For those who are thinking of buying this smart device for their car .. Here are some tips

Cars  modern communication technologies Cars modern communication technologies
Many companies have produced smart devices that can be added to cars of any kind and year of manufacture, making them more compatible with modern communication technologies. The new cars have access to information and entertainment systems that support Android or Apple Play. On the other hand, there are options available to buyers who can not afford to buy a new car. They want to have a third-party device that provides some of the information and entertainment features of the car manufacturers' systems.

It is important to note that these systems can not perform the same functions as the entertainment systems equipped by the manufacturer. The latter can control the basic systems of the car, such as the operation of the car through the smartphone and open and close, while the third party smart devices, can only call the phone and make and answer calls and download applications that can benefit the driver, but cannot be linked to the systems of the car. These devices can be fully compatible to be installed where the radio in the car, or come in other forms can be placed on the console, or replace the mirror of the internal rear view. Most of these plug-ins are also compatible with rear parking sensors and with flight recording cameras.
These system offer many positive features that are useful to the driver if used properly, such as answering calls without having to lift your hands off the steering wheel and distract attention from the road. But as always, the driver does not always follow all safety standards, so car manufacturers have set strict rules in the entertainment and information systems operating systems, most notably stopping some features when moving the car to distract the driver and distract him from the road.