Snapchat, new version for Android

Snapchat, new version for Android Snapchat, new version for Android
Snapchat released the new version of the platform for Android after announcing its redesign and configuration two years ago but actually began working on it in 2018. In order to control the core problems in the application, and the continuous decrease in the number of users.

The new version focuses on performance and speed of navigation within the app. The latest version will be compatible with all versions of Android phones, especially those with medium and weak specifications, in hope of bringing new users to the platform.

The response speed in navigation and image capturing was increased by 20% compared to the older version.

The platform showed that the main concern at this stage is to make the app faster and more efficient in use, without addressing changes to the main interface of the application, which will of course receive special updates when the final design is completed at the end of the year, noting that the iOS version version of the application will be as efficient as the android version.