Games and Entertainmnent - Demo Games, list 25

Games and Entertainmnent - Demo Games, list 25 Games and Entertainmnent - Demo Games, list 25
We have compiled a list of Games and Entertainmnent - Demo Games that you can download for free in 2019.

1- Mummy Maze Deluxe Demo 1.1 (Demo) 3.1 MB
Mummy Maze Deluxe Demo - Escape the mazes before the mummy catches up with you in this addictive puzzle game

2- Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon Demo (Demo) 106 MB
Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon Demo - Challenge the gods and all evil in this first-person role-playing game with a hack-and-slash approach to the genre

3- PuppetShow: Poetic Justice (Demo) 419.6 MB
PuppetShow: Poetic Justice - Fight a masked villain and deal with evil mechanical puppets in this thrilling puzzle game

4- Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006: The Driver Challenge 2.5 (Demo) 617 MB
Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006: The Driver Challenge - A train simulator that features incredibly realistic physics and accurate depictions of real train models

5- Solitaire Blocks: Royal Rescue (Demo) 24.4 MB
Solitaire Blocks: Royal Rescue - Solve Solitaire puzzles and acquire better gear for your hero in order to defeat tougher monsters

6- Santa's Workshop Mosaics (Demo) 43.9 MB
Santa's Workshop Mosaics - Build a Christmas village over the course of an entire adventure that has you solving mosaic puzzles

7- Project Sense Demo 0.0.1 Alpha (Demo) 228 MB
Project Sense Demo - Investigate a supernatural mystery in a cyberpunk world and solve interesting puzzles

8- Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2 1.0 (Demo) 84.3 MB
Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2 - Create your very own association and watch over an entire competition with this college basketball simulator

9- Skelattack Demo 1.0.0 (Demo) 122 MB
Skelattack Demo - Destroy the adventurers trying to raid your dungeon in this action-platformer with 2D graphics

10- Rainforest Solitaire (Demo) 135.7 MB
Rainforest Solitaire - Solve Solitaire puzzles as you explore a tropical forest and meet interesting characters

11- Seed Of Andromeda 0.2.-1.1 Beta (Demo) 179 MB
Seed Of Andromeda - A voxel-based sandbox role-playing game where you get to explore various alien planets

12- Cat on a Diet (Demo) 47.1 MB
Cat on a Diet - Help Dr Meow get his paws on the cookie jar in this casual and humorous puzzle game

13- The Body Changer 0.9.1 (Demo) 140 MB
The Body Changer - Take control of multiple high-tech entities and try to solve all the puzzles you encounter in your adventure

14- Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse Demo 28 (Demo) 243 MB
Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse Demo - Kill zombies and survive the dangers of the forest in this third-person survival game

15- Elly's Cake Cafe 1.0.0 (Demo) 60.6 MB
Elly's Cake Cafe - Serve customers the cakes they desire and be as efficient as possible in this charming match-three game

16- Bug Mania Demo (Demo) 43.8 MB
Bug Mania Demo - A casual racing game with basic controls and graphics that features a variety of tracks and multiple color schemes for the same car

17- Late Night Shop Pre-Alpha (Demo) 156 MB
Late Night Shop - Reach the exit and avoid being touched by the mannequins in this engaging horror game

18- Sakura Day Mahjong (Demo) 54.3 MB
Sakura Day Mahjong - Clear all the golden pieces from the board and enjoy a relaxing round of Mahjong while you're at it in this puzzle game

19- A House of Many Doors Demo Pre-Alpha (Demo) 106 MB
A House of Many Doors Demo - Explore a fascinating world filled with interesting creatures in this story-driven role-playing game

20- Subconscious Alpha Demo (formerly Retrograde) (Demo) 223 MB
Subconscious Alpha Demo (formerly Retrograde) - Dive into the subconscious of patience with lost memories and help recover them in this puzzle FPS

21- Tikotep Adventure Demo (Demo) 31 MB
Tikotep Adventure Demo - Fight against a powerful curse and defeat a variety of enemies in this action-platformer with beautiful graphics

22- Halloween Stories: Invitation (Demo) 319.2 MB
Halloween Stories: Invitation - Find your way out of a haunted house while surviving its horrors in this hidden object adventure game

23- Trucker 1.056 (Demo) 101 MB
Trucker - An arcade racing game that enables you to participate in intense competitions behind the wheel of customizable trucks

24- Dungeon Rushers Demo (Demo) 81.8 MB
Dungeon Rushers Demo - Gather as much loot as you can from the deepest dungeons in this tactical turn-based adventure game

25- DRIV3R Demo (Demo) 700 MB
DRIV3R Demo - Take part in cinematic car chases and play through a violent tale of murder and justice

26- Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 Demo (Demo) 303 MB
Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 Demo - Play the role of a Soviet general and try to defend Kharkov from the enemy forces

27- When Pigs Fly 0.3.1 (Demo) 24.6 MB
When Pigs Fly - Build all kinds of crazy flying contraptions for your little farm pig and see him disappear into the clouds

28- Passage 3 Demo 2.62 (Demo) 4 MB
Passage 3 Demo - Use your imagination to fill a board with colorful tiles and solve tricky puzzles to get the high score

29- Future Wars Demo (Demo) 327 MB
Future Wars Demo - Use tactics to overpower your enemies and claim the land in this turn-based strategy game

30- SnarfQuest Tales 20150505 (Demo) 227 MB
SnarfQuest Tales - An adventure video game that's based on Larry Elmore's Snarf comic-book from the 80s

31- Northmark: Hour of the Wolf Demo 0.92 Beta (Demo) 40.1 MB
Northmark: Hour of the Wolf Demo - Fight against the armies of evil in this trading card-based role-playing game, featuring a variety of mystical creatures and all the combat you could wish for

32- Double Clue: Solitaire Stories (Demo) 33.5 MB
Double Clue: Solitaire Stories - Solve a tough case using Solitaire puzzles in this interesting game with colorful graphics

33- Mad Games Tycoon 1.170424A (Demo) 73 KB
Mad Games Tycoon - A game that let's you see first hand what it takes to design, build and market a successful game

34- Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness (Demo) 1.8 GB
Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness - Nancy Drew investigates another wild mystery in this point & click adventure game with neat graphics

35- Outer Colony Demo 0.5.43 Beta (Demo) 151 MB
Outer Colony Demo - Take care of a colony and help your people survive on a variety of weird world in this strategy game with a focus on the simulation aspect

36- Antigraviator Demo (Demo) 331 MB
Antigraviator Demo - Race across futuristic landscapes at breakneck speeds in this arcade racing game with great graphics

37- Big City Adventure: Rome (Demo) 56 MB
Big City Adventure: Rome - Visit the lovely city or Rome and solve hidden object puzzles in this colorful adventure game

38- Woven Demo Pre-Alpha (Demo) 265 MB
Woven Demo - Customize your character by knitting it with different colors and shapes in this unique puzzle game

39- Heat Guardian Demo 0.1.32 (Demo) 138 MB
Heat Guardian Demo - Survive the blistering cold and fight off all sorts of enemies in this top-down survival game

40- Blind Men Demo 1.0 (Demo) 251 MB
Blind Men Demo - Become a supervillain and do evil things in this humorous visual novel with colorful graphics

41- Q-YO Blaster Demo 0.4 (Demo) 38.7 MB
Q-YO Blaster Demo - Kill hundreds of enemies per second and make use of wild weapons in this colorful shoot 'em up sporting retro graphics

42- Silent Voices Demo 1.0 (Demo) 230 MB
Silent Voices Demo - Fight against an oppressive government in this exciting visual novel with gorgeous artwork

43- The Ramen Prince Demo 0.3.5 (Demo) 123 MB
The Ramen Prince Demo - Run a restaurant in a small town and start a new life in this cozy visual novel with gorgeous artwork

44- Kynseed Demo Prototype v2 (Demo) 53.7 MB
Kynseed Demo - Build an empire and pass down your skills to your children in this engaging sandbox RPG with retro graphics

45- Eagle Island Demo 0.0.117 Alpha (Demo) 203 MB
Eagle Island Demo - Explore a colorful world, defeat enemies and collect treasure in this challenging action-platformer with retro graphics

46- Cat Story Demo (Demo) 40.7 MB
Cat Story Demo - Help a cat and a rabbit get home and overcome a variety of nasty obstacles along the way

47- The Spell (Demo) 177.4 MB
The Spell - Escape from a haunted house and do your best to stay alive in this casual match-three game

48- 4 Aztec Skulls (Demo) 105.7 MB
4 Aztec Skulls - Explore a magical land and find powerful artifacts in this colorful time management game

49- 1001 Jigsaw World Tour: Asia (Demo) 150.2 MB
1001 Jigsaw World Tour: Asia - Solve jigsaw puzzles and visit the lovely continent of Asia in this colorful puzzle game with simple mechanics

50- Xemo: Robot Simulation Demo 1.7 Build 11 (Demo) 149 MB
Xemo: Robot Simulation Demo - Control every joint in a robot and learn more about robotics with the help of this simulator