Major changes in Whatsapp

Major changes in Whatsapp Major changes in Whatsapp
News reports revealed that Whatsapp is about to launch a new update that includes major changes in the way the application works and the information presented to users.

Whatsapp will rely on a new browser built into the application, that will provide new information and features on the Android version of the app.

Through the new update, WhatsApp will identify frequently forwarded messages to warn users about content that are potentially spam or fake.

Whatsapp will introduce a new feature in the new built-in browser, providing reverse image search, especially within chat messages between friends or groups. The user will be able to search within particular chat or to include all messages.

Frequently Forwarded Messages feature will label messages shared more than five times as "frequently forwarded," with a forward counter even included in the Message Info section to see exactly how many times it's been re-distributed.