Games and Entertainmnent - Multiplayer Games Games, list 11

Games and Entertainmnent - Multiplayer Games Games, list 11 Games and Entertainmnent - Multiplayer Games Games, list 11
We have compiled a list of Games and Entertainmnent - Multiplayer Games Games that you can download for free in 2019.

1- Fuse 1.0 (Shareware) 2.38
Once again mother earth has been threatened by alien powers.

2- Water Bubbles 1.4 (Shareware) 2.39
Ultimate 3D Tetris-like puzzle game.

3- 3D Color Collector 1.1 (Shareware) 2.4
The purpose of the game is simple - to clear the board.

4- Sarah Michelle Gellar Solitaire 1.01 (Shareware) 1402
An easy to play version of Klondike with pictures of the actress Sarah Michelle Gellar ('Buffy - the vampire slayer') in the face cards. 3 languages: English, Deutsch and Norwegian. Buffy sounds, customizable backgrounds, 5 card backs available.

5- Blockout 1.2 (Shareware) 1.40
This is the kind of game that you think to yourself, "I'll just have a quick game before I finish with the computer", then look at the clock and see that two hours have gone by! Its that kind of just-one-more-go gameplay that makes Blockout such a fun game.

6- CANASTA Card Game 2.8 (Shareware) 2.4
Canasta From Special K ver 2.8 Plays the classic card games of Canasta! Play against the computer playing between 1 and 5 opponents.

7- Punishment 1.12 (Shareware) 1.55
Punishment is a party game for adults.

8- Hacker 2004: Digital Evil (Shareware) 2.4
A few years ago, Adam Mindlin had a vision.

9- Galaxy Stir 1.46 (Shareware) 2.4
The primary aim of the game is to destroy the Emperor who has declared war to the whole mankind.

10- Prehistoric Blackjack 1.0 (Shareware) 1.44
When you open the Prehistoric Blackjack you appear in the Stone Age.

11- CHUZZLES 1.1 (Shareware) 2.4
Chuzzles is an excellent chess-puzzle game that helps a chess player improve while having a little fun, or any non-chess player who prefers puzzles too a full game of chess!

The puzzles within Chuzzles are smart, and can feed your appetite for fun whether taking a break at work (Chuzzles is very un-assuming, with a handy "send to tray" button in case the boss walks in) or your just in the mood for some fun with chess! Enjoy

12- WordLab 1.1a (Shareware) 2.40
WordLab is a challenging new game that will change the way you spell FUN.

13- GJ Powerball 1.0 (Shareware) 1
There are MONSTERS TO KILL , a SPACE INVADER type level, DOUBLE BATS , KILLER ICONS and a whole lot more.

14- Balla Balla 1.4 (Shareware) 1780
Balla Balla is probably one of the fastest and most difficult Breakout-games. Play with up to 5 balls at the same time. Absolutely flicker-free animations, numerous extra weapons, moving obstacles, great music and soundeffects.

15- Tonk 1.5 (Shareware) 1158
A rummy-style card game that let's you play and bid against a computer opponent. This traditional card game is designed to be challenging for both beginning and advanced players, rather you're learning the game for the first time, or are an experienc

16- TerraFire 2.04d (Shareware) 1.8
Award-winning arcade game featuring stunning raytraced graphics and super-smooth 360 degree parallax scrolling.

17- Vegeance or Bust 2.4 (Shareware) 11.4
Vengeance or Bust is three games in one.

18- AlphaConX 1.1 (Shareware) 11435
Highly addictive multi-player puzzle word game. Plays similar to the classic Connect Four game except you try to make four letter words to win. You may play the computer, or challenge a friend over your network, or play on the internet.

19- Puz 1.0 (Shareware) 2.53
Puz is a fun and entertaining shareware puzzle game for all ages! The basic idea of the game is too match rows of three or more tiles that are the same.

20- LDS Activities 7.0 (Shareware) 11.7
LDS Activities For Windows is a collection of puzzles and games.

21- G-Bee 1.3 (Shareware) 1.4
G-Bee is a comic strip creation program with a very fun group.

22- Lines Pack 3.03 (Shareware) 1490
Align colored pieces in cool Lines games! Prevent the board from filling up completely by aligning pieces of the same color into a vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. The lines disappear, increasing your score and freeing up space on the board.

23- Mr. Matt 3.30 (Shareware) 1896
Addictive puzzle game, similar to to Boulderdash; teen to adult; no gore or violence. Trial version includes 10 games (49 levels), registration offers over 500 extra games (2500 levels) and game editor. Sound effects, worldwide Hall of Champions.

24- Shepherd Dogs Team 1.11a (Shareware) 1355
Once upon a time there was a shepherd who loved painting with gaudy colours. He painted sheep not only white but also magenta, green, yellow and blue. One night, he dreamt his pictures had become alive and the multicoloured sheep had got lost.

25- WJChess 3D 1.0 (Shareware) 13.06
Super cool looking chess game


· Included languages : english/french
· Play in fog, at mountains or sea, select the source light
· Zoom in and out, rotated board
· 9 defined board views
· Chess board with coordinates or not
· 6 differents graphical chess board
· Many pieces' colors
· Replay the last computer's move
· Replay mode for the moves played so far, whenever you want
· Play in full screen or windowed mode
· Display engine's search or not
· You can stop the search
· Coordinate of the square is shown under the mouse cursor
· Play whith white or black side
· You can take back moves
· WJChess can suggest a move
· Historic moves can be displayed or not
· Import/Export a FEN position
· Auto saved options
· Engine's rating : 2159 ELO
· Opening book with more than 2000 lines
· The chess engine includes all chess rules : 50 moves rule, "en passant" capture, 3 fold repetitions, promote, under-promote
· Level : blitz, tournament, fixed depth or time
· Help file with chess rules

26- Animated Puzzles 1.1 (Shareware) 13.17
A puzzle game for all ages. The player can choose 12, 24, 48 or
96 pieces. Hints are available to help solve a puzzle.

27- Dino Numbers 4.2 (Shareware) 1
Exciting windows math practice game for children ages 7-12 with animation, music, and sound effects.

28- Cue Club Billiard 1.0 (Shareware) 13.6
Cue Club is an extremely easy to play, realistic Billiards simulation.

29- Active Puzzles 1.0 (Shareware) 1.8
Active Puzzles is a set of famous logic (puzzle) games.

30- Deiman: The Expedition 1.10 (Shareware) 13.83
Blast your way through the hordes of aliens in Marsian scientific complex to save mankind.

31- Teenage Lawn Mower 1.09 (Shareware) 14
Can you make money mowing lawns while helping your mom kick her alchohol (and possible drug) abuse? A twisted mix of simulation, interactive story and arcade action.

32- Wutch 1.1 (Shareware) 1952
Wutch is an unusual card game that involves matching picture cards in various combinations to score points. You (a mere Human) must compete against two Computer opponents to collect the most money. Easy to learn, but challenging to master!

33- BlocKnock 1.3 (Shareware) 1.03
BlocKnock is a tetris-like game where blocks of various shapes fall from the top to form a solid row of bricks across the playing field.

34- Cybertron 1.0 (Shareware) 14592
Cybertron is a futuristic game where you get to zoom through huge cyber cities, on the ground and in the air, skidding off buildigs and I/O towers, blowing away digital I/O streams, all while trying to hit speed pads for hyper speed boosts!

35- Rotate Mania 1.2 (Shareware) 1.7
Fresh new game, combining elements of arcade and puzzle to form a very addictive mix.

36- Alien Eggs (Shareware) 1.7
The goal of the game is to swap two nearby balls to make the straight line of 3 or more balls.

37- Combat Racer 1.3 (Shareware) 15
Combat Racer is a gravcar combat racing simulator for Windows.

38- Blow Up 1.2 (Shareware) 1.0
The aim of the game is to clear the board from the colorful balls.

39- Kitty Kat Solitaire 1.0 (Shareware) 1192
KITTY KAT SOLITAIRE is a NEW single-player card game featuring colorful graphics, fun sounds and fuzzy felines

40- Football-o-saurus (Shareware) 1.1
Football-o-saurus is a fast paced game of 5-a-side dinosaur football.

41- Awale 3.4 (Shareware) 1.3
Awale is one of the most ancient games still played.

42- Checkers Nx 1.0 (Shareware) 1.1
Play checkers against the computer or human opponent.

43- Rocks Unleashed 2.52 (Shareware) 1.90
An exciting asteroid shooter.

44- Wall Street Raider 2.45 (Shareware) 1.39
Wall Street Raider -- the ultimate in sophisticated financial simulations, a corporate takeover and stock market game and simulation, in which you strive to build your corporate empire by fair means or foul, all the while trying to stay one step ahead of the SEC, IRS, Justice Department, EPA, Congress, powerful unions and no end of ruthless competitors and dealing with difficult ethical choices -- not to mention various manmade and natural economic and other disasters.

45- Mr. Cool Ball 1.1 (Shareware) 1.38
Looking for some old-fashioned fun for your brand new super powerful computer? Mr.

46- Net Gin Rummy 5.4 (Shareware) 1.8
Net Gin Rummy lets you play Simple, Standard or Oklahoma variations of this popular card game.

47- Royal Escort (Shareware) 1.8
Set in the time of castles, kings, and queens, this strategy game lets up to four players control an army of infantry, cavalry, and archers in an effort to rescue their king and queen while preventing the others from doing the same.

48- Brickanoid 1.2 (Shareware) 1.18
Brickanoid is a brick out style game with some colorful and cheerful graphics and game play.

49- Bubble Strike 2001 (Shareware) 1.1
Bubble Strike is a remake of the classic lines game.

50- BigPatience 1.0 (Shareware) 1.8
Play 11 popular and unique solitaire card games in the free verson of BigPatience!

Solitaire games included: Chinese, Aribert, Star, Napoleon's Tomb, Braid, Scorpion, Klondike, Free Cell, Canfield, Monte Carlo, Royal Marriage.