Huawei competes with Google and Amazon with a smart home assistant!

Huawei home assistant Huawei home assistant
The Chinese company, Huawei, decided to compete with major companies such as Google and Amazon, and developed a smart home assistant with unique specifications. Looking at the "Sound X" that Huawei unveiled late last year, we notice that it came a bit similar to Google's latest smart assistant , but with different colors and clearer sound holes.

As a result of the cooperation between Huawei and the company "Devialet", this assistant obtained unique techniques that enable him to distribute sounds in all directions and broadcast them to the user in the manner in which they were registered.

It also provided this smart device with a feature that enables it to sync with the smartphone very quickly by simply bringing the phone closer to its upper surface, and can be controlled via voice commands, relying on it to play songs, clips, and audio books, and know the weather and traffic congestion on the roads, and can also communicate with Phones, computers, and other devices via Bluetooth or "Wi-Fi" networks.