Business - Word Processing apps, list 34

Business - Word Processing apps, list 34 Business - Word Processing apps, list 34
We have compiled a list of Business - Word Processing software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- FinePrint Server Edition 9.36 (Demo) 13.3 MB
FinePrint Server Edition : A virtual printer and is designed to be used in a network environment from local or remote stations, allowing print job management and PDF generating

2- Print Manager Plus 2010 (Time-limited Trial) 118 MB
Print Manager Plus 2010 : Allows you to track print jobs, set global or individual restrictions, apply budget limits, and generate a wide range of reports (e.g. users, servers, client accounts, printers, bandwidth, graphs)

3- Total CAD Printer 1.1.0 (Time-limited Trial) 3.3 MB
Total CAD Printer : CAD file printing tool

4- CustomerBase 5.1 (Demo) 11.8 MB
CustomerBase : A complete CRM system for the medium size company : keep you customer visible

5- OfficePaths 1.0 (Freeware) 345 KB
OfficePaths : A small utility that finds and displays the locations of folders that MS Office uses for various things

6- wrkrjrMrrj23r 1.5.2 (GNU Public License) 3.8 MB
fastworksProject for Microsoft Project 2003 Professional : An addon for project management

7- DustyPad 1.2 (Freeware) 121 KB
DustyPad : An intuitive and user-friendly software solution that enables you to manage several text documents at the same time and format their text

8- PDF2Any 5.0 (Time-limited Trial) 1 MB
PDF2Any : Convert PDF files to HTML, RTF, or TXT file format using batch processing, extract images and save them on the disk, and convert password-protected documents

9- Speed o'key 2.0 (Freeware) 212 KB
Speed o'key : An application intended for determining your typing speed in any text editor

10- ConvertLIT GUI 2.0 (Freeware) 462 KB
ConvertLIT GUI : ConvertLIT GUI is a graphical user interface for the command-line tool ConvertLIT, used to convert LIT files and extract their content

11- Read This! Preview / (Freeware) 15.8 MB
Read This! : Have your texts read to you in one of various languages, with options to add new strings and perform translation if necessary, with options to save the recording to file

12- PST to MBOX Converter Expert 2.0 (Demo) 2.3 MB
PST to MBOX Converter Expert : Convert your Microsoft Outlook-specific PST file to MBOX format fast and easily with the help of this user-friendly software application

13- FormDocs 10.2.0 (Demo) 22.3 MB
FormDocs : Scan actual paper forms in order to transform them in fillable form file types for your computer and even convert PDF and Word documents to fillable forms

14- PDFConverters WordtoPDF Converter (Time-limited Trial) 13.4 MB
PDFConverters WordtoPDF Converter : Convert DOC and DOCX files to PDF with the help of this lightweight software utility that can carry out batch tasks in the blink of an eye

15- Hand Code Project 15.0.0 (Shareware) 94.3 MB
Hand Code Project : Keep track of your projects' progress and decide on the next steps to take to complete it successfully with this all-inclusive application

16- PDF Merge-Split 1.2 (Time-limited Trial) 3.3 MB
PDF Merge-Split : Merge PDF files together, split a single one according to your needs or edit the title, author, subject and keywords with this application

17- SysInfoTools PDF Restriction Remover 3.0 (Demo) 5.8 MB
SysInfoTools PDF Restriction Remover : Remove restrictions from PDF files using this wizard-based tool that also lets you set, edit or delete PDF metadata as well as process multiple files at once

18- NJStar Communicator 3.30.15918 (Time-limited Trial) 19 MB
NJStar Communicator : A reliable application that enables most applications to read and write texts or keywords in Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages

19- AtoZ Notebook - Free Edition 1.029 (Freeware) 1.3 MB
AtoZ Notebook : Free Edition : Software solution that allows you to create text documents and protect personal information with a password so that no one else can access it

20- Weeny Free HTML to PDF Converter 1.4 (Demo) 9.3 MB
Weeny Free HTML to PDF Converter : Straightforward piece of software that enables you to convert websites, HTML, XML and plain text documents to PDF files effortlessly

21- Organizer (Freeware) 1.1 MB
Organizer : Alarm clock, calendar, tasks, notes and reminders

22- QuarkConverter 2.18 (Time-limited Trial) 219 KB
QuarkConverter : Converts edited Word documents into XPressTag files that can be imported into QuarkXPress

23- AFPexplorer 1.21 (Freeware) 338 KB
AFPexplorer : Analyze all structured fields and values in AFP files using different view modes (ASCII, EBCDIC, or HEX), and export data to plain text file format using this portable tool

24- Agenda At Once 3.3.3 Build 493 (Demo) 6 MB
Agenda At Once : Compose and store annotations and assignments, plan upcoming ceremonies, as well as handle various contacts information, and password-protect the database

25- EndNote X8.2 Build 11343 (Demo) 93.2 MB
EndNote : Organize references and create bibliographies for your research papers, manage your documentation in an easy manner and build your project easier

26- UEFA Champions League 2011-2012 1.43 (Freeware) 100 KB
UEFA Champions League : An Excel template to keep score of the Champions League results.

27- Word Count Mini (Time-limited Trial) 19.2 MB
Word Count Mini : An efficient and reliable piece of software fashioned for counting the words, lines and pages of various types of text documents

28- Random Word Generator 28.0 (Demo) 12 MB
Random Word Generator : A comprehensive and efficient software solution that allows you to generate random words and provides you with a spell checking dictionary which can verify if the words are real or artificial

29- NetZoom Universal Visio Stencils 9.0 (Demo) 6.8 MB
NetZoom Universal Visio Stencils : Largest Library of Manufacturer Specific Network Equipment Shapes and Stencils

30- PDFcamp Pro (pdf writer) 2.3 (Shareware) 806 KB
PDFcamp Pro (pdf writer) : Create pdf from any printable application, high speed

31- PDF Arrange Pages (Freeware) 771 KB
PDF Arrange Pages : Visually arrange your PDF's pages

32- BWF MetaEdit 1.3.3 (Freeware) 4.8 MB
BWF MetaEdit : Batch edit metadata of BWF WAV audio files with this intuitive application that allows its users to export selective or global data to XML documents

33- Ezee CV 1.0.0 Beta (Freeware) 1.7 MB
Ezee CV : Resume : An intuitive application that helps you create a CV by providing details about the name, date of birth, address, career objectives, educational background, and others

34- OPA-Backup 3.4.2 (Freeware) 156 KB
OPA-Backup : Backup and restorer the product activation of Microsoft Office so that you don't have to do it over and over again after an OS reinstall

35- Alpha Journal Pro (Demo) 2.9 MB
Alpha Journal Pro : Keep a secure private journal, organize entries, search for information, import and export data, with this simple software solution

36- Rdex 1.5.5 (Freeware) 356 KB
Rdex : Basic text editor for rookies that can be launched from a USB flash drive, featuring standard options for creating text documents

37- MathML Kit for Adobe Creative Suite 1.0.2 (Time-limited Trial) 181 MB
MathML Kit for Adobe Creative Suite : Simple yet useful add-on for InDesign that offers native placement of MathML files and equations without the need of converting them to (EPS or PDF) or raster formats

38- ZebSpeech 2.0.0 (Freeware) 9.2 MB
ZebSpeech : Combines text-to-speech and voice recognition capabilities into a single application, making it possible for you to dictate texts to your computer and have them read out loud

39- OfficeOps (OpenSource under LGPL) 654 KB
OfficeOps : Write simple text documents and customize them with colors, as well as make annotations, calculate basic operations, and generate graphs

40- Active Phonebook 2.5 Build 4340 (Demo) 1.4 MB
Active Phonebook : Add, organize, and manage numerous personal and business contacts, schedule tasks and meetings for specific people, and protect the database with a password

41- DiffPDF 5.9.1 (Time-limited Trial) 20.9 MB
DiffPDF : Compare PDFs fast and easy with the help of this intuitive, easy-to-use piece of software that comes with three different comparison modes

42- OpenEditor 1.1 Build 15 Beta (GPLv3) 702 KB
OpenEditor : Resourceful and user-friendly text editor for programmers, which supports syntax highlights for PL SQL, C++, Java, Shell, XML, SQR and Perl files

43- Power Word 1.0 (Freeware) 6.6 MB
Power Word : A practical and very useful add-in for the popular Microsoft Word text editor which adds a set of new features and functions to it

44- MNoteLite (Freeware) 427 KB
MNoteLite : Enter and manage individual or collective assignments, organize them in separate colored categories, track the time it takes to finish a task, and export the data to a CSV file

45- MOOS Project Viewer 3.2.1 (Time-limited Trial) 57.8 MB
MOOS Project Viewer : A handy and practical solution for people who are managing multiple projects at one time and need to view, print and discuss MS Project files on the run

46- Text Sorter 1.1 (Freeware) 163 KB
Text Sorter : Count the letters in a text with this tool.

47- 2qbo Convert Pro 12.1.04 (Demo) 57.7 MB
2qbo Convert Pro : Transfer your back statements or other bank-related information from PDF files to QBO (typical QucikBooks format) with the help of this straightforward converter

48- Birthday 3.50 Build 88 (Freeware) 1.6 MB
Birthday : Simple and user-friendly tool that helps remind of upcoming, current and past anniversaries that is based one or more documents containing the names and birthdates

49- Zen Coding for Notepad++ 0.7 (MIT License) 99 KB
Zen Coding for Notepad++ : Expand or wrap HTML code with abbreviation while using Notepad++ and take advantage of enhanced HTML editing features with this plugin

50- Advanced Image To PDF Converter 1.10 (Demo) 1.6 MB
Advanced Image To PDF Converter : Converts PNG, GIF, JPEG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, EPS, WMF image files to PDF format with the help of this fast and efficient conversion software application