Games and Entertainmnent - Demo Games, list 52

Games and Entertainmnent - Demo Games, list 52 Games and Entertainmnent - Demo Games, list 52
We have compiled a list of Games and Entertainmnent - Demo Games that you can download for free in 2019.

1- Mibicat: Tails of Swing 1.6 (Demo) 22.7 MB
Mibicat: Tails of Swing - Help a ball-shaped cat to reach the bullseye in each level while avoiding all sorts of dangers

2- The Story of Gimli (Demo) 60.5 MB
The Story of Gimli - A colorful and challenging match 3 game that is well suited for players of all ages

3- Meta Warrior Demo 0.0.1 (Demo) 273 MB
Meta Warrior Demo - A beat'em up that's built to be fluid in combat, tragic in its story and brutal all around

4- Goblins and Arrows 0.002 (Demo) 110.7 MB
Goblins and Arrows - Play as an elven warrior and protect the gates of your castle from the incoming goblin invasion

5- Wild Warfare Alpha Build 76 (Demo) 113 MB
Wild Warfare - Choose one of the three available classes and step onto the battlefield to wreak havoc in enemy's lines

6- Imperium: Arena of Death 2.0 (Demo) 36.7 MB
Imperium: Arena of Death - Prepare your fighters to become the best warriors in the arena. Can you win every match?

7- Spherical Adventure (Demo) 403 MB
Spherical Adventure - Guide a gold ball through a strange facility and do your best to make it out alive

8- Ukrainian Ninja 3.0 Beta (Demo) 295 MB
Ukrainian Ninja - Dodge, punch, slash, and shoot your way through lots of enemies in this fun ninja adventure game

9- Sector 6 0.2.1 (Demo) 115 MB
Sector 6 - Grab a gun and find a way to escape from Sector 6 before the zombies get you. Will you make it out alive?

10- Gizmos: Riddle Of The Universe (Demo) 86.1 MB
Gizmos: Riddle Of The Universe - A casual game that challenges both your math and puzzle solving skills in a fun way

11- Enola Demo Alpha 0.12 (Demo) 360 MB
Enola Demo - Investigate the death of your lover in this survival/horror game with an emphasis on exploration and puzzles

12- Bosch's Damnation (Demo) 74.1 MB
Bosch's Damnation - All fans of Carol Reed's mysteries will definitely appreciate this amazing game.

13- Approaching Infinity Beta 04 (Demo) 21.4 MB
Approaching Infinity - Choose your ship class and explore the far corners of space in search of new adventures

14- RC Boat Challenge Demo (Demo) 17.4 MB
RC Boat Challenge Demo - An entertaining racing game that features remote-controller boats instead of cars

15- Ghosts of Pandemonium: Dark Corners 0.3 (Demo) 135.9 MB
Ghosts of Pandemonium: Dark Corners - A creepy survival horror adventure with a black and white finish that adds up to the tension

16- Avolition (Demo) 89.4 MB
Avolition - An arcade style hack and slash role-playing game with four character classes and unique skill customization options

17- Qvadriga Demo 1.00 (Demo) 66.6 MB
Qvadriga Demo - Get behind a chariot and start driving around a hippodrome in the great Roman Empire

18- Steel Waves 0.3.6 (Demo) 382 MB
Steel Waves - A multiplayer combat simulation game where you'll be able to battle using World War II ships

19- Instant Dungeon! 1.1 (Demo) 14.4 MB
Instant Dungeon! - A rogue-like arcade game in which you'll need to survive through a series of monster-filled dungeons

20- GunBlocks Pre-Alpha (Demo) 24.9 MB
GunBlocks - A puzzle platformer that cleverly combines Tetris with turn-based battles on an alien planet

21- 9 Clues: The Ward (Demo) 423 MB
9 Clues: The Ward - A murder investigation that takes you beyond the facts of reason as you find more and more clues

22- Gnumz: Masters of Defense (Demo) 73.1 MB
Gnumz: Masters of Defense - A tower defense game in which you will be using multiple traps to defeat an invading force

23- Claws & Feathers (Demo) 171.6 MB
Claws & Feathers - Embark on a quest with your flock of fluffy birds to rescue eggs that were stolen by cats

24- Dino R-r-age Defense (Demo) 89.8 MB
Dino R-r-age Defense - Guard your time machine against oncoming waves of dinosaurs using whatever towers you have

25- Dream Catchers: The Beginning (Demo) 158.5 MB
Dream Catchers: The Beginning - A game in which you have to solve the mystery of a disappearance by entering other peoples dreams

26- Vagante Alpha 8 (Demo) 16.7 MB
Vagante - A retro-style adventure game inspired by titles such as Spelunky, Metroid, Castlevania, and more

27- Tomb of Tyrants Pre-Alpha (Demo) 5.6 MB
Tomb of Tyrants - Take the role of a tyrant and do your best to protect your dungeon from the heroes that want to defeat you

28- Paperbound 0.5 (Demo) 122.5 MB
Paperbound - Fight with or against your friends in an amazing world inspired from various old books

29- Pizza Girl (Demo) 97.3 MB
Pizza Girl - Help a teenager deliver pizza across the galaxy using a hoberboard as a mean of transportation

30- Cavern Kings b10 (Demo) 4.9 MB
Cavern Kings - Dig deep into the Earth's core and do your best to survive for as long as possible

31- Wooden Floor 1.21 (Demo) 453 MB
Wooden Floor - Explore a haunted house an try to make sense of all that's happening around you.

32- Rush to Adventure Alpha (Demo) 15.4 MB
Rush to Adventure - A retro-style platformer with fun to play action packed levels, 4 difficulty levels and lots of monsters to slay

33- Cosmonautica (Demo) 148 MB
Cosmonautica - Become a spaceship captain, recruit a crew and get ready to experience lots of awesome space adventures.

34- Ninja Pizza Girl 1.1 Pre-Alpha (Demo) 72.4 MB
Ninja Pizza Girl - Help a young girl to deliver pizza across the city while jumping from rooftops and avoiding rude ninja warriors.

35- Barbara-ian 28 (Demo) 63.8 MB
Barbara-ian - Explore procedurally generated dungeons that are full of evil imps in this fast-paced action game

36- The Blackwell Epiphany 1.1 (Demo) 359 MB
The Blackwell Epiphany - Help Rosa and her friend Joey the ghost get to the bottom of a mystery that even the police can't solve

37- Forgotten Ball Demo Beta 2 (Demo) 102 MB
Forgotten Ball Demo - Escape the depths of a towering maze by playing with perspective and platforming puzzles

38- Jewel Match 2: Reloaded (Demo) 99.5 MB
Jewel Match 2: Reloaded - A casually delightful match three game that features nice gems, castle building a few extra things

39- Off The Record: Liberty Stone (Demo) 312 MB
Off The Record: Liberty Stone - Put your investigatory skills to the test as you try to get to the bottom of as diamond disappearance

40- Amulet of Dreams Demo (Demo) 598 MB
Amulet of Dreams Demo - Guide Aiden in his journey to save Alison, her childhood friend who has fallen to a strange illness

41- Gunspell (Demo) 116 MB
Gunspell - A match three game that steps out of its comfort zone and adds role playing features

42- Envoy (Demo) 167 MB
Envoy - A top down-shooter with a sci-fi setting in which you get to shoot tons of ships for your amusement

43- Foothold 1.1 Alpha (Demo) 214 MB
Foothold - Play the role of highly intelligent alien being that seeks to escape a human not matter the cost

44- Sacred Almanac: Traces of Greed (Demo) 578 MB
Sacred Almanac: Traces of Greed - A good looking hidden object game about an ancient civilization and its many secrets

45- Lost Lands: The Four Horsemen (Demo) 729 MB
Lost Lands: The Four Horsemen - Explore a wonderful fantasy world and fight the Four Horsemen of Evil in this excellently crafted hidden object title

46- The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Demo (Demo) 49.5 MB
The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Demo - Explore a changed Earth, thousands of years into the future where life exists only underwater

47- Grim Facade: Hidden Sins (Demo) 398 MB
Grim Facade: Hidden Sins - Solve the mystery of the Avenger and do your best to save the rest of the blacklisted people

48- Brownies (Demo) 70 MB
Brownies - An unforeseen event takes you to the Brownies world, but you must return no matter what

49- Claws & Feathers 2 (Demo) 195 MB
Claws & Feathers 2 - An amusing match three puzzle game that features fat little birds and mischievous cats

50- And So It Was Alpha Demo (Demo) 192 MB
And So It Was - Explore randomly generated dungeons and fight several enemies along the way until you reach the big boss