Top secret: the death of Whatsapp is imminent ... Here are the alternatives.

The death of Whatsapp is imminent The death of Whatsapp is imminent
Facebook has written the first letters of the death certificate of the popular IM application "Whatsapp", which forces the user to choose between one of the below five alternatives.

The New York Times, published in a lengthy report, that Mark Zuckerberg intends to consolidate the infrastructure of the messaging applications owned by Facebook "Whatsapp" , "Instagram" and "Facebook Messenger".

The merger plan, which is still in its early stages, is due to be launched by the end of this year or early next year (2020), which requires thousands of Facebook employees, to re-establish how Instagram, and Facebook Messenger works at the most basic level, according to the people involved in this effort, who revealed the scheme of Zuckerberg.

But what about confidentialty someone may ask? Is WhatsApp users data in great danger? "Facebook" assurances that it will adopt the same end to end encryption technology used by "WhatsApp", but there are still some doubts in this matter.

Whatsapp has more than 1.5 billion users and more than 65 billion messages a day, and some believe it has already become the platform for global messaging.

Below is the list of "five alternatives" currently available to replace Whatsapp. These alternatives are as follows:

1 - Viper, which is a free messaging application with more than 900 million active users, and now relies on the comprehensive encryption system, which enables it to compete with applications such as "Whatsapp". Viper also offers high quality voice calls.

2 - Signal, which is the one of alternatives because of its reliable cryptographic system, especially as it is an open source encryption application, enabling developers to constantly test and debug their software.

3. Telegram, which has 180 million active users, and is one of the world's largest secure messaging platforms, providing comprehensive encryption technology.Telegram features "Secret chats", which enables the user to delete the message directly after it has been received directly by the person sending it, moreover no chats are stored on Telegram servers.

4. Wickr,which is one of the applications that is always evolving to detect any gaps.

5. iPhone users can also use existing "iPhone" apps such as iMessage.