A robot will park your car… Do you trust it?

A robot will park your car A robot will park your car
Britain's Gatwick Airport has decided to join a pilot-based robot that stops customers' cars in designated spaces in an effort to use spaces more efficiently. Parking for long periods of time, usually requires the driver to leave his car in a designated location (close to the entrance to the terminal) to have the driver drive to the parking lot and then keep the key until the driver returns from his trip. This time the driver will stop his car as usual and then leave, after closing the doors, instead of calling the driver (employee), the robot is asked through a touch screen, to take over the task.

Since there is no driver in the car, there will be no need to open any door, which means that the space allocated to each car will be shortened, thus absorbing more cars in the same area.
The technology was tested at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris for five months, and the customers evaluation was very positive, although some did not understand how to put a car in a confined space, but many did not notice that the process as a whole was operated by robot.