Games and Entertainmnent - 3-D Action and Arcade Games, list 74

Games and Entertainmnent - 3-D Action and Arcade Games, list 74 Games and Entertainmnent - 3-D Action and Arcade Games, list 74
We have compiled a list of Games and Entertainmnent - 3-D Action and Arcade Games that you can download for free in 2019.

1- Controller Command Module v1.1 (Shareware) 5
gives you total control over your joystick, steering wheel, yoke, gamepad or any similar device which plugs into the gameport of your PC.

2- Enjoy Picture Adventure 2.9.8 (Shareware) 6502
The man most likes one of games, your mission is the elimination Dark Skeleton king and his evil forces under, relieves under the dark shadow the background evil spirit incantation.

3- Pretty Good MahJongg 2.1 (Shareware) 3856
With Pretty Good MahJongg you can play the classic MahJongg solitaire tile matching game, MahJongg puzzle games, and original MahJongg solitaire tile games found nowhere else.

4- Awakening 2.1 (Shareware) 4007
Awakening is a scrolling space shooter with ship upgrade possibilities. This game consists of 20 amazing levels. You can improve your ship configuration by installing new weapons, defensive systems, and power stations.

5- Celesteroids (Asteroids Style) 1.4 (Freeware) 2547
A free game inspired by the Atari Classic of 1979--Asteroids! Developed using the wxWidgets framework and released with source code under the GNU General Public License.

6- DeepPac 3 v3.1 (Shareware) 3
is a clone of the classic arcade game "Pac-Man".

7- AG ::Three Windmills - The Animated 3D Tetris 1.05 (Time-limited Trial) 3.99
'Three Windmills - Animated Tetris' is a new game from Animated Game Series by Elefun Multimedia

8- Mystic Realms of Alhanzar 11.1 (Freeware) 535
Graphical, full-color birds-eye view RPG with ten races, eleven character classes, melee combat system with many different types of weapons, tactical options, and skill based system.

9- Deep Space Intruder v1.04 (Freeware) 1
is a simple arcade shooter in which you pilot a ship and earn points by blasting asteroids and enemy ships.

10- Rebel Runner - Operation: Digital Code (Demo) 2
combines the elements of arcade-style action games, with simulated 3-D environments to put you at the center of a deadly extraterrestrial war.

11- Spider Collection 7.0 (Shareware) 2626
World's Largest Spider Solitaire Games Collection with 62 Spider Solitaire Games including 51 New Games.

12- Bomberman (by Christian Puhringer) v1.81 (Freeware) 713
is a version of the popular Bomberman game in which you move around a 2D maze, dropping bombs to clear your path and blow up your enemy.

13- Boulder Crash 1.0 (Time-limited Trial) 1.24

This game is remake of famous games Boulder Dash and Digger.

14- Dead Reckoning (Demo) 33
is a first-person action game in which a Master Race has recruited you to represent the human race in savage space combat against a series of vile aliens.

15- Rooby Run 1.25 (Time-limited Trial) 3.04
Kick some butt in this multi-level, fast moving, colourful cartoon style arcade style game

16- Vyper v1.0 (Shareware) 432
is a challenging arcade game of skill, logic and luck.

17- Commander Josh and the Secret of the Universe v1.0 (Demo) 5
is a science fiction action game in which you play Commander Josh and attempt to rescue the world from Dr. Monvil.

18- Dark Matter (Demo) 8
is an arcade/strategy space simulation.

19- Dark Angael (Shareware) 12
is a side-scrolling action/adventure game, rich in both story and intensity.

20- Resident Evil 2 (Demo) 60
is an action adventure game in which Raccoon City has become infested with the flesh eating undead and only you are left to uncover the mystery.

21- D-Fens: The Hardcorps (Demo) 10
is a futuristic first-person shooter starring Jake D. Fense.

22- Return Fire 2 (software version) v1.0 (Demo) 5
is an action/strategy game in which you play against the computer in a variety of intense combat scenarios and new aerial dogfights.

23- Rex Blade: The Apocalypse v.666 (Demo) 3
is a first person, 3-D shooter in which your mission is to teleport to Cyborg worlds and eliminate all intelligent life systems.

24- Bob The Schizo 1.0 (Shareware) 10236
Bob The Schizo is a platform game which takes action to the extreme. The player controls Bob; just a normal guy who gets caught up in an evil plot to take over the world.

25- RetroSphere 2.00 (Demo) 6528
RetroSphere is a fast, action packed and fun arcade style game inspired by Trailblazer from the early 80s. The object of the game is simple, guide your ball down the track to the finish line as quickly as possible.

26- Sausages 1.0 (Shareware) 1206
Move your dog, Arg, before it gets eaten by a monster. Link sausages together as a path for Arg to get to a bone, biscuit, bomb, bird or cat. Three fun game modes with multiple special items to get you going - bomb, burn, or splash the monster.

27- SolSuite 2004 20.0 (Shareware) 4185
SolSuite 2004 is a high-quality collection of 412 different Solitaire Card Games with an excellent interface providing good graphics and animation.

28- Redline (Multiplayer Demo) (Demo) 18
is a gang combat action game set in the 21st century.

29- PacLands 1.1 (Shareware) 5.48
Classic packman-style game grows up!

30- Devils Kitchen 1 (Shareware) 1.58
Remove bricks by striking them with balls.

31- Carnivores v1.2 (Demo) 17
is a 3D action game that lets you participate in a dangerous, life-like hunting expedition for dinosaurs.

32- Capsule v1.2 (Shareware) 598
is a Tetris style arcade game in which you try to get rid of all the bugs on the screen.

33- Capman v1.01 (Freeware) 3
is an arcade game similar to Pacman or Dynablaster.

34- VeggieBreak 1.2 (Shareware) 1.24
A breakout style game for children 5 to 10

35- MachineHell 1 (Shareware) 8.25
Search and destroy all the alien Machines and reclaim Earth.

36- Novel Save 1.1 (Shareware) 4.96
Guide people to safety from the war.

37- Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition (Demo) 4
is a fun arcade game in which you try to burst colored bubbles by shooting and linking any three bubbles of the same color.

38- Bug! (Demo) 4
is an animated, real-time, 3-D action/adventure game featuring a gnat-brained hero with a little talent, a lot of style and a huge ego who has to save his insect friends before they get eaten for lunch.

39- Rummy 500 by MeggieSoft Games 15.4 (Shareware) 2363
MeggieSoft Games Rummy 500, is a comprehensive implementation of the popular card game also known as 500 Rum.

40- Bubble Bobble Nostalgie 2.91 (Shareware) 2532
On each stage you play one or pair of little dragons against enemies. These dragons can blow bubbles to catch enemies inside. After that you should jump on bubble with an enemy trapped inside and pop them!

41- PacBomber 1.3.4 (Shareware) 1.8
Modern remake of popular classic games PacMan and BomberMan.

42- Goof Ball 1 (Shareware) 3.61
A puzzle game with fast paced action.

43- SiN (Demo) 34
is a first-person, 3D action game in which you investigate the secret source of the crime epidemic plaguing the city.

44- Voyager 1.02 (Shareware) 22.16
A 10-minute Epic RPG/adventure game

45- Space Quarry 2.11 (Shareware) 684
Asteroid blaster game for Windows 95-XP

46- Bomby (16-bit) v7.23 (Shareware) 408
is an arcade game in which you drop bombs in a labyrinth to try and destroy walls, monsters, and the other players.

47- Xtreme Tankz Madness II 1.7 (Shareware) 6882
Here is the game that represents a new generation of arcade games. Yes, yes, this is what you have been waiting for so long! It is high-quality arcade with greatly improved A.I. and excellent graphics.

48- Blow It (Shareware) 8
is a shoot-em-up game in outer space.

49- Contra - Hard Corps 1.0 (Freeware) 1904
When there's a hideous alien race, mad terrorist army, or just some general madman scumball to be eliminated, there's only one team to do the job: the Hard Corps.

50- Blood Bath At Red Falls (Demo Level 13) (Demo) 4
is a shoot-em-up game featuring fast, full-screen video.