Top 10 Essential Security Apps for Android!

Essential Security Apps for Android Essential Security Apps for Android
Android is the most widely spread operating system , thus getting the top security apps for Android on your device is essential.
In this article, we’re going to highlight 10 of the top Security tools for Android in 2019 that you can download directly from our servers.

1- eProxy For Android (4.80 MB)
Send data requests through a proxy for extra protection!

2- Applock - Fingerprint Password (10.27 MB)
Protect your note, call, sms, email, settings, all the privacy guard functions to ensure that your smartphone is secure and your data is safe.

3- Epic Security (12.86 MB)
Protect your privacy and keep your phone safe from virus or malicious apps.

4- Message Locker - SMS Lock (2.90 MB)
Add a password to all your messaging, SMS, chat, texting, email apps on your device.

5- Mobile Tracker for Android (140 KB)
Android Mobile can be Tracked after it get lost or stolen.

6- Virus Cleaner Hi Security - Antivirus (20.54 MB)
Super powerful virus detector and mobile threat remover. It also removes all junk and cache files effectively.

7- OneVPN - Fast VPN Proxy and Wifi Privacy Security (12.03 MB)
Secure your Internet activity and prevent anyone from tracking your online activities.

8- My Passwords - Password Manager (2.85 MB)
Store all your passwords easily and safely using Advanced Encryption Standards.

9- Mobiwol - NoRoot Firewall (3.7 MB)
Take control of your Mobile Apps, Easily Allow/Block App Connectivity.

10- Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock (5.97 MB)
Fires alarms when someone is look at your phone personal information.