Games and Entertainmnent - Free Games Games, list 79

Games and Entertainmnent - Free Games Games, list 79 Games and Entertainmnent - Free Games Games, list 79
We have compiled a list of Games and Entertainmnent - Free Games Games that you can download for free in 2019.

1- Muskets and Tomahawks 1.0 (Demo) 27 KB
Muskets and Tomahawks - Enjoy the Muskets and Tomahawks mini-game for Army Builder

2- Spin (Demo) 25.1 MB
Spin - Plunge in a world of puzzles and reach the portal to advance throughout the game.

3- Run Vengeance (Demo) 27.2 MB
Run Vengeance - Escape from a vicious monster in this fun survival game.

4- Donkey Kong World (Demo) 10.9 MB
Donkey Kong World - Play as Donkey Kong and Diddy as you set on a quest to restore the colors to the world

5- SpaceVaders (Demo) 9.1 MB
SpaceVaders - A remake of the classic Space Invaders title.

6- Angry Sheep (Demo) 2.3 MB
Angry Sheep - Lead the pack of angry sheep to the clipper

7- Snoukens Adventure Beta (Demo) 10.1 MB
Snoukens Adventure - Checkout a fun but challenging arcade platformer where you will die a lot.

8- The Red and The Green Timepassing Game (Demo) 2.2 MB
The Red and The Green Timepassing Game - Search for your brother through a large maze

9- Doom, The Roguelike (Demo) 80.8 MB
Doom, The Roguelike - A Roguelike game, inspired by the popular FPS game Doom.

10- Project Midnight 2 Part 1 (Demo) 26.3 MB
Project Midnight 2 Part 1 - Help Detective Jonah Bennet to solve another mysterious case.

11- GaleForce 1.0 (Demo) 12.7 MB
GaleForce - A retro-style elemental shooter to have some fun with.

12- Zombie Slap (Demo) 100.4 MB
Zombie Slap - Fin the cure and slap any zombies that might try to stop you.

13- HQ Defence 1.0 (Demo) 34.1 MB
HQ Defence - Defend the planet against invaders in this addictive game

14- Lightrider (Demo) 10.4 MB
Lightrider - Use the beams of light to escape the exploding star.

15- Dreams Of a Ghost (Demo) 12.8 MB
Dreams Of a Ghost - Follow the story of a ghost in search of its father.

16- Candy Hero (Demo) 12 MB
Candy Hero - Catch as much candy as possible in this small arcade game.

17- This Crazy War (Demo) 15.6 MB
This Crazy War - Take over the world, one country at a time!

18- Mechanic Watermelon (Demo) 17.8 MB
Mechanic Watermelon - An action puzzle platformer to test your quick reflexes.

19- Captain Otto In Trap (Demo) 7.6 MB
Captain Otto In Trap - Play a match three game in space

20- Damage Control 1.0 (Demo) 27.8 MB
Damage Control - A small game about the destructive power of a tornado.

21- World of Sketch Alpha (Demo) 20.5 MB
World of Sketch - A fun puzzle platformer with some original graphics.

22- Fluentem Lux (Demo) 14.3 MB
Fluentem Lux - Endless spaceship arcade shooter with simple graphics.

23- Space Rampage (Demo) 33.2 MB
Space Rampage - Shoot evil aliens in this addictive arcade platformer

24- Nick Toldy: Legend of Dragon Peninsula (Demo) 10.4 MB
Nick Toldy: Legend of Dragon Peninsula - A fun point and click adventure with lots of mind-bending puzzles

25- Blaster Cop 1.1.0 (Demo) 19.2 MB
Blaster Cop - Explore a dangerous city and deal with entire armies of criminals in this retro first-person shooter

26- Click Ball Game (Demo) 4 MB
Click Ball Game - Click the ball to score points and win the game.

27- Geometric Wars Meteoros (Demo) 2.7 MB
Geometric Wars Meteoros - Avoid the falling geometrical shapes and survive as long as possible.

28- Hunt For Cheese (Demo) 6.1 MB
Hunt For Cheese - Find the cheese hidden in a dark and creepy maze.

29- The Maze Episode 10: MeaningOfExistence (Demo) 64.8 MB
The Maze Episode 10: MeaningOfExistence - Explore the last zone in the maze and find the exit.

30- The Princess Ball Difference (Demo) 5.6 MB
The Princess Ball Difference - Find all the differences between the given pictures.

31- Tv Man (Demo) 4.1 MB
Tv Man - Solve the puzzles in each level and reach the exit area.

32- Baw: The Lost Levels Beta 2 (Demo) 4.3 MB
Baw: The Lost Levels - A small but challenging puzzle platformer to have some fun with.

33- The Day My Truck Went to Mars (Demo) 21.7 MB
The Day My Truck Went to Mars - A small arcade game about a state of the art truck that has to make a delivery to Mars.

34- Collector's Items (Demo) 4 MB
Collector's Items - Collect as many treasures as you can and stay away from the bombs.

35- Platdude Goes Golfing (Demo) 2.1 MB
Platdude Goes Golfing - Get the ball in the hidden hole!

36- The Magician's Gold (Demo) 2.6 MB
The Magician's Gold - Find the lost bar of gold and escape in one piece.

37- Edwin 1.0 (Demo) 14.4 MB
Edwin - Avoid the doctors and nurses while collecting the green dots.

38- Happy Rollers (Demo) 3.4 MB
Happy Rollers - Keep back the 4 different smiley faces from getting past you

39- Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords #6 (Demo) 62 MB
Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords - An RPG game that features a thrilling story of love, revenge, war and peace!

40- Nightmare Ep 3 (Demo) 4.6 MB
Nightmare Ep 3 - Join Victor as he must face his biggest fears in order to solve a puzzle in the Land of Nightmares.

41- Nightmare Ep 4 (Demo) 6.2 MB
Nightmare Ep 4 - Checkout the latest game in the Nightmare series.

42- Mk Noire (Demo) 26.9 MB
Mk Noire - Track down a dangerous mob boss and defeat his goons.

43- Boring Man (Demo) 59.7 MB
Boring Man - An online 2D stickman shooter with lots of weapons, cool mutators and even a zombie mode

44- I’m Scared of Girls! 2.1 (Demo) 45.4 MB
I’m Scared of Girls! - Embark for surreal roguelike adventure game set in a strange and dangerous world.

45- Super Mario World Special Edition Beta 2 (Demo) 11.5 MB
Super Mario World Special Edition - Play as Mario and start on a new and dangerous adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom.

46- The Giant Castle 1.0 (Demo) 11.3 MB
The Giant Castle - Join Mario in a small new adventure and help him save the princess from a giant castle.

47- Beat Shield (Demo) 4 MB
Beat Shield - Protect the center block from the enemies at all costs.

48- Silent Hill Homecoming (Demo) 38.8 MB
Silent Hill Homecoming - Liberate your hometown from undead monsters in this arcade game

49- TAILS.EXE 2.0 (Demo) 33.1 MB
TAILS.EXE - A small horror platformer starring Tails the fox.

50- NK (Demo) 29.5 MB
NK - Protect the living organism and destroy the infection antigens.