Games and Entertainmnent - Puzzles Games, list 68

Games and Entertainmnent - Puzzles Games, list 68 Games and Entertainmnent - Puzzles Games, list 68
We have compiled a list of Games and Entertainmnent - Puzzles Games that you can download for free in 2019.

1- Real Jigsaw Puzzle 1.1.6 (Demo) 5781
Take maximum fun from solving, creating, sending and exhibiting jigsaws with Real Jigsaw Puzzle. Turn your photos into jigsaws with 16 possible piece shapes and send it to friends. Explore 3D castle halls while solving puzzles in Campaign.

2- Fluff 'em Up 1.0.3 (Demo) 4457
Make colorful birdies come into combos to fill the whole vial with the magic dust and advance on your path across the fairy kingdom. Nice graphics and animation, beautiful music, 3 single-player modes, Duel mode, Worldwide Hall of Fame and much more.

3- Go2Fishx 1.0 (Freeware) 558
Go2Fish is a memory game yet challenging and rewarding. The goal is to match 2 cards that are the same from the deck of 48 cards.

4- Crystal Power 1 (Shareware) 2.97
Solve puzzles to save aliens

5- Think-A-Lot (by Realm Software) v1.5 (Demo) 1
is a memory testing game of matching similar images.

6- Same Next Generation 1.00 (Shareware) 747
Same - Next Generation is a remake of the famous Same game with many addons

7- Alien Escape (Freeware) 984
An Exciting fast paced puzzle game!

8- PrismaPix 1.0 (Shareware) 4369
Play PrismaPix, a uniquely intriguing puzzle game! Use logic to find surprise hidden photos - you never know what you'll find next. Solve clues to reveal photos layer by layer. Over 1000 beautiful logic puzzles - easy to expert.

9- Chinese Checkers Master 1.02 (Shareware) 3.16
Brings classic chinese checkers to life on your computer.

10- Switch 1 (Shareware) 1.04
Switch is an addictive, VERY addictive.

11- Paradoxion 1.1 (Time-limited Trial) 4.90
Test your logic skills with this amazing new game!

12- Toni Tank Top v1.0 (Shareware) 1
is a strategy game in which you must help Toni get back home by avoiding enemy rocket launchers, treacherous oil slicks and swamps.

13- Topic Tangle v1.3 (Shareware) 2
is a fast-paced word game in which you try to unscramble the mystery words before your time runs out.

14- Colorful Fish 1.0 (Freeware) 1692
Are you bored with the same old classical puzzles ? Try our FREE "Colorful Fish" puzzles !! You can choose to play for points, or time. Difficulty levels allow to test skills of a child or the most advanced player.

15- Circulate 1.05 (Time-limited Trial) 3.66
A new twist on puzzle games.

16- QBz 1 (Shareware) 172
In QBz the object is to remove groups of two or more funny QBz characters. But first try to create the largest group of a single color that you can to score big points. QBz is easy to learn but difficult to master when competing against players aroun

17- Amusing Balls 2.5 (Shareware) 785
Puzzle and logic game is familiar lines and balls games

18- WORD² 1.1 (Shareware) 1016
WORD² is a shareware Windows solitaire word game in which you form and modify words at least four letters long using a deck of 53 cards. Points earned for each of up to thirteen words is determined by squaring the number of letters in the word.

19- Coral Reef 1.0 (Freeware) 1690
Are you bored with the same old classical puzzles ? Try our FREE "Coral Reef" puzzles !! You can choose to play for points, or time. Difficulty levels allow to test skills of a child or the most advanced player.

20- JongPuzzle 3.21 (Shareware) 906
JongPuzzle it is the tile solitaire game similar on mah jongg.

21- CellFighter 2.04 (Shareware) 230
You are not crazy: colored circlets really became alive - repulse their attack!

22- Triangle Puzzle v1.00 (Shareware) 1
is a simulation of the famous triangle-shaped wooden peg game.

23- Bloniacs DEMO 1.10 (Demo) 3669
L'ultimo genere di puzzle game! E' qualcosa di completamente differente e destinato a diventare un 'classico'! Preparati a guidare i blob attraverso 100 incredibili livelli pieni di pericole e pazze trappole! E' un gioco incredibile - tu e la tua fam

24- Pumpkin Mania 1.2 (Time-limited Trial) 1.19
Destroy pumpkins in this new puzzle game with a halloween theme.

25- 3D SuDoKu World 2.0 (Shareware) 9216
3D SuDoKu World is a Japanese simple addictive game of logic. It requires no calculations and keeps you thinking before you place the numbers or alphabets. Just play it on your PC without using pen and paper.

26- Shuffle Puzzle 2.0 (Freeware) 2454
This is a version of Samuel Loyds Fifteen puzzle, or as some like to call it, a sliding block puzzle. In this game you can play using both numbers and pictures. The game comes with five beautiful pictures, but you can use your own. You can also save.

27- NomadSudoku 0.2 (Freeware) 655
NomadSudoku risolve gli schemi del SuDoKu

28- Hungry Snake 2 v2.0 (Shareware) 226
is a puzzle/action game in which you guide your snake around the game board eating apples.

29- Bouncy Ball Challenge 1.1 (Demo) 8.48
Addictive game involving a ball, a cup, and a ton of obstacles.

30- Qubx 1.01 (Shareware) 5033
Qubx is a game of truly three dimensional shape matching that features easy, intuitive controls and deep, compelling gameplay. With online highscores, joypad support and an original soundtrack.

31- Crop Designs 1.2 (Shareware) 4403
Crop Designs is a maze game in which the rebel chicken Lucky Chucky is chased by aliens and farmers while trying to gather feed pellets and create designs in crop fields.

32- Crystal Wizard 1.1 (Shareware) 4565
Crystal Wizard combines addicting action with magical effects not usually seen in a puzzle game. Part logic game, part Bust-a-Move, part Tetris, and part pachinko, Crystal Wizard will keep you under its spell!

33- Figure Fifteen 1.01 (Shareware) 3997
Fifgure Fiften Puzzle Game, remove buttons ito show the hidden picture underneath. Remove your buttons in a logical order, otherwise all of your buttons will not be removed. Excellent sound effect make this game even more interesting!

34- Beehive Solitaire 1.02 (Freeware) 1.64
Looking for a new solitaire to play? This good and little-known solitaire is easy to play, and can be won reasonably often.

35- Thought SO! 1.01 (Shareware) 8554
Thought So!Thought SO is a unique twist to an old puzzle game. The goal of Thought SO is to guess what number the computer has thought of in the quickest time. You can ask the computer as many times as you would like how close you are to the answer.

36- Knight Beast Damsel 1.4.5 (Shareware) 898
Fresh 'medieval' puzzle game.

37- Fashion Cents 1.6.3 (Shareware) 14822
Dress up dolls in this award-winning fashion puzzle game for girls!

38- Jigsaw Puzzle Lite 1.5.9 (Freeware) 8.64
Fun freeware jigsaw puzzle game with nice interface, categorized puzzle collections and ability to customize puzzles.

39- CubIQ 1.3 (Shareware) 5.31
CubIQ is a puzzle game.

40- PrettyNudes03.exe 1.0 (Freeware) 361
Beautiful jigsaw puzzle of Anna, a pretty nude girl in a sun hat

41- Ladder Man III v1.1 (Shareware) 161
is the sequel to the Ladder Man puzzle adventures in which you must collect all the light bulbs in each of the 30 puzzle rooms and then try to reach the elusive doorway.

42- Landmine v1.0 (Shareware) 115
is a mind challenging game that takes you beyond the "Minesweeper" game that comes with Microsoft Windows.

43- PrettyNudes01.exe 1.0 (Freeware) 361
Beautiful jigsaw puzzle of a nude girl relaxing in the sun.

44- Laser Tank v3.1.8 (Freeware) 309
is a strategy game in which you must drive your tank to the flag to finish each level.

45- pclip108.exe 1.0 (Freeware) 355
This is a 108 piece stand alone version Jigsaw Puzzle of a paperclip attached to paper. It is harder than it looks.

46- stairs48.exe 1.0 (Freeware) 361
Beautiful 48-pc jigsaw puzzle of a set of spiral stairs looking up to the sky.

47- asian_building-117pc.exe 1.0 (Freeware) 3628
117-piece puzzle of a Japanese building.

48- Mystery06.exe 1.0 (Freeware) 361
New Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle #6 - the clue is 'Glass ceiling' and is of medium diffaculty.

49- Lights Off v0.1 (Freeware) 201
is a puzzle game in which you try to turn off all the lights in a grid.

50- DCSquares 1.4 (Freeware) 6.95
fast-paced puzzle game