Games and Entertainmnent - Puzzles Games, list 12

Games and Entertainmnent - Puzzles Games, list 12 Games and Entertainmnent - Puzzles Games, list 12
We have compiled a list of Games and Entertainmnent - Puzzles Games that you can download for free in 2019.

1- Sudoku XP (Commercial) 0
A computer version of the popular logic-puzzler from Japan!

2- Arrows for Smartphone 1.0 (Shareware) 379
Join colored bricks with arrows in this original logical game.

3- Druids - Battle of Magic (Shareware) 9.01
The recipes to the secret potions that maintain peace and harmony throughout the land are contained within the Book of the Druids.

4- Arena Football - San Jose Sabercats Trailer (Freeware) 8.90
Arena Football is a PlayStation 2 and Xbox videogame developed by Electronic Arts (under their EA Sports brand).

5- 123 Sudoku Series 1.0 (Shareware) 17.5
123 Sudoku Series is the complete Sudoku computer game for every user, from beginner to expert, for the whole family.

6- Domino Logic 1.0 (Commercial) 1.8
With the right mix of skill and deduction, you can place all of the dominoes.

7- Phantasy Star Universe GC 2006 Trailer (Freeware) 54.3
Phantasy Star Universe is the first single-player Phantasy Star game to arrive in more than a decade.

8- Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07 -Tiger PS3 controller video Trailer (Freeware) 6.17
Feel the pressure of competing against the top golfers in the world's best tournaments in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07.

9- Runes v1.1b (Shareware) 1
is a true brain twister for those who love solving logic puzzles.

10- Food Logic 1.0 (Time-limited Trial) 3.43
An addictive logic game

11- Painkiller Overdose - Undead Army Trailer (Freeware) 3.59
Painkiller: Overdose brings with it 6 innovative new demonic weapons, mind-bending physics, lightning-player maps and more...

12- Ronnie's Resort v2.1b (Shareware) 2
is a mind-bending puzzle game in which you try to get Ronnie from the hotel to the beach.

13- Bubble Blower 1.1 (Freeware) 790
In Bubble Blower you are to direct different colour bubbles using a fan which can blow them around.

14- Course kit 1 Flowers 1.0 (Shareware) 4
The course Learning to move a mouse

15- Half-Life 2: Episode Two Gameplay Trailer #5 (Freeware) 261
Half-Life 2: Episode Two will be the second game in a trilogy of expansion episodes for the game Half-Life 2 from Valve Corporation that will shed some light on the backstory..

16- Ice Cream Tycoon (Shareware) 14.55
Own and operate your own ice cream business, and try to become a millionaire mogul, a real tycoon! Start out with just a pushcart, a bell, and your choice of neighborhoods.

17- Need for Speed ProStreet - Drift Racing Featurette Trailer (Freeware) 12.3
Need for Speed ProStreet boasts impeccable precision and impressively detailed photo-realistic graphics

18- Scramble 3.27.19 (Time-limited Trial) 1.22
One of the most popular word games ever, Scramble transforms a phrase into a coded message by scrambling the alphabet

19- Half-Life 2: Episode Two Gameplay Trailer #4 (Freeware) 145
Half-Life 2: Episode Two will be the second game in a trilogy of expansion episodes for the game Half-Life 2 from Valve Corporation that will shed some light on the backstory..

20- Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - Developer Diary Trailer (Freeware) 141
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 builds off of the events in the first game and places gamers in control of the U.S.

21- Enigma Enciphering Machine 1.0 (Freeware) 51
The Enigma Enciphering and Deciphering Machine with Source Code (visual basic)

22- Market Value 1.0 (Shareware) 2.7
Have you got what it takes to become this months highest ranking Entrepeneur?

23- Color eidetic 1 (Freeware) 10
Ppuzzle draw colur box and you memorize them. Eidetic colur memory puzzle can develop your memory and imaginary ability.

24- Sudoku Works v3 (Commercial) 0
The ultimate Sudoku program, this does it all.

25- Brain Workout (Commercial) 0
Brain Workout has 15 stimulating activities to exercise the mind.

26- BioShock X06 Trailer (Freeware) 72.6
BioShock is a revolution in the shooter genre that will forever change the expectations for the FPS.

27- Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - GDF Tutorial Trailer (Freeware) 47.2
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars pits the armies of Earth against the invading alien Strogg in the ultimate online strategic shooter.

28- Absolute Tetris 1 (Shareware) 3.9
Absolute Tetris is a perfect blend of scientific approach!

29- Battlefield 2 - Ground Combat Trailer (Freeware) 8.41
The award-winning Battlefield franchise invades the high tech frontlines of modern warfare in the new sequel, Battlefield 2.

30- Mix & Match 3.3.0 (Time-limited Trial) 6.1
One of 3 games in the Concentration Trilogy that give you more power than ever! Use your own pictures and create your own categories!

31- Charm Tale 1.12 (Shareware) 15000
Sad and gloomy are the spellbound inhabitants of Fairyland. Save them with the help of magic crystallines!

32- Battlefield 2 - Terry Barwegen Trailer (Freeware) 17.3
The award-winning Battlefield franchise invades the high tech frontlines of modern warfare in the new sequel, Battlefield 2.

33- MyKakuroThing 2.30 (Shareware) 2.2
Create, play, and save Kakuro puzzles.

34- Frootz 1.3 (Shareware) 4719
Need to sort out thoughts? Play Frootz! Frootz is the best choice for puzzle-headed people. Playing this game is as easy as ABC.

35- Just Cause Mini Trailer #6 (Freeware) 13.8
Your world…Your rules! In Just Cause, you are a field operative and specialist in regime change backed by a top US secret government agency who will overthrow the corrupt government of San Esperito.

36- Pacific Storm - Naval Strike Trailer (Freeware) 6.15
On December 7, 1941, a major part of the U.S.

37- Caesar IV - Final Trailer (Freeware) 8.45
Build, govern and manage an ancient Roman city in Caesar IV, an up-to-date take on the most successful series of historical city-building games ever made.

38- NBA LIVE 07 - Sizzle Video #3 (Freeware) 32.3
NBA LIVE 07 will play as good as it looks by introducing the next generation of basketball gameplay with EA SPORTS Total Freestyle Control, a new feature that delivers gameplay realism and authenticity like never before.

39- LMA Manager 2007 Transfers Trailer (Freeware) 7.24
Designed and developed by Codemasters’ internal LMA team, which has expanded its unparalleled expertise to include a dedicated PC development team, LMA Manager 2007 utilises a new game and database engine to handle more teams, a Transfer Market system with greater depth enabling more complex contract negotiations, a detailed 3D match section that brings the reality of match day to life and a host of advancements that specifically take advantage of the formats’ capabilities.

40- Sudoku Toon (Freeware) 9.19
Do you like the games that force you to think and work your brain? This is just another free version version of the popular game "Sudoku" thinking for you to be able to play it directly from your desktop while you are in the office or in your break time.

41- 2008 Lines 1.0 (Freeware) 1.61
This logic game has amazing 3D graphics and lots of other features.

42- Bubble Spalsh 1.1 (Shareware) 2947
Tired of pointless action games or boring puzzles? Bubble Splash is an explosive mixture of action and puzzle that leaves no one indifferent. The rules are simple and easy to understand but the game is tough. Test your reflexes with FREE download!

43- Word Search Designer 1.11 (Time-limited Trial) 3.30
This will help you create your own Word Search puzzles quickly and easily, and play them straight away

44- Jade Empire Special Edition Gameplay Trailer #5 (Freeware) 17.0
Step into the role of an aspiring martial arts master and follow the path of the Open Palm or Closed Fist.

45- Battlefield 2142 - Northen Strike Trailer #3 (Freeware) 51.8
The year is 2142, and the dawn of a new Ice age has thrown the world into a panic.

46- Caxcade 1.1 (Shareware) 3448
Caxcade is an addictive, original, and unique puzzle game that requires skill, logic, and luck. It takes only a minute to learn, but what seems like an eternity to master!

47- Spins! v1.2 (Demo) 2
is a challenging game in which you must navigate a top through a series of turbulent mazes.

48- ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007 Trailer (Freeware) 10.4
Step up to the tee and take on the pros in this year’s only real-world golf simulation.

49- Spinnn (for Windows) 1.1.3 (Shareware) 1.8
Move and spin falling game pieces and try to create horizontal lines.

50- Juicy Puzzle 1.1 (Time-limited Trial) 5.30
Are you a puzzle gourmet, looking for some delicious entertainment? Lucky you! Get JuicyPuzzle and feed your hunger for succulent, fun and engaging games.