Top Science And Education - Science and Engineering apps, list 4

Top Science And Education - Science and Engineering apps, list 4 Top Science And Education - Science and Engineering apps, list 4
We have compiled a list of top Science And Education - Science and Engineering apps that you can download for free in 2019. There are also some of the essential apps that you may use on your windows PC.

1- Solar System Simulator 2.0.0 (Freeware) 1.6 MB
Solar System Simulator : Learn more about the solar system by simulating the movement of planets and display planets, planet orbits, asteroid belt, as well as animated sun

2- Ultimate Calc 0.0.6 Beta (Freeware) 5.3 MB
Ultimate Calc : Powerful calculator with various sets of operators, and functions, graph plotter, and possibility to load scripts for handling operations your own way

3- DICOMscope 3.5.1 (Freeware) 6.3 MB
DICOMscope : View and print DICOM files with this tool.

4- FCgene 1.0.6 (GNU Public License) 30.6 MB
FCgene : Convert all your genotype SNP files

5- Interactive Practical Histology (Freeware) 34.5 MB
Interactive Practical Histology : Teaches and tests students by interactive means with picture-rich slideshows, extra information, and complex histology biological trees

6- NovoBPT 1.0.2017.312 (Time-limited Trial) 6.7 MB
NovoBPT : An advanced and reliable geotechnical program which can successfully assist you in converting Becker blow counts to SPT blow counts

7- 7math (Freeware) 238 KB
7math : Simple but powerful software to solve equations

8- AnyCAD Part Editor 2014 (Shareware) 38.6 MB
AnyCAD Part Editor : A comprehensive and reliable application created to assist you in designing parametric 3D modes with a minimal level of effort required

9- ChemToolBox 1.1.0 (Freeware) 11.2 MB
ChemToolBox : All the chemistry data you need in one place.

10- SofTutor for AutoCAD 2D & 3D Tutorial 3.0.42 (Demo) 172 MB
SofTutor for AutoCAD 2D & 3D Tutorial : Learn to work with AutoCAD by accessing various video tutorials about 2D and 3D topics, such as 3D workspace, solid primitive construction, solid model details, and drawing tools

11- ShelXle 1.0 Revision 952 (LGPLv2) 9.5 MB
ShelXle : Visualize, manage and edit three-dimensional structures of atoms, being able to customize every aspect of their appearance with SHELXL interface

12- Elevator Simulator 0.4 (GNU Public License) 207 KB
Elevator Simulator : Simulate elevator behavior with this tool so you get a better idea of waiting times, travel distances and the number of stops an elevator makes

13- 3D Triangulated Models Collection (Freeware) 41.9 MB
3D Triangulated Models Collection : A collection of triangulated 3D models

14- Awesim Physics 0.1 Alpha (GNU Public License) 250 KB
Awesim Physics : Open-source motion simulator that can be run from the command-line console for writing data about time, velocity and position vectors right in CSV files

15- nm to ev (Freeware) 40 KB
nm to ev : Wavelength and photon energy converter

16- ECam (Time-limited Trial) 129 MB
ECam : Set up the cutting process for a CNC machine by designing elements and creating simulations, all thanks to this intuitive application

17- Process Engineering Calculator (Demo) 11.5 MB
Process Engineering Calculator : Powerful software solution that combines a number of calculators designed to help engineers complete various tasks more efficiently

18- GIS.XL 2.0 (Shareware) 12.8 MB
GIS.XL : Process spatial data, turn excel tables into maps, intersect layers, create buffers and export data to KML by turning to this handy Excel add-in

19- SysTools Autocad DVB Password Remover 2.0 (Demo) 496 KB
SysTools Autocad DVB Password Remover : A simple to use application that is capable of removing the initial password protecting Autocad macro storage files and replacing it with a new one

20- Kubla Cubed 4.10 Build 6792.29033 (Demo) 73.9 MB
Kubla Cubed : Quickly and accurately estimate earthworks cut quantities or fill volumes for selected areas using this straightforward software solution

21- 555 Timer 4.1 (Freeware) 986 KB
555 Timer : Compute resistor and capacitor values for 555 timer integrated circuits based on user-defined parameters with the help of this electronics utility

22- RAK 1.0.2 (Freeware) 11.6 MB
RAK : A program to model robotic arms and calculate their kinematics.

23- Solar System Simulator 1.2 (Freeware) 226 KB
Solar System Simulator : Study the orbit of planets in our solar system in an appealing environment you can even manage during playback to set time, speed, and visibility of details and planets

24- AnyCAD Free 1.4 (Freeware) 15.9 MB
AnyCAD Free : Use geometrical shapes to create some of the most complex 3D models with this practical software application fitted with a pleasant interface

25- Crystalsim 1.0 (Freeware) 1.1 MB
Crystalsim : Carry out X-ray analyses for various crystal systems with the help of this straightforward piece of software that requires no installation

26- XParallax viu 1.2.4 (Freeware) 12.7 MB
XParallax viu : You can work with this efficient and user-friendly software utility to perform automated astrometric data reduction of CCD images

27- Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Design (Demo) 5.5 MB
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Design : A powerful tool for performing a variety of thermal design calculations which imply defining the dimensions of air cooled heat exchangers

28- Emu48 1.61 (GPLv2) 651 KB
Emu48 : Emulate the HP38G, HP39G, HP40G, HP48SX, HP48GX and HP49G calculators by uploading a custom ROM and using KML scripts for assigning the function buttons

29- ResCalc Master 1.0.8 (Freeware) 12.2 MB
ResCalc Master : With the aid of this application, you will be able to calculate resistor values based on its colors, as well as to quickly compute the output of series or parallel circuits

30- pyQPCR 0.9 (GNU Public License) 13.9 MB
pyQPCR : Manage PCR raw data with this tool.

31- Energy3D 8.2.9 (LGPL) 59.8 MB
Energy3D : Replicate living conditions in order to view and analyze energy requirements for green buildings by taking into consideration various architectural elements

32- Wing Helper 1.4.0 / 1.5.0 Beta 3 (Demo) 16.1 MB
Wing Helper : Create the schematics for the RC plane model that you want to build according to your own preferences and needs using this software solution

33- Crystal Viewer (Freeware) 1 KB
Crystal Viewer : Crystal analysis application built in Java

34- Caliper2PC (Freeware) 3.9 MB
Caliper2PC : Digitize small workshops without having to spend a fortune on complex measurement equipment with the help of this practical utility, a Caliper2PC multiplexer and a couple of digital calipers

35- LPub3D (GPLv3) 110 MB
LPub3D : Generate virtual LEGO constructions by using this application that provides you with a broad variety of useful, relevant features

36- MyGeocachingManager (Freeware) 8.8 MB
MyGeocachingManager : Plan trips using queries from the website, import data from GPX files, display caches on Google maps, and export the selected locations to HTML or GPX file format

37- MatheAss 8.20 (Shareware) 2.5 MB
MatheAss : Solve complex math expressions, plot graphs and study 2D or 3D geometry with this powerful application that provides comprehensive output you can insert in other projects

38- TheCalcMan 1.2 (Freeware) 21 KB
TheCalcMan : A no-mouse required Calculator supporting constant operator and visual effects

39- OtanersatierF 1.3.6 (Freeware) 2.8 MB
OtanersatierF : Perform all sorts of mathematical operations using arithmetic, exponential, roots, trigonometric, and matrix calculators, in a command-line based environment

40- FlashMNT for AutoCAD and BricsCAD 6.13 (Time-limited Trial) 5.4 MB
FlashMNT for AutoCAD and BricsCAD : Create 3D Digital Terrain Models and similar meshes that entail calculating areas and volumes without too much hassle using this add-on

41- PlusPro 1.2.5 Beta Build 39 (Freeware) 376 KB
PlusPro : Slim calculator with easy input for different operators and history tracker to save the log of all expressions through an intuitive design

42- xComputer (Freeware) 44 KB
xComputer : See how computers carry out language instructions

43- DC Arc Flash Analytic 3.0.2 (Demo) 2.8 MB
DC Arc Flash Analytic : Calculate arc incident energy and arc flash boundary by relying on this application that provides you with a wide variety of helpful features

44- KinetDS 3.0 Rev. 2010 (GNU Public License) 3.1 MB
KinetDS : Pharmaceutical dissolution tests tool to help you with your work.

45- ThGMaths (Freeware) 1.4 MB
ThGMaths : A smart equation solver that allows users to perform both basic and advanced mathematical operations, with a built-in graph builder

46- GPX Creator 0.1 Beta 2 (GNU Public License) 2.1 MB
GPX Creator : Create, edit and analyze GPX maps and routes, pin new waypoints on the map, read the tags of a GPX file, and view the elevation graph of a selected route

47- Multi Expression Programming X 2016.08.29.0 - beta (Freeware) 2 MB
Multi Expression Programming X : A detailed analysis application for genetic programming tasks that allows its users to employ single or multiple mathematical operators

48- Chemissian 4.01 (Time-limited Trial) 4.5 MB
Chemissian : Advanced and complex program specifically designed for graphical representation and in-depth analysis of molecular structures and elaborate chemical calculus

49- Genome Compiler 2.2.87 (Freeware) 30.9 MB
Genome Compiler : Design genetic material or analyze and compare genome sequences by relying on this powerful, comprehensive application that comes with a wide variety of functions

50- NonEuclid 2007 04 (Freeware) 310 KB
NonEuclid 2007 : Investigate the complex domain of the Hyperbolic Geometry, adjust parameters, values and check out all the neat tools inside this application