Games and Entertainmnent - Sports Games, list 2

Games and Entertainmnent - Sports Games, list 2 Games and Entertainmnent - Sports Games, list 2
We have compiled a list of Games and Entertainmnent - Sports Games that you can download for free in 2019.

1- The Goalkeeper (WIN) 1.1.6 (Time-limited Trial) 3.2
Ever wanted to take the role of a great goalkeeper? Now with The Goalkeeper game you can! Create your own goalkeeper, choosing between Handling, Reflexes, Jumping and Charisma skill.

2- Puma Street Soccer (Demo) 37
is a fast and exciting football game in which skills and strategy are as important as stamina and power.

3- Links LS 1998 Edition (Demo) 26
is a visually-stunning, feature-packed golf simulation with realistic gameplay.

4- Matchup Baseball v4.0 (Freeware) 857
is a baseball simulator/game that matches up 2 teams and their statistics and allows for matchups that were never possible.

5- Madden NFL 98 (Demo) 19
is a football simulation featuring "Liquid AI", an advanced football artificial intelligence.

6- Microsoft Baseball 2001 (Demo) 30
is a spectacular baseball game that combines the features of Baseball Mogul simulation technology with eye-popping graphics and gameplay.

7- GocartMania 1.0.6 (Time-limited Trial) 6.69
GocartMania is a multi-player gocart racing game for Windows

8- MieNet's Free Sports-2 T 1.4 (Freeware) 344
The Dream TreePad add-on Icon Library for every Sports Fan!

9- Tourney Pool Manager : Web Edition 2004 (Shareware) 443
The Web Edition allows you can easily run your office pool on an Internet or Intranet server.

10- Trophy Bass 4 (Demo) 11
is a fun, challenging, and highly accurate bass fishing simulation based on real lakes, real lake conditions, and real bass behavior.

11- T-Minus Baseball Countdown 6.0 (Commercial) 3721
Looking forward to the game? Whether it's a Little League game or the World Series, now you can count down to the opening pitch! You can play our sound track to hear a home run or insert your favorite song!

12- Race Day 1 (Shareware) 4.75
3D Horse racing simulation.

13- Virtual Skipper for Windows 95 (Demo) 7
is a real-time regatta simulator of sailing races in the world's most famous coastal areas.

14- Baseball Edition 2000 (Demo) 19
is a realistic baseball game.

15- Incanta Golf v0.9 beta (Freeware) 1
is a 3D miniature golf simulation complete with carpeted fairways, animated hazards, and tricky bank shots.

16- Beach Slam 2 Pro Beach Volleyball 1.02 (Shareware) 7810
Beach Slam 2: Pro Beach Volleyball is a fast-paced 3D Beach Volleyball Simulation featuring realistic and very addictive gameplay. Build, customize, and improve your team as you guide them through a 20-year career on the World Beach Volleyball Tour.

17- Challenge Fishing 2000 v1.00 (Demo) 4
is a multimedia fishing game in which you must out-fish the computer champ.

18- UEFA Champions League Adept 2007 (Shareware) 243
This program allows to forecast the results of the UEFA Champions League 2006/07 matches, founding on results of previous ten seasons of the UEFA Champions League (1996-2006), as well as on results of current matches of the UEFA Champions League.

19- X Games Pro Boarder (Demo) 39
is a snowboard game in which you can ride as your favorite pro and compete against the best snowboarders in the world.

20- Table Tennis Pro 1.94 (Shareware) 5892
Table Tennis Pro is a full 3D, gameplay intensive, table tennis (ping pong) simulation. Master your table tennis skills while you battle it out against intelligent computer players. Glorious 3D graphics with pure addictive game play.

21- Coarse Fisherman v1.3 (Shareware) 1
is a fishing simulation.

22- Bass Masters Classic: Tournament Edition (Demo) 10
is a realistic, 3D fishing simulation that is a continuation of the highly successful game series.

23- 3D Darts Professional 2.15 (Shareware) 5596
3D Darts Professional is the most realistic dart simulation available and lets you play darts even when you're away from your favorite pub! Play seven of the most popular dart games with friends or 48 computer opponents at different skill levels.

24- StatTrak for Baseball / Softball 9.0 (Demo) 18.18
StatTrak for Baseball is a complete statistics management software program.

25- Golden Goal v1.22 (Shareware) 284
is an international football (soccer) management game.

26- Game, Net and Match! (Demo) 21
is a realistic tennis game that lets you play a match against the computer, or against real opponents over the Internet.

27- Front Page Sports: Ski Racing v1.0 (Demo) 9
is a fast paced, adrenaline pumping, downhill ski simulation.

28- Front Page Sports: Baseball Pro '98 (Bunt-Size Demo) (Demo) 21
is a complete, true-to-life baseball game.

29- Baseball Mogul 2003 (Demo) 74.99
Manage a professional baseball team with Baseball Mogul 2003.

30- Sharpshooter's Miniature Golf 4.27 (Freeware) 3240
Welcome to a miniature golf course that challenges your putting ability and develops your imagination for course design. Sharpshooters Miniature Golf is a completely customizable minigolf world. Note: OpenGL, 900MHz CPU, and DirectX 7.0 required.

31- Football Matchup 4.0 (Shareware) 522
A football simulator / game.

32- Darts 95 v1.0 (Shareware) 182
is a realistic simulation of darts for one to four players.

33- FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (Demo) 15
lets you conquer fierce defenders and defeat entire nations on your quest to qualify for the World Cup 98.

34- Field and Stream Trophy Bass 3D (Demo) 17
is a fishing simulation with great gameplay and authenticity.

35- Cue Club 1 (Shareware) 14.45
Cue Club is a comprehensive and highly playable pool and snooker simulation.

36- EuroLeague Football (Demo) 58
is a managerial simulation and arcade-style game of European Cup soccer.

37- Deer Hunter II (Demo) 19
is the 3D sequel to the popular hunting simulation "Deer Hunter".

38- Ultimate 8 Ball (Demo) 3
is a realistic billiards game.

39- Run for the Roses 1.4.0 (Time-limited Trial) 83.45
Run for the Roses simulates a day of observing and wagering on thoroughbred race horses at America’s premier racing venue.

40- Concrete Bowling 3.01 (Shareware) 3.79
Realistic 3d bowling simulation

41- Microsoft Baseball 2000 (Demo) 14
is a real-time, major league baseball game featuring stunning 3D graphics and game play.

42- Links 2003 PC Golf (Download Version) (Commercial) 0
Links 2003 delivers the most realistic golf experience on your PC.

43- TotoCalculator 2 for Win 2.10c (Shareware) 1.4
Win on the soccer betting games Toto.

44- Madden NFL 2000 (Demo) 20
delivers authentic NFL football designed to let you play the game the way you want to.

45- Mini Golf Challenge 2 (2002) (Commercial) 0
A realistic miniature golf game played right on your desktop.

46- vHattrick Support (Commercial) 0
vHattrick Support Extension for Firefox. Add additional features to your Hattrick. Outfielder and Keeper skill evaluator.

47- The Bay Course at Kapalua (Commercial) 0
This course has been converted for use with Links 2003.

48- Matchup Basketball v4.0 (Freeware) 490
is a basketball simulator/game that matches up 2 teams and their statistics and allows for matchups that were never possible.

49- Lightning Break 1.01 (Freeware) 1285
This billiards game is based on Snooker. Each level has an objective you must complete in the time allowed. Pot red and coulor balls alternatively to make a break. There is only one red so it will appear in the triangle again, once it has been pocket

50- 3D Online Snooker 1.02 (Shareware) 4270
Snooker Game Online features full 3-D environment and perfect online game play. It supports Short Snooker(10 reds) and Full Snooker(15 reds) games. We have 4 Elite Tournaments per day, monthly Snooker Skill Tournament and Online Snooker League, bonus