Games and Entertainmnent - Multiplayer Games Games, list 3

Games and Entertainmnent - Multiplayer Games Games, list 3 Games and Entertainmnent - Multiplayer Games Games, list 3
We have compiled a list of Games and Entertainmnent - Multiplayer Games Games that you can download for free in 2019.

1- Space Monkey (Shareware) 3.6
Rescue your captured monkey friends before they are used for deep space makeup testing.

2- Slot Vacation 4.6 (Shareware) 3.4
5 reel X 20 Payline videoslot with FreeSpin Feature.

3- Hard Rock Casino 1.0 (Shareware) 170
Hard Rock Casino combines the frantic roar of a rock concert with the tense excitement of the most popular casino table games.

4- Moraff Fancy Jiggler 2.50 (Shareware) 16571
Fancy Jiggler is an attractive virtual jigsaw puzzle game with a great number of variations and multimedia accompaniment. You can choose from the files provided or use your own images, then select from 11 different puzzle-piece variations.

5- OnTarget 3.76.16 (Shareware) 1244
OnTarget is a very addictive shoot-em-up game played over a rugged terrain under a beautiful moon-lit star-filled night sky. Two people can play each other at the keyboard, or the computer will give you the fight of your life as your opponent!

6- GJ Breakdown 1.0 (Shareware) 1.2
Five+ features the same simple, yet highly addictive basic rules as our latest title Arcade Lines, offering mind-bending fun for the whole family.

7- Rock Slide 1.5 (Shareware) 1165
This combines three exciting games into one. Rockslide, TicTacToe Drop and Wall of Balls. Faced against a wall of rocks, you remove all the rocks. But be careful, removing rocks from the center or bottom will cause rocks atop to slide down.

8- Black Star: First Attack 1.7 (Shareware) 7226
Space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities. You can use the Shop at the beginning of every level to buy a more advanced spaceship, weapons, armor plating, reactor, shield, and much more.

9- Moraff CyberDice 3.50 (Shareware) 4917
This is a robust dice game. This game features ragtime music in the background during play, beautiful background photography, full-screen graphics, and a user-friendly interface. You can play head-to-head or the computer.

10- Golf Master Net 1.0 (Shareware) 3.2
Handles any number of leagues.

11- 4 Pinball 1.0 (Shareware) 1.5
4Pinball takes pinball on the PC to new levels with fast, smooth, vertically scrolling hi-colour tables, much larger than the screen area of your PC.

12- Route Control 1.0 (Shareware) 520
In 2001 we introduced Sky! Conductor, the original, award winning "environment exciter" for Microsoft Train Simulator.

13- Number Crunch 1.0 (Shareware) 3.20
A number game of brains versus brawn! Become a whiz by trying to get the highest score.

14- FBPlayCheck 2.0 (Shareware) 1.6
FBPlayCheck is designed to check VPNFL or Custom plays that are transferred during head to head play on the internet.

15- Balloonacy 1.10 (Shareware) 2.15
Balloonacy is an exciting puzzle game where you match colored balloons floating up the screen.

16- FreakOut Gold 1.0 (Shareware) 2977
Think fast as this sizzling hot game seduces your puzzle-solving skills in a way you've never experienced! Your objective is simple--clear 75% or more of the game board while dodging the colorful bouncing Balls. The challenge escalates each level.

17- Speedy Shooter 1.2 (Shareware) 2.14
Speedy Shooter is a game of the classic Bubble Shooter kind.

18- Alien Shooter 1.00 (Shareware) 113
Kill the Aliens as the last soldier left on an infested space station in this classic First Person Shooter

19- Fat Cat Poker 3.5.12 (Shareware) 6777
Get the feel of a real poker game while playing one of six (6) poker variations against 4 other animated computer players, with a dedicated dealer. Internet or LAN play is an option so you can play against real people.

20- AquaPack Lines 1.3 (Shareware) 1943
Just when you though you saw it all, AquaPack Games released AquaPack Lines - the most extraordinary remake of the classic games. Yes, this game is all you ever wanted in Lines - classic, time-tested rules, striking graphics and autosaving option!

21- Kikujiro 3.42 (Shareware) 2.65
3D OpenGL version of Sokoban with 380 levels.

22- Rats! (Shareware) 500
Rats! is a frantic game of rodent extermination.

23- Twisted Tails 1.5.0 (Shareware) 0.97
Playful, computer-generated retellings of ten classic fairy tales will have you rolling on the floor! Every reading is unique and 100% hilarious!

Gorgeously presented and illustrated: the beautiful all-graphical main screen lets you pick your favorite story within a lush woodland setting.

24- BOXES1 7.0 (Shareware) 886
BOXES v7.0 -- Fun, challenging, addictive puzzle game for windows. Eliminate colored crates by maneuvering and dropping boxes on them. But, watch out for falling stones. Smarts are more important than speed. It is not as easy as it looks!

25- Aba Daba Deluxe 1.31 (Shareware) 794
Aba Daba Deluxe is a modern implementation of the ancient logical game Gomoku, also known as 5 in a row or Noughts and Crosses. It has a modern unusual interface with different skins, attractive music, nice sounds and different skill levels.

26- Aqua Bubble 2 1.02 (Shareware) 6.1
After being saved from the flood, Aquatic was very
thankful for the help.

27- Blocks eXterminator 1.20 (Shareware) 1.54
It's simple to open your amazing logic! Eject color blocks to a board to get all disappeared from a board.

28- DeepPac 3.1 (Shareware) 2.7
The DeepPac is a clone of classic arcade game, designed for Windows.

29- Galactix 1.x (Shareware) 3040
Pilot your way through the relentless Xidus Fleet in an attempt to save the earth from annihilation. Galactix is a space arcade type game where you pilot your ship to shoot enemy fighters and collect bonus's with your ships mechanical arm.

30- Mancala 3000 1.5 (Shareware) 1122
Mancala is one of the oldest two-player strategy games in the world. It has been played throughout Asia and Africa for over 7,000 years. Download the free shareware version today and play against a computer opponent.

31- Puzzletron 2.0 (Shareware) 2280
Puzzletr?s un programa para generar puzzles en la pantalla a partir de tus propias im?nes o de las im?nes incluidas en el juego.

32- Get 4 1.1 (Shareware) 2.1
The object of Get 4 is to connect four concurrent circles of the same colour before the computer.

33- Coloplop 1.0 (Shareware) 1.5
Coloplop is a Funny New Puzzle Game.

34- MissionRisk 2.5.1 (Shareware) 2.3
The object of the game of risk is to either capture every territory on the board and wipe out all of your opponents, or to complete your secret mission before any one else does.

35- Global Pets 2002 (Shareware) 2.8
Global Pets 2002 is a virtual pet game for the PC.

36- 15-Pack 1.29 (Shareware) 535
15-Pack is a cool award-winning computer puzzle game, the best game in its class.

37- Paraben's Mah-jong 2.4.2 (Shareware) 1524
Paraben's Mah-jong is an easy playing version of the classic game. Play it in English, French, German, or Spanish while listening to music. With features like "shadows" and "3D" play, the only challenge comes from the game itself.

38- Lenny Loosejocks in Space 1.0.1 (Shareware) 7724
The sequel to Lenny Walkabout. You guide Lenny and Donga in their epic quest to save the human race from the evil Sluggees!

39- Lenny Loosejocks in Boardin 1.0 (Shareware) 4.5
Time to shred up the mountain in this 3D action adventure game!

Complete missions and pull off huge air and radical tricks to unlock all the cool boards and levels.

40- Cubed 1.1 (Shareware) 2.06
In the game Cubed, things happen fast.

41- Bio Lines 1.0 (Shareware) 1.1
Bio Lines is funny puzzle game.

42- Battle Packman 2 Terminator (Shareware) 1.8
Battle Packman 2 Terminator is a mad 3D shooter.

43- Asteroid Miner 1.0 (Shareware) 1.8
Asteroid Miner is a space-based strategy/shooter where you must mine the asteroids around you for precious metals to sell, in order to upgrade your ship with the latest weapons and equipment.

44- Battlefleet: Pacific War (Shareware) 4.7
Naval turn-based strategy game which covers all major battles on Pacific during WW2.

45- Net Cribbage 5.4 (Shareware) 1.8
Net Cribbage is one of the earliest and most enduring of the classic card games you can play against computer or real-life opponents.

46- MagicBalls (Shareware) 400
The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible constructing horizontal or vertical lines of three or more balls of the same type.

47- Kaijin 1.0 (Shareware) 15051
Genetically modified food and pollution created a harmful impact on the natural food chain of Planet Terria. Bugs and ocean life started to mutate and are now trying to dominate the planet. You and your fighter plane, ?Kaijin,? must save the planet

48- MagicGames (Shareware) 2
MagicGames Collection is a set of funny logical games.

49- Pro Reels Haunted House 1.4 (Shareware) 13.30
Pro Reels Haunted House is an advanced fruit machine simulation the likes of which have never before been experienced in the computer game industry.

50- 5 Star Word Engine 3.2 (Shareware) 1.93
Think you're pretty good at Scrabble? Hardly anyone can beat you at Boggle? Then try this one! From a randomly selected set of letters it is you versus the computer to find the longest word.