Professional camera, definition of the new Huawei P30 series

Huawei P30 series Huawei P30 series
It is not an exaggeration to say that Huawei has become more familiar with the mechanisms of improving smart phone cameras, or even considering that cameras are their favorite playground! Every time new features are introduced in cameras, technology enthusiasts believe that innovation has reached its peak, to surprise them with what is greatest in the newer version. So keep your breath because you're on a date with the specifications that the phones did not pledge before the new Huawei P30 series .

It may be enough to tell users that the P30 Pro phones have achieved an unprecedented record in the DxOMark test that has reached 112 to show off, but the details are worth mentioning! With your P30 Pro and P30, you'll be able to get to the smallest detail while you're sitting in your place! Thanks to the HUAWEI SuperZoom or TELESCOPE ZOOM, which allows for high resolution approximation up to 5 times optical zoom, 10 times hybrid zoom and 50 times digital zoom.

The new infrared laser camera can measure the distance from the scene, called Time of Flight or TOF, as well as providing advanced technology for image stabilization. The P30 Pro features its new Leica quad-band camera, which includes a 40 megapixel camera with Super Spectrum sensor, a 20 megapixel wide angle camera, 8 megapixel camera and Huawei's TOF camera. In addition to this, a 32-megapixel

And as with all of your photography enthusiasts, your versatility will make it possible for people to get the best of them, which the P30 Pro will help you do even when there is a strong background light. With the Night Vision feature you will be able to take photos that were difficult to capture in advance with low light, and for the first time the video is also very clear.

If you think that Huawei has overlooked the design, you are definitely wrong, because it supplied the P30 Pro with a full screen of 6.47 inches to give greater clarity to the display content, with a brilliant background in glossy crystal colors, dawn black, anabolic sunrise and Aurora .

The P30 is equipped with three Leica cameras, including a camera with a 40 megapixel RGB color sensor, a 16 megapixel camera with a Leica lens with ultra-wide viewing angle, an 8 megapixel camera for remote photography, 32-megapixel front camera for superlative silphy images. The features of these cameras are complemented by the beautiful phone format, combined with its high-gloss glossy, black dawn and Aurora colors .

In terms of performance, the phones are equipped with Huawei's Kerin 980 processor , a 7-nanometer processor equipped with two neural processing units that can identify images more quickly.

But with this remarkable performance, a battery is needed. Huawei has supplied the P30 Pro with a long-life 4200mAh battery that can be powered by a 40-watt Huawei Superchar charger, which can charge the powerful battery to 70% of its maximum capacity in 30 minutes. The P30 also has a long-life 3650mAh battery that can be powered by a 22.5-watt Huawei Superchar charger.