Games and Entertainmnent - Free Games Games, list 105

Games and Entertainmnent - Free Games Games, list 105 Games and Entertainmnent - Free Games Games, list 105
We have compiled a list of Games and Entertainmnent - Free Games Games that you can download for free in 2019.

1- CHARGE! 1.2 (Demo) 16.5 MB
CHARGE! - Quickly run through the hospital corridors to find any electrical source that can prevent your heart from failing

2- Rainbow Jewels Dizzy 1.01 (Demo) 1.7 MB
Rainbow Jewels Dizzy - Save the world from an impending doom in this fun to play adventure game. Enjoy!

3- Hell Hole 1.1.1 (Demo) 5 MB
Hell Hole - Explore a gigantic cave and destroy as many rocket moles as possible until you reach the giant boss

4- Traps For Zombies 1.0 (Demo) 8.5 MB
Traps For Zombies - A fun 2D arcade game where you need to set various traps to destroy the zombies on their way to the town

5- MonoDi 1.0 (Demo) 14.6 MB
MonoDi - A platformer you simply have to play, no questions asked, no second doubting, just play it!

6- Commander Keen - Doom of Mars 2.0 (Demo) 13.6 MB
Commander Keen - Doom of Mars - An arcade crossover between Commander Keen and Doom.

7- Arcanoid: Ball of Destiny (Demo) 2.2 MB
Arcanoid: Ball of Destiny - Prepare your ball and paddle for lots of fun in this brick breaker arcade game.

8- Legends of Yore 1051 (Demo) 35.8 MB
Legends of Yore - Explore a dungeon filled with monsters that you can slay in this RPG game

9- Battle Jump 0.12.0 (Demo) 45.8 MB
Battle Jump - Try out a fun arcade game where you get to control a funny pogo stick.

10- Katawa Shoujo: Act One 5 (Demo) 173 MB
Katawa Shoujo: Act One - See how every one is capable of finding love in this visual novel game

11- Absent 1.1 (Demo) 301.7 MB
Absent - Investigate the disappearance of the students in the campus and find out who or what is behind all of this

12- TubeStar (Demo) 1.7 MB
TubeStar - Do your best to make your YouTube channel one of the best out there and earn lots of cash

13- The Lost Maze 1.0.16 (Demo) 16.6 MB
The Lost Maze - A first-person exploration game where you'll have to find your way through all sorts of twisted mazes

14- The Sacrifice (Demo) 58.7 MB
The Sacrifice - Decide who gets to live and who gets to die in this indie survival management game

15- Adams Drive 32 (Demo) 17.9 MB
Adams Drive 32 - A minimalistic first person shooter in which maintaining stealth is more important than having bullets

16- In Requiem 1.0 (Demo) 132 MB
In Requiem - Avoid frostbite and death in this exploration game by visiting statues and collecting fragments from a poem

17- In A Flash (Demo) 114 MB
In A Flash - Use your private investigator skills to unravel a case about a cheating wife in a motel room

18- Resource Wars 1.1 (Demo) 826 KB
Resource Wars - A lightweight resource gathering simulator that will test your micromanaging skills

19- Camp 1 1.15 (Demo) 16.4 MB
Camp 1 - A slow-paced point and click that's well suited for the true fans of the genre, it's really slow paced

20- Terre Defense 2 5.5 (Demo) 27.9 MB
Terre Defense 2 - Destroy enemy spaceships in this third-person arcade sim sporting a lot of action

21- Tile World 1.3.2 (Demo) 1.1 MB
Tile World - Try out a new and fun to play game that everyone will enjoy.

22- Anchorverse (Demo) 11.4 MB
Anchorverse - Explore a sci-fi world and do your best to avoid the traps and the enemies that try to stop you

23- Trapnoid 2 (Demo) 17.6 MB
Trapnoid 2 - A small yet nice platformer that's surprisingly challenging for how basic it looks

24- That Red Button (Demo) 45.2 MB
That Red Button - Help a crafty little robot take advantage of his enemies in this cute platformer with a puzzle twist

25- London Tower Bridge Puzzle 1.0 (Demo) 787 KB
London Tower Bridge Puzzle - A lightweight software package that offers you an easy to piece together puzzle

26- Sonic and Mario vs Slenderman 1.0 (Demo) 693 KB
Sonic and Mario vs Slenderman - A simplistic game in which you can play as either Sonic or Mario and fight Slenderman

27- Sim Hero 2.0.3 (Demo) 249 MB
Sim Hero - A game that blends features from multiple genres to create an interesting experience

28- Trappy Mine (Demo) 14.9 MB
Trappy Mine - A simple and dynamic game jam build that's fast paced and tons of fun if you're into little indies

29- Unangband: The Unnamed Angband 0.6.5c (Demo) 20.8 MB
Unangband: The Unnamed Angband - Check out a text adventure game that everyone will enjoy playing.

30- Midnight Castle (Demo)
Midnight Castle - A hidden object game that takes you on a journey to the Chamber of Witches that is said to grant any wish

31- Farm Frenzy Inc. (Demo) 259 MB
Farm Frenzy Inc. - Another version in the long line of Farm Frenzy series that have put time management games on the map

32- Sheep Dreams Are Made of This (Demo) 12.4 MB
Sheep Dreams Are Made of This - An odd and somewhat confusing platformer in which you play the role of a sheep with human limbs

33- Mutants and Masterminds (2nd) 5.9 (Demo) 11.5 MB
Mutants and Masterminds (2nd) - Enjoy the new Mutants and Masterminds (2nd) game sheet

34- Build-a-lot World (Demo) 338.4 MB
Build-a-lot World - Travel around the world while practicing your building skills in this time management game

35- Jet Set Willy 4 (Demo) 7.3 MB
Jet Set Willy 4 - Both Smila and Oddbob ressurect the ghost of Willy...

36- The Last Light (Demo) 442 MB
The Last Light - A first-person horror game that will keep player searching for source of light to drive away a monster

37- Galaxy Rampage (Demo) 16.6 MB
Galaxy Rampage - A local multiplayer shooter that can be played by multiple users with a single keyboard

38- Typefighters 1.2 (Demo) 15.9 MB
Typefighters - A minimalistic game for those who want to improve their typing skills by challenging others

39- 3D Pong Extreme 1.7.0 (Demo) 21.9 MB
3D Pong Extreme - Play an intense game of 3D Pong that will challenge the player's ability to think in three dimensions

40- 3D Tube Racer 1.0 (Demo) 18 MB
3D Tube Racer - Player get to race through 3D tubes against the AI in just a few courses in this simple easy racing game

41- 90 Second Portraits (Demo) 7.7 MB
90 Second Portraits - Paint your customers as well as you can and pray that they enjoy the results, otherwise you are not getting paid

42- Pathfinder Beginner Box 2.4 (Demo) 3.9 MB
Pathfinder Beginner Box - Enjoy the new Pathfinder Beginner Box game sheet

43- Pike and Shotte 1.5 (Demo) 44 KB
Pike and Shotte - Checkout the new Pike and Shotte mini-game for Army Builder

44- Call of Cthulhu 2.4 (Demo) 2.7 MB
Call of Cthulhu - This is the Call of Cthulhu mini-game for Hero Lab

45- A Lifetime of Realistic Simulations 0.1.0 (Demo) 10 MB
A Lifetime of Realistic Simulations - A

46- Radical Rockits (Demo) 65.7 MB
Radical Rockits - Use a jetpack to fly around and perform crazy stunts for as long as you want in this sandbox game

47- The Skeleton War 1.0.2 (Demo) 118 MB
The Skeleton War - Play as a skeleton and use the bones of your enemies as weapons in this online multiplayer game

48- Crime Crew 1.0.0 (Demo) 65.2 MB
Crime Crew - Use teamwork in order to break into a rich man's house and steal his money without leaving a trace

49- Anxiety Attacks 1.5.0 (Demo) 76.3 MB
Anxiety Attacks - See what it's like to live with anxiety in this exploration game with no other purpose than to provide you with an accurate representation

50- Bombardier (Demo) 64 MB
Bombardier - Defend your island from pirate ships and refine your skills as a pilot in this arcade flight sim