Top Programming - General apps, list 2

Top Programming - General apps, list 2 Top Programming - General apps, list 2
We have compiled a list of top Programming apps that you can download for free in 2019. There are also some of the essential apps that you may use on your windows PC.

1- TTileBMP 1.1 (Shareware) 22 MB
TTileBMP : A specialized development component that enables programmers to rely on tiled bitmaps and employ them as the background for their projects

2- Assembly Changer Pro 1.2 (Freeware) 521 KB
Assembly Changer Pro : Change the assembly of your EXE files and various other projects by turning to this lightweight application that features simple controls

3- ct.js 0.5.3 (Freeware) 122 MB
ct.js : Design 2D games in a versatile and fun environment without having advanced programming knowledge using this straightforward application

4- DSPLLsim (Freeware) 3.8 MB
DSPLLsim : A set of utilities to control the EVB for all the Precision Clock devices

5- DbDataSource 1.01 (MIT License) 69 KB
DbDataSource : A very helpful and solid piece of software packaging a DataSource control for you to use between your ASP.NET platform and EntityFramework's CodeFirst

6- Laravel Kit 1.2.2 (MIT License) 44.9 MB
Laravel Kit : Streamlined utility for Laravel management that makes it as simple as possible for you to execute up to 61 Artisan commands without the use of command line tools

7- Rider 2018.3.3 (Time-limited Trial) 514 MB
Rider : Take advantage of one of the most comprehensive source code editors and other tools for debugging by relying on this cross-platform .NET IDE

8- MiTeC Forensic Analysis Component Suite 1.2.4 (Demo) 15.4 MB
MiTeC Forensic Analysis Component Suite : Analyze browser history files, network credentials, message databases, documents registry, mork files, as well as to view and manage typed URL addresses

9- Project Packer 4.00.70 (Freeware) 39.6 MB
Project Packer : Build apps, compile Flash projects, protect e-documents, and create archives with the help of this program that should increase your productivity if you're a programmer or developer

10- GraphQL Playground 1.8.10 (MIT License) 52.5 MB
GraphQL Playground : Write source code in GraphQL using this clean and stylish IDE that lets you connect to local repositories or remote endpoints with ease

11- Dynamic Code Displacing Obfuscator Pre-release (Freeware) 1.4 MB
Dynamic Code Displacing Obfuscator : Make sure the applications you build are not exposed to reverse engineering by resorting to this tool that can seamlessly integrate with .NET framework

12- RapidSVN 0.12.1 Revision 8257 (GNU Public License) 5 MB
RapidSVN : Multi-platform GUI for the Subversion revision system that helps you browse an existing repository with aid of bookmarks, and edit, review, merge, delete and export data

13- DevSpace 2.5.1 / 3.0.0 Alpha 1 (Apache License 2.0) 39 MB
DevSpace : Build, test and run code directly into the Kubernetes cluster of choice without having to bother with re-building images and re-deploying the code

14- Visual Editor 1.5.0 (Freeware) 6.3 MB
Visual Editor : Community Supported Eclipse Visual Editor

15- Epictask 1.0.15 Beta (Apache License 2.0) 74.5 MB
Epictask : Manage GitHub issues like a pro, directly from your computer's desktop with the help of this useful and user-friendly application

16- clasp 3.3.3 (MIT License) 541 KB
clasp : Answer set solver for normal and disjunctive logic programs, combining the modeling capacities of ASP with techniques from the area of Boolean constraint solving

17- MouseTask 1.4 (Freeware) 654 KB
MouseTask : Record, play and tweak certain mouse and keyboard activities with the help of this straightforward yet efficient software solution

18- Browser Automation Studio 21.6.2 (MIT License) 169 MB
Browser Automation Studio : Create powerful scripts based on automated browser actions with this comprehensive application that features an intuitive interface

19- OptaPlanner 7.17.0 (Apache License 2.0) 149 MB
OptaPlanner : Optimize NP-complete planning problems in just a few moves, thanks to this highly advanced and comprehensive Java development library

20- GitHoard 0.3.7 (MIT License) 85.8 MB
GitHoard : Effortlessly clone GitHub repositories for future offline view with the help of this straightforward, modern-looking application

21- dotConnect for SQL Server Standard 2.90.2154 (Freeware) 8.9 MB
dotConnect for SQL Server Standard : Enhanced data provider for SQL Server-based database applications, which supports ASP.NET Provider Model, cross-form components cooperation, and more

22- Sohag Developer For PostgreSQL (GPLv3) 11.3 MB
Sohag Developer For PostgreSQL : Helps C++ developers connect their PostgreSQL database with their application and create the user interface in Qt much easier and faster

23- MP4 MOV Decoder Directshow filter SDK 1.0 (Demo) 12 MB
MP4 MOV Decoder Directshow filter SDK : Seamlessly play high-definition MP4, MOV or MP4 video files without having to worry about the Unknown file format error via this tool

24- CSS Minifier 2 (Freeware) 318 KB
CSS Minifier : This straightforward application offers you the possibility to easily compress your CSS files and it displays a log of the process

25- Free UWP PDF Viewer SDK 1.0 (Freeware) 9.1 MB
Free UWP PDF Viewer SDK : Make sure to include a custom PDF viewer into your application with support for single page and two-page facing via this library

26- Cibet 2.1 (Apache License 2.0) 511 KB
Cibet : Turn to this framework in order to better control business processes and make sure your work as an application developer does not interfere with the flexibility the user should enjoy

27- dotConnect for Dynamics CRM 1.7.843 (Time-limited Trial) 44.4 MB
dotConnect for Dynamics CRM : Integrate Dynamics CRM data into your .NET applications in a quick, effective manner by turning to this reliable software solution

28- Kaptcha 2.3.2 (Apache License 2.0) 1.3 MB
Kaptcha : An application that generates captcha security bypasses that can include images, numbers or both so you can prevent unsolicited messages and increase security

29- dotConnect for Salesforce 3.3.696 (Time-limited Trial) 51.7 MB
dotConnect for Salesforce : ADO.NET provider that can help advanced users acces cloud CRM data through ADO.NET or Entity Framework interfaces

30- Qt Installer Framework 2.0.0 (GNU Public License) 28.2 MB
Qt Installer Framework : Create installers with ease

31- Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool 2.0.0 (Apache License 2.0) 488 KB
Z-Tree Z-MemoryPool : Sort out huge files of several GB directly in the memory in either an ascending or descending order using this straightforward tool

32- HTTP Toolkit 0.1.4 (Apache License 2.0) 84.3 MB
HTTP Toolkit : Intercept HTTP to view all requests and responses and decide to edit the errors live or carry on and share the code with your team via this app

33- dotConnect for DB2 2.3.696 (Time-limited Trial) 55.7 MB
dotConnect for DB2 : An advanced data access solution DB2 that can be used by developers who want to build DB2-based database applications, while keeping them compatible with .NET

34- Webber 1.02.0 (Time-limited Trial) 82.3 MB
Webber : View and log all HTTP and HTTPS traffic sessions between your computer or web browser and the Internet with the help of this web debugging proxy utility

35- XPMenu 1.0 (Freeware) 131 KB
XPMenu : Dephi component that shows a menu with the Windows XP appearance, which hooks and manages all TMenu descendants on form, featuring a demo

36- AVCHD Decoder Directshow filter SDK 1.0 (Demo) 6.1 MB
AVCHD Decoder Directshow filter SDK : Make your applications more appealing to the end user by enabling them to playback M2T, MTS, TS or M2TS video files using this comprehensive SDK

37- Product Locator 0.5.1 (GPLv3) 1.1 MB
Product Locator : Find out more details about products' locations, such as address, latitude or longitude, for instance on Google Maps using this Magento extension

38- Audio Pitch Directshow filter SDK 1.0 (Time-limited Trial) 4.2 MB
Audio Pitch Directshow filter SDK : Allows your apps to be able to change the sound pitch so that it resembles the voice of a child or man and increase, decrease or maintain the desired tempo

39- Happytime RTSP Pusher 1.1 (Freeware) 25.6 MB
Happytime RTSP Pusher : RTSP streaming push application with support for audio, video and local files, featuring three push modes and configuration settings

40- Protocol Converter (Freeware) 840 KB
Protocol Converter : Facilitates the communication between applications that use different protocols, namely serial ports and TCP, be it a server or a client

41- AdvToolButton (Shareware) 86 KB
AdvToolButton : Development component that allows developers to create and add customizable XP and Office-style buttons and speed buttons to their Windows apps

42- Git Source Control Provider 1.3 (MS-PL) 4.9 MB
Git Source Control Provider : A dependable and seamlessly easy to use Visual Studio extension that integrates Git with your projects in order to check their version

43- Error Buddy 2.1 (Freeware) 319 KB
Error Buddy : Explains the error codes you keep getting back from API calls

44- Amazon Mechanical Turk Command Line Tools 1.3.4 (Freeware) 26.5 MB
Amazon Mechanical Turk Command Line Tools : A set of command line interfaces allowing you to easily build solutions leveraging Amazon Mechanical Turk. No coding necessary. Only simple text file manipulation, using Microsoft Excel to manage

45- CMATH for Lazarus 7.3.1 (Time-limited Trial) 484 KB
CMATH for Lazarus : Fast complex math library (cartesian and polar) for Lazarus optimized to provide the mathematically correct results based on the data type

46- Hawk Eye 0.2.0 (MIT License) 59.8 MB
Hawk Eye : Never miss out on any GitHub notifications by relying on this user-friendly, modern-looking and Electron-based piece of software

47- RepoZ 4.0 (MIT License) 36.6 MB
RepoZ : View, manage and access the repositories on your computer with just one click so you can make the necessary modifications via this tool

48- FLV Directshow filter SDK 1.0 (Demo) 12 MB
FLV Directshow filter SDK : Enhance your applications by enabling them to playback high-definition FLV and F4V video files using this comprehensive decoder library

49- Microsoft R Open 3.5.1 (GPLv2) 130 MB
Microsoft R Open : Improves upon the popular R distribution system with the addition of extra capabilities, better performance, and enhanced platform support

50- Code Story 1.0.4 (Shareware) 33.5 MB
Code Story : Simplify and improve the way you document your projects with the help of this ingenious tool that offers a live preview of your code directly into your notes