Top Graphics and Drawing - Graphics Editing and Painting apps, list 4

Top Graphics and Drawing - Graphics Editing and Painting apps, list 4 Top Graphics and Drawing - Graphics Editing and Painting apps, list 4
We have compiled a list of top Graphics and Drawing - Graphics Editing and Painting apps that you can download for free in 2019. There are also some of the essential apps that you may use on your windows PC.

1- quickSC 4.0 (GNU Public License) 238 KB
quickSC : Quick screenshots saver

2- iOSPngConverter 1.1 (Freeware) 199 KB
iOSPngConverter : A simple-to-use and portable application that helps you convert iPhone PNG images to a common PNG file format, while offering support for batch processing and “drag and drop” operations

3- Very Large Image Joiner 2.3 Build 023000 (Demo) 2.8 MB
Very Large Image Joiner : Merge multiple images by putting them side by side using this fast, approachable and portable app that supports BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF files

4- VSceneGIS 0.9.7 Beta (GNU Public License) 182 MB
VSceneGIS : A complex and reliable software aimed at GIS analysis, computing and editing that allows scientists to validate topological behavior

5- Ashampoo Photo Commander FREE 12.0.13 (Freeware) 258 MB
Ashampoo Photo Commander FREE : Manage your photo collection, optimize and edit your multimedia files by creating slideshows with background sounds or add different effects and objects to your photos

6- Phierha 1.90a (Freeware) 12.1 MB
Phierha : A powerful image editing software with support for popular formats and highly customizable tools and brushes to enhance pictures or create images from scratch

7- Mokka 0.6.2 (BSD License) 12 MB
Mokka : Analyze biomechanical data using perspective and orthogonal view modes, plot 3D data using charts, as well as open video files from your disk and sync the video and loaded acquisition

8- Login Screen Capture 7 (Freeware) 8 KB
Login Screen Capture 7 : Capture the login screen of your system or use this application in order to take snapshots of the entire desktop and save them as JPEG images

9- Image DeCap 1.26 (Freeware) 21.8 MB
Image DeCap : Quickly capture certain areas of your screen and share them via imgur picture sharing service with the help of this streamlined and lightweight app

10- Photo Black & Color 1.0 (GNU Public License) 929 KB
Photo Black & Color : Software solution that allows you to perform a partial desaturation of pictures saved on your computer, it works with multiple file formats and make all sort of changes to them

11- CSS3Ps Beta (Freeware) 504 KB
CSS3Ps : Layer plugin for Photoshop

12- G'MIC 2.5.0 (Freeware) 18.5 MB
G'MIC : A powerful command line tool for viewing and converting images of all formats using a wide array of functions, filters and commands

13- KinBoard (GNU Public License) 467 KB
KinBoard : Replace the classic classroom whiteboard with a cool electronic form with different colors for the drawing brush, and intuitive set of controls

14- Neat Image plug-in for Photoshop 8.4.0 (Demo) 8.6 MB
Neat Image plug-in for Photoshop : Seamlessly remove the noise from the images you are editing or manipulating in Adobe Photoshop using this straightforward extension

15- Origami Editor 3D 1.3.5 PreAlpha (GPLv3) 272 KB
Origami Editor 3D : A cross-platform Java-based application that enables you to create Origami in 3D, also displaying the generated paper crease patterns

16- ResoluteIt 1.1 (Freeware) 3.3 MB
ResoluteIt : Generate photo resolutions, compatible with Android and iPhone

17- BlitzSound 3.1.2 (Freeware) 4.4 MB
BlitzSound : A software utility designed to take snapshots of your desktop screen and record the audio from your Skype conversations or YouTube videos

18- XnSketch 1.18 (Freeware) 11.4 MB
XnSketch : Enhance and modify images of various formats with many graphic effects, such as sketch, pencil or cartoon, with this user-friendly program

19- GrabCaptureScreen (Freeware) 2.1 MB
GrabCaptureScreen : A easy to use image capture software.

20- Ximagic Denoiser 4.9.4 (Time-limited Trial) 2.4 MB
Ximagic Denoiser : Reduce image noise using various denoising methods such as median, Gauss or anisotropic with the help of this easy to use plugin

21- Photo Organiser 1.0 (Freeware) 734 KB
Photo Organiser : Store pictures from multiple sources in organized collections, with a neat thumbnail explorer, and built-in slideshow player for comfortable view

22- Photo Toolbox (Demo) 5.7 MB
Photo Toolbox : Easy and powerful photo-editor

23- MAQU - Image Resizer 1.6 (Freeware) 638 KB
MAQU : Image Resizer : An easy to use image resizer that allows you to rapidly convert and resize your pictures using various methods and interpolation modes

24- ExcelArt 1.1.1 (Freeware) 402 KB
ExcelArt : Embed mosaic images into your Excel spreadsheets by converting photos to a mosaic of Excel colored cells with the aid of this portable tool

25- Free Photo Frame Editor 1.0 (Freeware) 1.2 MB
Free Photo Frame Editor : A simple-to-use application that helps users add frames to their photos, while allowing them to apply special effects and adjust the brightness level

26- Viu 2 Beta (Freeware) 688 KB
Viu 2 : An intuitive and user-friendly image viewing / browsing software that allows to perform image conversions, as well as to set photos as wallpaper

27- Context Free 3.0.9 (GNU Public License) 26.2 MB
Context Free : You can create complex images with the help of typed instructions, called grammar, in order to render stunning pictures, in just a few seconds

28- Animated Transparent Jpeg Maker 2.2 (Freeware) 194 MB
Animated Transparent Jpeg Maker : Convert images, animations and videos to the AJPEG animated transparent JPEG format or an EXE file that includes the required viewing tool, with this easy-to-use application

29- Jama 3D 1.65 (Freeware) 452 KB
Jama 3D : Jama 3D is a freeware Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in filter

30- Orbital Viewer 1.04 (Freeware) 586 KB
Orbital Viewer : Handy educational program that helps you draw and view orbitals, generate atoms and molecules, create AVI animations, work with different types of rendering modes, and save the design to ORB, OV, PPM, TIF, BMP, WRL or plain

31- Free Video Watermark Removal Tool 2019.02.18 (Demo) 36.4 MB
Free Video Watermark Removal Tool : Conveniently remove the watermark, text or logo from the videos that you want to process using this simple and straightforward application

32- Network Sketchbook 0.3.7 (GNU Public License) 5.5 MB
Network Sketchbook : Create simple drawings or professional sketches using the few painting elements, as well as share them with friends using a TCP/IP connection

33- Romeolight JPEGmicro 2.4 (Freeware) 8.1 MB
Romeolight JPEGmicro : With the aid of this application, you will be able to shrink the dimension of your JPG image collection by apllying compression algorithms

34- Deskew 1.20 (Freeware) 4.1 MB
Deskew : Deskews scanned text documents by detecting lines of text within the file and rotating the page so that the lines are horizontal

35- Image to Ico Converter (Freeware) 747 KB
Image to Ico Converter : Convert any picture from your collection to an icon to add to files in a simple process that doesn't take more than a few seconds and little effort

36- Parallel Super-Resolution 1.3 (GNU Public License) 4.6 MB
Parallel Super-Resolution : A simple ImageJ plugin that enables you to enhance the overall quality of your images by applying the Super-Resolution reconstruction problem

37- Perfectly Clear Lightroom Plugin 1.3.8 (Time-limited Trial) 94 MB
Perfectly Clear Lightroom Plugin : Automatic photo correction in the convenience of a Lightroom Plugin that offers a multiple features and various utilities for all types of users

38- Knoll Light Factory 3.0 (Demo) 853 KB
Knoll Light Factory : This Adobe Photoshop plugin allows you to add a series of lighting effects to your photos.

39- SK Image Resizer 1.1 (Freeware) 192 KB
SK Image Resizer : Resize images and compress them to reduce file size, with this easy-to-use and portable application that supports batch processing

40- aPhoto 1.1.9 (Demo) 5.3 MB
aPhoto : An intuitive and portable program that helps you create a text or image watermark, and save the edited photos to PNG, GIF, or BMP file format

41- MILLENSYS DICOM Viewer (Demo) 2 MB
MILLENSYS DICOM Viewer : View, analyze and adjust DICOM files from your computer with this lightweight application that features a wide variety of useful tools

42- XGuetzli 1.0 (Freeware) 347 KB
XGuetzli : Graphical user interface for Guetzli, Google's powerful new JPEG encoder, that enables you to create small and high-quality JPEG images and optimize them with Leanify

43- 7GIF (Freeware) 970 KB
7GIF : A full-featured animated GIF player that is able to change the playback speed and rewind the animations in order to take a closer look at certain frames

44- Reshade 3.0 (Freeware) 45 MB
Reshade : A powerful image resizer that allows users to enhance the quality of their images, as well as the image details when enlarging images

45- RViewer 0.5 (GNU Public License) 4.6 MB
RViewer : Open, view, rotate and convert images to other formats using this portable tool with support for SVG, GIF, ICO, JPEG, TIFF and PNG filetypes

46- Mosamic 1.3.1 (Freeware) 25.5 MB
Mosamic : A lightweight and easy to understand application meant to help you quickly generate a mosaic image using all your favorite photos

47- ToonIt! for Photoshop 2.6.6 (Shareware) 12.9 MB
ToonIt! for Photoshop : Cartoon Effects for Photoshop

48- Geo-Tag Mapper 1.1 (Freeware) 26.9 MB
Geo-Tag Mapper : You can use this efficient and easy to understand program to sort and view your favorite pictures by the geographical location they were taken in

49- PrintScreen 3.1 (Freeware) 1.1 MB
PrintScreen : Take fullscreen snapshots and automatically print them using this portable application that runs in the systray for quick access

50- Capture screenshots 1.0 (Freeware) 215 KB
Capture screenshots : Capture multiple screenshots of any window with this neat and easy to use program that only requires you to press a single hot-key