Cloud Service as a main storage!

Cloud Service as a main storage! Cloud Service as a main storage!
If you have many devices or need to access your data anywhere then using online storage is an appealing idea. Online storage can used to store documents, photos and other kinds of files but cannot be used as the main storage on your primary PC or Mac. So is it a good idea to put your important data online?

Here are some tips when using cloud storage.

1- It is neccasary to make a local copy of your files
2- Choose the cloud that suits your needs, since different cloud services have different requirements, for example iCloud needs a Mac running at least Yosemite and/or iOS devices running at least iOS 8 while other requires Windows client.
3- Secure your device that is connected to the cloud by using strong passwords especially if your are syncing with your mobile device, anybody can access your stuff if you leave your phone open.
4- Use file encryption for data stored in the cloud.
5-Use two-factor authentication, to ensure that you're the only person who can access the online data.
4- Regulary Backup your files even to a different cloud service. This proecess can be done automatically using applications like flickr auto uploader .
5- Monitor all devices that are connecting to your account, and check for device that isn't yours.
6- Set monthly traffic limit for your mobile data plan in order not to incur extra charges, or only sync when your mobile's is on Wi-Fi connection.