Microsoft develops technology to detect counterfeit news!

Detect counterfeit news Detect counterfeit news
Technology and communications companies around the world are offering many applications to reduce the spread of false news and counterfeit accounts, and NewsGuard is Microsoft's new counterfeit news tool . Microsoft fight fake news while reading via mobile phone, by the "NewsGuard" Nizami "Android" and "EOS".

Micosoft NewsGuard
Anyone can activate Microsoft Edge using simple steps through the Settings menu, under the News category. Once the extension is enabled, an evaluation icon will be available next to the URL in the search bar. If it is red, it is not trusted, reliable.

Counterfeit news detectors are currently based on websites in the United States , but key sites are also included outside the United States . But it does not provide the user with protection against phishing attacks, but rather aims to evaluate news sites and fight counterfeit news