Business - Word Processing apps, list 92

Business - Word Processing apps, list 92 Business - Word Processing apps, list 92
We have compiled a list of Business - Word Processing software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- Shape Console (Freeware) 21 KB
Shape Console : Allows you to view a shape from the current PowerPoint presentation.

2- iStonsoft PDF Encryption 2.1.41 (Demo) 6.6 MB
iStonsoft PDF Encryption : Software solution that you can use in order to encrypt your PDF files, it takes advantage of three AES and RC4 encryption levels

3- PDF Shrink 2.0 (Demo) 2.1 MB
PDF Shrink : Modern-looking utility which enables you to quickly reduce the size of PDF documents in bulk, with support for multiple languages

4- Short Attention Span Docbook 1.4.0 (Freeware) 21.3 MB
Short Attention Span Docbook : Author your own books, articles, and other documents using the open-source Docbook markup language.

5- VAT Calculator EX 1.0 (Freeware) 39 KB
VAT Calculator EX : Calculate easily the VAT, Net and Gross values.

6- Storyblue 1.2.6 (Demo) 2 MB
Storyblue : A handy novel-writing software that helps you to track your chapters, characters and scenes

7- RPS Text Editor 1.11 (GNU Public License) 5.4 MB
RPS Text Editor : A user-friendly text editor that provides support for both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, enabling you to easily export documents to HTML format

8- MagicScore Notation for MS Word 8.189 (Time-limited Trial) 17.5 MB
MagicScore Notation for MS Word : This powerful application helps you create feature-rich musical scores that are easy to integrate within Microsoft Office documents

9- nn-search 2.0 (Apache License 2.0) 23.7 MB
nn-search : A compact tool designed to analyze text documents in order to find relevant words or phrases by using advanced criteria and expressions

10- Advanced WordReplacer (Freeware) 360 KB
Advanced WordReplacer : Searches and replaces words in multiple text documents at the same time, featuring support for TXT, HTM, HTML, PHP, ASP and NFO file types

11- PDF Properties Editor 2011 Build 20120703.02 (Demo) 4.3 MB
PDF Properties Editor : Add as many PDF files as you want and modify their properties data at the same time using this efficient and intuitive software solution

12- Results 0.2 (Freeware) 81 KB
Results : A statistical package to help you with your work.

13- TimeLogger (MIT License) 1.3 MB
TimeLogger : Log the time you have allotted to specific tasks over the course of the day and increase your overall efficiency, with this simple open-source program

14- PowerDVDPoint Pro (Demo) 23.3 MB
PowerDVDPoint Pro : Software solution that allows you to convert PowerPoint presentations to DVD and various other video formats, it allows you to share video formats on iPod, TV, Pocket PC and more

15- DocumentGenerator 1.0 (Freeware) 839 KB
DocumentGenerator : Quickly create text or HTML files, based on templates, by simply replacing variable values each time you need an updated document

16- Combine My Documents 1.6 (Demo) 316 KB
Combine My Documents : Merge multiple Word documents into one by using SoftLay Combine My Documents

17- Extended Find And Replace (Freeware) 11 KB
Extended Find And Replace : Find and replace text entries in multiple files at once, with minimal effort, thanks to this lightweight and intuitive application

18- BatchMan Universal Build 20091224 (Shareware) 1.5 MB
BatchMan Universal : Barcode Recognition for batch separation

19- MXL Plugin 0.3 Beta (GNU Public License) 860 KB
MXL Plugin : A handy sterling integrator mapper MXL source file

20- InfoPad Alpha-5 (Freeware) 72 KB
InfoPad : Have your important notes stored in a book-like window fitted with a search function to easily jump to strings of interest thanks to this practical application

21- RFV 0.1.23 (Freeware) 19.5 MB
RFV : View, filter and sort XML files generated by log4j, as well as copy containing information using this simple and straightforward app

22- Symbol Names for Microsoft Office 2007 1.0 (Freeware) 662 KB
Symbol Names for Microsoft Office 2007 : This package contains localized symbol names

23- Clip to OneNote Listener 4.2 (Freeware) 1.5 MB
Clip to OneNote Listener : Send information from website to Microsoft Office OneNote

24- Mangofile Personal Plus 5.1.4844.30881 Beta (Freeware) 17.9 MB
Mangofile Personal Plus : Software solution that allows you to organize documents and scans saved on your computer, it was designed for busy families and small businesses

25- Efficient Diary Network 5.50 Build 544 (Time-limited Trial) 26.6 MB
Efficient Diary Network : A simple to use application that enables you to create a database of notes, memos, documents, which you can organize and share via the local network

26- APA Reference Manager 0.1 (GNU Public License) 20 KB
APA Reference Manager : A simple solution to create APA style references by filling in a few requirement fields, saving your database, with options to edit it whenever changes need to be made

27- Text Banner Generator 1.0 (GNU Public License) 86 KB
Text Banner Generator : Create personalized text banners with custom text and gradient colors, specify the size of the banners, and export the design to XML, JPG, GIF, or PNG file format

28- OneNote2PDF 0.3 (MS-PL) 1.1 MB
OneNote2PDF : Export OneNote contents to PDF

29- WordReplaceLZ 0.1 (Freeware) 497 KB
WordReplaceLZ : Find custom text strings inside documents to have them replaced with new ones, with options to save target strings to file, and process more documents at a time

30- Vlukenizer (Freeware) 2.2 MB
Vlukenizer : A reliable and easy to use application that allows you to seamlessly schedule events and meetings through a modern-looking interface

31- MeOCR 1.00 (Shareware) 23 MB
MeOCR : Converts images to text by using the OCR technology.

32- Record Converter 2.1 (Freeware) 199 KB
Record Converter : Quickly convert your CSV files to BIX-pp format and vice versa, using this speedy and straightforward utility with simple options

33- Notably 0.3.0 (GNU Public License) 8.9 MB
Notably : Create and manage notes, convert them as books and use tags to check their status, import existing libraries, and export in HTML and SQL formats

34- ClaimMaster Pro 2019.0.0 (Time-limited Trial) 120 MB
ClaimMaster Pro : Improve the drafting quality of patent applications and save time spent on various prosecution and patent analysis tasks by relying on this add-in

35- PDFdu Add Watermark [DISCOUNT: 63% OFF!] 1.2 (Time-limited Trial) 2.5 MB
PDFdu Add Watermark : Protect your copyright with this software application that enables you to add custom stamps or watermarks and encrypt your files

36- MultiReplace Beta (MIT License) 56 KB
MultiReplace : A simple and easy to use application whose main purpose is to help you replace multiple words at the same time from a source text

37- GetTextBetween 1.3 (Freeware) 20 KB
GetTextBetween : Parse text between 2 strings

38- Clear Excess Formats (MS-PL) 52 KB
Clear Excess Formats : Excel addin to reset the last worksheet cell

39- PDF Page Counter 1.1 (Demo) 377 KB
PDF Page Counter : Enables you to find out the number of pages of one or several PDF files in the same session, without actually needing to open them

40- TreePad Lite 4.3 (Freeware) 1.2 MB
TreePad Lite : An intuitive and easy to use application that helps you save all your notes, emails, texts and hyperlinks into a node-structured database

41- Word2Wiki 0.2 Alpha (LGPL) 27 KB
Word2Wiki : MediaWiki conversion made easy

42- WordTabulator 3.5 (GNU Public License) 2.6 MB
WordTabulator : Handy text analysis software

43- DateTime Report 7.0 Build 0.174 (Time-limited Trial) 993 KB
DateTime Report : Software solution that lets you count all date and time elements for events based on the current time, you can create and keep track of important tasks

44- XML2SAV 1.4 (GNU Public License) 4.7 MB
XML2SAV : Convert XML to SAV fast and easy.

45- Text Data File Manipulator 1.0 (Apache License 2.0) 6 KB
Text Data File Manipulator : A simple tool for window to transpose my large data files

46- HAPbirthDates 10.52 (Freeware) 3.3 MB
HAPbirthDates : This utility will display a list of all persons who have today as a their birthday.

47- PDF Image Stamp 1.07 (Demo) 1.5 MB
PDF Image Stamp : Automatically image stamp your documents quickly and easily

48- Essay Writing Software Essay Master 1.0 (Demo) 311 KB
Essay Writing Software Essay Master : Using this application you can search the Internet for information and create essays with references, then save your project as a DOC file

49- My Work 2.1.0 (Time-limited Trial) 9.4 MB
My Work : Manage your projects the easy way by turning to this lightweight application that features a smooth interface and multiple relevant functions

50- Word Highlighter 0.1.5 (GNU Public License) 186 KB
Word Highlighter : Finds and highlights words in a text