Business - Word Processing apps, list 35

Business - Word Processing apps, list 35 Business - Word Processing apps, list 35
We have compiled a list of Business - Word Processing software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- IEditor 1.3 (Freeware) 478 KB
IEditor : IEditor allow users to view and edit the text or content of the viewed HTML page from the Internet Explorer

2- DocuCan 1.9.1 (Demo) 127 MB
DocuCan : A reliable and handy software utility that can be of great use to all those who want to keep their documents neatly organized and tagged

3- IIF Transaction Creator 10.38 (Demo) 4.1 MB
IIF Transaction Creator : This easy to use Excel add-in allows you to convert the data from regular workbooks and export it to a QuickBooks transactions file

4- Test Evidence Suite 1.26.0 (Time-limited Trial) 21.3 MB
Test Evidence Suite : Record user actions such as keystrokes and mouse clicks, along with screenshots, using this handy application that can help you track down software bugs

5- TTR PDF To JPG 3.0 (GNU Public License) 7.8 MB
TTR PDF To JPG : Converts PDF files into JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP or TIF images in single or batch mode, featuring an intuitive set of output configuration options

6- Management-Ware Contact List Builder (Demo) 6.1 MB
Management-Ware Contact List Builder : A fast and easy-to-use contacts list creator

7- Your Voice Reminder 1.8.1 (Time-limited Trial) 5.3 MB
Your Voice Reminder : Reminder that can say time with your voice for those who are pressed for time

8- My Little Secret 2.0 (Shareware) 2.2 MB
My Little Secret : Add personal entries, navigate between multiple records with ease, as well as customize the text with distinct colors and insert pictures to best describe the content

9- Fast PRN to Excel Converter 2.0 Build 130208 (Demo) 951 KB
Fast PRN to Excel Converter : Straightforward and simple-to-use application which enables you to transform PRN files to other formats, such as XLS, TXT and CSV

10- Sync2 2.78.2806 (Time-limited Trial) 14.7 MB
Sync2 : Synchronize your preferred Outlook folders on all your PCs by creating online or offline profiles using flash drives, FTP servers or networks

11- Org Chart Creator 8.4 (Demo) 44 MB
Org Chart Creator : Create high quality organizational charts, flowcharts, diagrams and more, with this intuitive application that offers an extensive shape library

12- VisualBee for Microsoft PowerPoint 3.8.2102.0 (Demo) 233 KB
VisualBee for Microsoft PowerPoint : A single click to a powerful presentation!

13- KeepSolid Sign 1.2 Beta (Time-limited Trial) 26.4 MB
KeepSolid Sign : Digitally sign your contracts, documents, and agreements with the help of this smooth-running and modern-looking piece of software

14- DigiSigner 4.0 (Freeware) 8.4 MB
DigiSigner : Create, customize and verify PDF digital signatures to protect copyright using this free and intuitive tool that also acts like a typical PDF reader with basic options

15- Work Time Studio 2.0.17 (Time-limited Trial) 32.1 MB
Work Time Studio : Keep track of your time and better organize tasks, events and schedules for more efficiency in your business with this powerful application

16- JPDF Tools 1.0.8 Alpha (Freeware) 10 MB
JPDF Tools : Create and merge PDF files or convert them to various formats that you need for your projects using this simple and straightforward app

17- StatPlus (Demo) 94.1 MB
StatPlus : Work with various statistics tools and graphical analysis methods, such as Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Design of Experiments (DOE), as well as regression, time series and survival analysis

18- Free PDF Password Remover 1.2.3 (Freeware) 1.4 MB
Free PDF Password Remover : Remove password protection from PDF files without effort by relying on this application that requires no additional configuration

19- Free VCF to Excel xlsx Converter 2.1 (Freeware) 370 KB
Free VCF to Excel xlsx Converter : Convert VCF files with ease : turn files from the Variant Call Format (VCF) into Excel documents (XLSX). It's a portable application.

20- My To-Do List for Pokki 2.3 (Freeware) 42.8 MB
My To-Do List for Pokki : Schedule your daily tasks in a simplistic and organized manner with this easy-to-use application that is efficient and aesthetically-pleasing

21- 123 Pdf to Word Converter 6.5 (Demo) 9.2 MB
123 Pdf to Word Converter for Doc Free : Convert PDF to DOC, TXT, RTF, or you can even edit and reuse your PDF content, all with just the help of this software application

22- PhotoPDF 4.0.1 Build 409 (Demo) 40.3 MB
PhotoPDF : A helpful batch-processing tool that can help you convert images into PDF documents in an easy and fast manner, providing you with three export modes

23- CSV Buddy 2.1.6 (Apache License 2.0) 1006 KB
CSV Buddy : Preview, edit and export CSV files to other formats using this portable tool that lets you change columns, rows and headers, apply filters, or rename, select and order fields

24- Splendid City Sports Scheduler Lite 7.0.6 (Freeware) 41.8 MB
Splendid City Sports Scheduler Lite : Organize complex sports events schedules with this advanced sports manager that offers comprehensive structuring for teams, divisions, locations, matches, etc.

25- Snappy Fax Network Server (Time-limited Trial) 14.7 MB
Snappy Fax Network Server : Fax message manager that can handle information for an unlimited number of network clients and includes the possibility to filter junk and to forward the data to email addresses

26- Document.Editor 2016.5 (Freeware) 3.5 MB
Document.Editor : Allows you to edit text documents or create new ones, providing useful features such as spell checking or text translation capabilities

27- PDF Password 2018-12-22 (Demo) 4 MB
PDF Password : Decrypt and recover passwords from PDFs by chaining multiple brute-force, dictionary or mixed attacks with the help of this fast and easy to use software solution

28- Free PDF to Image Converter 8.8.1 (Freeware) 7.9 MB
Free PDF to Image Converter : Convert multi-page PDF files into several image formats without degrading the document's quality with the help of this application

29- QtNote 3.0.3 (GPLv3) 10.7 MB
QtNote : Quickly create notes with this intuitive program that allows you to send entire memos to the Clipboard, as well as to print information

30- Ultra PDF Tools 1.5 Build 90618 (Time-limited Trial) 2 MB
Ultra PDF Tools : Merge / Split PDF file, Extract PDF pages

31- Advanced PDF Converter 6.0 (Demo) 12.1 MB
Advanced PDF Converter : An easy-to-use application designed to provide users with the possibility to convert their PDF files to RTF or DOC text formats and vice versa

32- Excel XLSX To XLS Converter Software 7.0 (Demo) 29.9 MB
Excel XLSX To XLS Converter Software : Uses Microsoft's Office compatibility pack in order to convert multiple XLSX files to XLS format, saving the results in a folder of your own choice

33- XML ValidatorBuddy XMLSpy Plugin 3.7 (Time-limited Trial) 3.6 MB
XML ValidatorBuddy XMLSpy Plugin : Implement Schematron validation in XMLSpy and process XML files with ease, quickly validating them against different schema files

34- PDF Read Entire Documents Out Loud Software 7.0 (Shareware) 929 KB
PDF Read Entire Documents Out Loud Software : Convert text messages embedded into PDF and plain text files into speech, adjust the volume and speech speed, and select between an English or American voice

35- Nimbus Note 2.0.7 (Demo) 4.4 MB
Nimbus Note : Create notes with document or photo attachments, build to-do lists and synchronize them with your Nimbus Note account to store them online

36- Unforgiven Organizer 92 (Freeware) 2.1 MB
Unforgiven Organizer : A tool developed to be a funny and powerful organizer with an eye catching interface to make it a little less stressful when managing your activities

37- WordToWeb 2.5d (Shareware) 1.7 MB
WordToWeb : WordToWeb : Converts long, complex Word documents to formatted, linked HTML Publications

38- MiKTeX 2.9.6942 (Freeware) 184 MB
MiKTeX : A simple to use application that allows you to write mathematical, technical or any scientific material, also providing a TEX document editor

39- Advanced Phonebook 2.15 (Time-limited Trial) 5.6 MB
Advanced Phonebook : Add contacts and manage their contact information, such as address, phone number, pictures and e-mail addresses and export reports for them

40- Easy Envelopes 2.61 (Shareware) 1.3 MB
Easy Envelopes : Prepare envelopes for printing fast and easy using this simple tool with basic and intuitive settings for writing contact information

41- 1-2-3 Calendar Freeware 1.00 (Freeware) 29.1 MB
1-2-3 Calendar Freeware : Calendar software that administrates your private and business appointments.

42- WBS Schedule Pro (PERT Version) 5.1.0024 (Demo) 21.1 MB
WBS Schedule Pro (PERT Version) : A useful program that will make it possible for all users to build and showcase project plans which contain elements linked together in a network

43- Remove Trailing Spaces in files (GNU Public License) 590 KB
Remove Trailing Spaces in files : Removes extra trailing spaces from text documents

44- KEDIT 1.6 (Demo) 5.7 MB
KEDIT : A highly-intuitive and powerful text editor with implemented syntax highlighter and the possibility to view and edit all commands used for programming

45- File Blender 0.36 (Freeware) 11.3 MB
File Blender : Convert multiple audio, video, text, image, or code files with only a few mouse clicks, fast processing and even some editing options here and there

46- Speaking Notepad 5.2 (Time-limited Trial) 3.8 MB
Speaking Notepad : A text editor that offers users basic editing operations (e.g. copy, paste, delete), text-to-speech support, voice recorder, and much more

47- Steno Pad 2.0 (Freeware) 1.9 MB
Steno Pad : Software solution that helps you create and compress text documents on your computer, you can use text formatting tools and arrange text in anyway that you want

48- NameGen 1.0 (Freeware) 1.4 MB
NameGen : NameGen is a free and random name generator

49- Free DOC Reader 1.0 (Freeware) 16.1 MB
Free DOC Reader : A lightweight and very easy to understand application that aims to provide you with the ability of opening DOC and DOCX files without having Microsoft Office installed

50- Tray Calendar (Freeware) 696 KB
Tray Calendar : Work with a small calendar that resides in the system tray, and allows you to go to the next or previous month and jump to the current date, while running low on memory resources