- Advanced Task Scheduler Network (Time-limited Trial) 49.9 MB
Advanced Task Scheduler Network : A complex software application designed to help users create and schedule numerous tasks for computers connected to the same network

47- Diskeeper Home Edition 20.0.1286.64 (Time-limited Trial) 76.3 MB
Diskeeper Home Edition : Provides a way to prevent fragmentation before it happens by lining up files as they are stored on the hard disk, in order to avoid data scattering

48- PC Disk Clone X 11.0 (Demo) 6.2 MB
PC Disk Clone X : An efficient application that allows you to easily clone a partition or an entire hard drive, while also being able of migrating data from a hard drive to another

49- Shutdown Timer Sidebar Gadget (Freeware) 57 KB
Shutdown Timer Sidebar Gadget : A small widget to schedule your PC shutdown, restart, log off etc

50- BFI 1.0 (Freeware) 90 KB
BFI : BFI is a free and useful command-line utility that builds FAT floppy images