Games and Entertainmnent - Demo Games, list 29

Games and Entertainmnent - Demo Games, list 29 Games and Entertainmnent - Demo Games, list 29
We have compiled a list of Games and Entertainmnent - Demo Games that you can download for free in 2019.

1- Math Burger (Demo) 43.6 MB
Math Burger - Serve your customers with ludicrous burgers in this fast-paced time management game about fast food

2- Secret Investigations: Nemesis (Demo) 629.6 MB
Secret Investigations: Nemesis - Tackle difficult cases and spot clues as quickly as you can in this colorful hidden object game

3- Fantasy Quest Solitaire (Demo) 107.3 MB
Fantasy Quest Solitaire - Banish the forces of chaos from the realm in this colorful Solitaire game with puzzle elements

4- Dress Cake (Demo) 57.8 MB
Dress Cake - Make it to the ball and acquire your dream gown in this colorful match-three game

5- The Last Argonaut Demo (Demo) 94.5 MB
The Last Argonaut Demo - Destroy enemy planes and pick up a variety of power-ups in this fast-paced shoot 'em up

6- The Curio Society: New Order Collector's Edition (Demo) 497.1 MB
The Curio Society: New Order Collector's Edition - Return a powerful artifact to the Curio Society in this exciting hidden object adventure game

7- Anime Studio Simulator Demo (Demo) 171 MB
Anime Studio Simulator Demo - Use your creativity to design and release your own anime series in this colorful visual novel

8- Super Ninja Ball Dash Demo (Demo) 48.5 MB
Super Ninja Ball Dash Demo - Collect shurikens and get the ball to the flag before the time runs out in this puzzle-platformer

9- Gravity Core Demo 1.52 (Demo) 17.5 MB
Gravity Core Demo - Destroy the alien forces and rescue humans from strange planets in this arcade shooter with physics-driven gameplay

10- Sector Six Demo 0.4.6 (Demo) 24.7 MB
Sector Six Demo - Fight against robotic spaceships and defend the Elder Mechanism in this exciting shoot 'em up game

11- MidBoss Demo 0.7.2 Beta (Demo) 32 MB
MidBoss Demo - Be the bad guy in this roguelike dungeon crawler by fighting monsters and then possessing their bodies

12- Mad Tracks Demo (Demo) 21.6 MB
Mad Tracks Demo - Mad Tracks is a Car Arcade Party Game

13- Shapik the quest 2 Demo 0.1.0 Alpha (Demo) 99.4 MB
Shapik the quest 2 Demo - Solve quests and try to restore order on Earth after a nuclear war turns everything to shreds

14- Keep on Truckin' Demo (Demo) 871 KB
Keep on Truckin' Demo - Drive a truck through the desert as fast as you can, with no one to bother you and no corners to negotiate

15- Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy Demo (Demo) 237 MB
Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy Demo - A point-and-click adventure game that presents a mysterious series of events at a girls-only boarding school

16- Keepsake German Demo 1.0 (Demo) 231 MB
Keepsake German Demo - Keepsake sets you on an incredible journey through the mystical halls of Dragonvale Academy.

17- Pale Spectrum Demo (Demo) 112 MB
Pale Spectrum Demo - Wage war against a mage-god in this exciting visual novel that continues the events from Brilliant Shadows

18- Grand Theft Auto 2 Demo (Demo) 12.3 MB
Grand Theft Auto 2 Demo - As you roam the streets of a busy city, you need to make a name for yourself.

19- XING: The Land Beyond - Rainforest Demo (Demo) 759 MB
XING: The Land Beyond - Rainforest Demo - Explore a magical jungle and solve its mysteries in this puzzle game with virtual reality support for Oculus Rift

20- Plugged Demo (Demo) 698 MB
Plugged Demo - Experience a photorealistic point & click adventure game and get even closer to the action with your virtual reality kit

21- Wingdaria Destiny Demo 1.1 (Demo) 208 MB
Wingdaria Destiny Demo - Witness the struggle between two lovers that come from different backgrounds in this thrilling visual novel

22- Tarr Chronicles Demo (Demo) 481 MB
Tarr Chronicles Demo - Help the humans survive the alien onslaught in this space sim with an emphasis on the battles

23- Dead Reckoning: Broadbeach Cove (Demo) 351.7 MB
Dead Reckoning: Broadbeach Cove - Investigate the murder of a celebrity in this mystery game with hidden object gameplay mechanics

24- A Little Less Desperation Demo 1.00 (Demo) 348 MB
A Little Less Desperation Demo - Help a farmer save the galaxy and deal with aliens in this challenging point & click adventure game

25- Retool Demo 1.00 (Demo) 337 MB
Retool Demo - Escape from enemy-infested levels and hack computers in this exciting stealth game

26- FormIt (Demo) 73.1 MB
FormIt - Complete levels by using colorful pieces to fill all the empty space in this engaging puzzle game

27- Chateau Garden (Demo) 189.1 MB
Chateau Garden - Restore and decorate a royal garden from scratch in this addictive match-3 game with a few new gameplay elements

28- Splitter Critters Demo Prototype (Demo) 23.8 MB
Splitter Critters Demo - Cut the world into pieces and rearrange reality in this ingenious puzzle game designed for Ludum Dare 35

29- Mainlining Demo 0.1.3 (Demo) 143 MB
Mainlining Demo - Trace crime suspects and hack into their computers in order to find evidence of their wrong doing in this exciting adventure game

30- Faxanadu 2 Demo (Demo) 2.7 MB
Faxanadu 2 Demo - Make your way through a dangerous world and admire the bleak scenery in this retro platformer

31- Ren Hu: Rebel Yell Demo 0.9.01 Beta (Demo) 283 MB
Ren Hu: Rebel Yell Demo - Fight against robots and explore a fascinating sci-fi world in this great beat 'em up with a multitude of combos to choose from

32- Meteor Mail Demo 1.0 (Demo) 25.1 MB
Meteor Mail Demo - Deliver the intergalactic mail using gravity generators and try to avoid the dangers of open space

33- Arena Circus Demo 1.5 (Demo) 136 MB
Arena Circus Demo - Fight for your honor in this exciting visual novel taking place in a parallel universe in which humans are treated like slaves

34- Death's Life Demo 1.1 (Demo) 50.9 MB
Death's Life Demo - Use household objects to obtain a domino effect and kill people as efficiently as possible

35- World Keepers: Last Resort (Demo) 404.5 MB
World Keepers: Last Resort - Discover the source of a deadly plague and unravel a creepy mystery in this hidden object adventure game

36- Mable & The Wood Demo Pre-Alpha (Demo) 28.2 MB
Mable & The Wood Demo - Use magic to save the world in this ingenious action-platformer based on exploration and level navigation

37- ToCA Race Driver 3 Demo (Demo) 555 MB
ToCA Race Driver 3 Demo - Experience a varied selection of cars and competitions as you make your way through the ranks of professional race drivers

38- Monument Builders: Rushmore (Demo) 127.8 MB
Monument Builders: Rushmore - Manage the construction of the famous American monument in this thrilling time management game

39- Yummy Dreams: Jelly Rainbow (Demo) 41.7 MB
Yummy Dreams: Jelly Rainbow - Combine all sorts of candy and sweets in this colorful match three game with more than enough levels for everyone

40- Caramel Mokaccino Demo 1.0.0 Alpha (Demo) 101 MB
Caramel Mokaccino Demo - Experience college life and work in a campus cafe while getting your life in order in this exciting visual novel

41- The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Demo (Demo) 182 MB
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Demo - Descend into the fantastical world of Narnia and put and end to the reign of the White Witch

42- GearGrinder Demo (Demo) 612 MB
GearGrinder Demo - Equip huge trucks with plenty of weapons do your best to eliminate the competition that stands in your way

43- Ocean Mahjong (Demo) 55.4 MB
Ocean Mahjong - Solve Mahjong-related puzzles and admire underwater scenery in this colorful puzzle game

44- Crash Classic Demo (Demo) 9 MB
Crash Classic Demo - Relive the classic Crash Bandicoot experience with this retro remake of the famous platformer

45- Empire Earth Demo 1.0 (Demo) 93.2 MB
Empire Earth Demo - Play a historical real time strategy game that you will surely enjoy.

46- Forsaken Castle Demo 1.4 Alpha (Demo) 166 MB
Forsaken Castle Demo - Help a young paladin fight against the forces of evil in this retro platformer with classic gameplay mechanics

47- Occultus: Mediterranean Cabal (Demo) 406.6 MB
Occultus: Mediterranean Cabal - Find your grandfather and the ones responsible for vandalizing his antique store in this adventure game

48- Grim Facade: A Deadly Dowry (Demo) 384.8 MB
Grim Facade: A Deadly Dowry - Investigate a string of murders in the town of Anzio and find the culprit before it's too late

49- Invisigun Heroes Demo 1.6.120 GE (Demo) 140 MB
Invisigun Heroes Demo - Defeat your enemies in the arena while everyone is invisible with a variety of special abilities

50- XOXO Droplets Demo (Demo) 129 MB
XOXO Droplets Demo - Attend your dream boarding school and do your best to end up with the desired boyfriend