Games and Entertainmnent - 3-D Action and Arcade Games, list 54

Games and Entertainmnent - 3-D Action and Arcade Games, list 54 Games and Entertainmnent - 3-D Action and Arcade Games, list 54
We have compiled a list of Games and Entertainmnent - 3-D Action and Arcade Games that you can download for free in 2019.

1- Pinochle by MeggieSoft Games 14.4 (Shareware) 2297
MeggieSoft Games Pinochle & Bezique is a comprehensive implementation of the original Pinochle and Bezique card games (the two-player versions).

2- Asteroids by Novel Games 1.1.0 (Freeware) 337
In this game you control a space ship to destroy the asteroids.

3- Kiss My Asp (Freeware) 39.4
What do you get if you cross snake with Tron and Fifa?

4- Ciel Gris (Freeware) 2.02
This innovative overhead shooting game only ends when the player reaches his limit...

5- Snikey the Snake (Freeware) 5.43
Snikey the Snake needs to eat apples to escape each level.

6- Dark Wolf 3D 0.999 (Freeware) 3.28
You took on the role of invading Castle Wolfenstein, dispatching Germans, angry guard dogs and various other things on-route.

7- Battlefield 2142 - ASW Air Bavaria - Reverse Map (Freeware) 52.8
The year is 2142, and the dawn of a new Ice age has thrown the world into a panic

8- AxySnake 1.14 (Time-limited Trial) 4.3
AxySnake is a 3D action game based on the famous Snake (Worm) game

9- Rayman (Demo) 3
is a wacky and challenging arcade game in which our hero, Rayman, must defeat his enemies, rescue his friends and restore peace and harmony to the universe.

10- Oriam (Freeware) 3.12
This is a funny game about Oriam. Oriam is not a fighter, so you have to use his little ball behind his head.

11- Battlefield 2142 - ASW - Strike at Karkand Map (Freeware) 34.9
The year is 2142, and the dawn of a new Ice age has thrown the world into a panic

12- Diver: Deep Water Adventures English (Freeware) 106
The main heroes of our story are Andy and Nicole, a young couple in permanent search of adventures keen on diving and underwater archeology.

13- Akita Kanto Festival 1.1.0 (Freeware) 338
In this festival the participants will need to use their heads (or shoulders, or waists) to balance a large array of lanterns.

14- 4Pinball PC Edition 1.0 (Commercial) 5
An addictive challenging and fun Pinball game with 2 hi-colour tables and more themed add on tables also available.

15- Pocket Breakout Pocket PC Version 1.0 (Demo) 768
Arcade classics Breakout and Arkanoid, with some neat twists that make the game even better.

16- Infernal E3 2006 Trailer (Freeware) 11.0
„Infernal” tells the story of Ryan Lennox with a terrific tempo.

17- Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars - Copperhead Conflict Map (Freeware) 926
It is 2047 and the stakes could not be higher.

18- Digimon: TK's Lost Adventures (Freeware) 4.59
Play with tokomon, atamon, angemon and magnaangemon.

19- Snakes and Ladders (Freeware) 9.23
Despite the name we couldn't see any ladders in this game, which is a shame because they could have been very useful to get away from the fireballs in the various mazes!

20- Soda Junky 1 & 2 (Freeware) 3.26
Yyou play as Sammy Bottlecap and elimanite all the enemies in each level.

21- Pohl's Tablet (Freeware) 1.95
Pohl's Tablet is a straight forward word game in which the player must create words from the tiles given.

22- Vector Scape (Freeware) 931
Vetor Scape is a multi level space shooter with what I hope is a unique style to the graphics.

23- Ladybug 2k6 (Freeware) 7.43
In this game you have to guide LadyBug around different "ZONES" in the garden.

24- AirStrike 3D: Operation W.A.T. 1.3 (Shareware) 9.41
The ultimate helicopter-based 3D-Action game.

25- Ork Attack 1.0 (Freeware) 4.26
Made for the 2004 Retro Remakes Competition but I missed the deadline.

26- Fetish Fighters 1.5 (Shareware) 51.94
An all female fighting game

27- Cliff Gunner (Freeware) 1.53
A first person perspective shooting game in which the player mans a cliff mounted gun turret overlooking a city.

28- Deep Sea Adventures 1.0 (Shareware) 4807
Deep Sea Adventures is an action packed, brain teasing and beautifully rendered new game for your family. Download the free demo now and enter the deep sea!

29- Manhunt 2 Trailer #1 (Freeware) 16.5
An experiment at a secret research facility has gone catastrophically wrong. Daniel Lamb and Leo Casper are the only ones left

30- Stranglehold - Level 2 Embargo Trailer (Freeware) 45.2
Stranglehold is a third person, action/adventure game set in Hong Kong and Chicago

31- Manhunt 2 Teaser Trailer (Freeware) 12.9
An experiment at a secret research facility has gone catastrophically wrong. Daniel Lamb and Leo Casper are the only ones left

32- Ahriman's Prophecy 2.0 (Shareware) 14.76
Stop a dark prophecy

33- James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing - 3rd Person Action Video #1 (Freeware) 4.76
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing delivers non-stop, Hollywood-style action and excitement from start to finish.

34- Space Invaders by ACoders (Freeware) 3.01
Why not put some classics up.. Even if some people hate space invaders, theres no denying it started a revolution gaming.

35- The Empire Strikes Back (Freeware) 638
The empire strikes back is a remake of an atari2600 game made long ago.

36- Space Quarry 2.11 (Freeware) 684
Asteroid blaster game for Windows 95-XP. Spin your ship around and blast passing space rocks with missiles before they collide with you. Each new round brings more rocks at an ever increasing pace to challenge your eye/hand coordination.

37- SynSpace 1.0 (Freeware) 1464
SynSpace is a free multiplayer spacewars game for 8 players per channel. Players drop in on an ongoing battle as they feel like it. Powerups provide ships with additional weapons and effects. Space is filled with obstacles and zones.

38- Superman Returns: The Videogame Flight Trailer (Freeware) 21.2
When villains run rampant, only one man can rescue a world in peril.

39- Break Ball 1.50 (Shareware) 4.22
The original game that launched the series, Break Ball gets things rolling with 240 levels set in a variety of unique locations.

40- Water in fire 2 1.8 (Shareware) 4.39
Blast attacking airships out of the sky in four gameplay modes!

41- Growing Blocks (Freeware) 3.35
This is a primitive snake game, simple as that.

42- Combat Pillows 1.7 (Shareware) 2969
Enter multiplayer environment and fight Extremely Aggressive Pillows (EAP) to death. Stunning graphics and rich sounds yet small size. Open architecture allows add-on levels and movies. No installation necessary, just download and play!

43- From Russia With Love - London Video (Freeware) 5.08
The year is 1963. Your name is Bond, James Bond. And your mission is to slip inside the dangerous and debonair world of the original 007 played by none other than Sean Connery.

44- Monster Frenzy (Freeware) 2.60
Monster Frenzy it's a game about survival. A mysterious alien named Zeebo crash landed on an island inhabited by sea-monsters.

45- Something fishy (Freeware) 646
The idea is to eat fishes that are smaller than you. And make best score.

46- Manna Munchers 1 (Shareware) 3.11
Welcome to the world of Manna Munchers!

47- Persecutors! III - The Ultimate Chase 3.0.0 (Freeware) 23.9
Following my rather minimalistic games PERSECUTORS! and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! from the year of 2001 (available on my website), there finally is the third part: THE ULTIMATE CHASE, the one and only.

48- Batman Begins - First Look Trailer (Freeware) 12.3
Step into the shadows of Gotham's perilous criminal underworld as DC Comics' legendary Dark Knight in the Batman Begins video game.

49- Tom's Adventure (Freeware) 1.72
Tom's Adventure is an old fashioned platform game. You jump between many different worlds and curious places.

50- X-Ray Ball 1.21 (Time-limited Trial) 9.95
XRay Ball is a highly addictive remake of an old arkanoid game with a lot of effects, bonuses, levels, etc