5G networks, What do you know about the C-V2X?

5G networks, What do you know about the C-V2X? 5G networks, What do you know about the C-V2X?
The fifth generation of mobile networks is expected to provide high-speed Internet traffic, helping to find technical solutions to the daily problems of people moving within cities.

The fifth generation, for example, can download a two-hour HD film in less than 17 seconds while downloading it under the fourth generation requires more than six minutes. The fifth-generation phones are faster than those based on 4G chips, and the fifth-generation technology offers several facilities, according to Calcom, which has put traffic at the forefront of areas that could benefit the fifth generation in a revolutionary way.

Among the technologies that will be equipped with the fifth-generation phones, the C-V2X technology, which allows smart traffic signals to send alerts to cars close to icy road, or alerting two speedy cars to prevent a fatal collision between them.

C-V2X offers direct communications between vehicles and infrastructure as well as other road users. C-V2X can work independently of the cell networks. Direct communication is one transmission mode, and network connectivity is another. Network communication is what allows a vehicle to get information on road conditions, traffic and weather.