Because of the iPhone camera, Apple pays $ 75,000 to a hacker

Apple Pays A Hacker Apple Pays A Hacker
The American company Apple granted an electronic pirate a reward of 75 thousand dollars, after he was able to discover a vulnerability that enabled him to access the iPhone phone cameras and Mac computers.

The security researcher and former official at the company, "Amazon", Ryan Bikrin, that he had found 7 weaknesses within the "Safari" browser, which is adopted by Apple in its devices, according to "Forbes" magazine .

He said that three of these points can be used to seize the camera, record photos and videos you have taken on iPhone phones and computers and eavesdrop on their owners. The hack only needs the owner of the phone (the victim) to visit a malicious website, so that those responsible for this site can then access the Apple device 's camera , especially if it contains video calls, such as "Zoom", which is currently facing complaints about a violation of privacy.

A vulnerability like this confirms that users should not be confident that their device's cameras are safe, regardless of operating system or device manufacturer, Bikrin said.