A new Surprise from Whatsapp, No chats screenshot!

A new Surprise from Whatsapp, No chats screenshot A new Surprise from Whatsapp, No chats screenshot
WhatsApp latest beta 2.19.106 for Android has an enhanced personal privacy feature which allows users to block screenshots. Users will no longer be able to take a screenshot of chats. It is reported that the screenshot blocking support will reportedly go live alongside the biometric authentication. The new features are expected to make their way in the coming weeks.

Users can set WhatsApp to automatically lock after a period of time, and while the app is locked users will still be able to reply to messages from notifications and answer calls.

The update will also include a variety of add-ons such as WhatsApp doodle that will enable the user to add stickers, emoticons, text and hand-drawn content.

WhatsApp will soon be removing the current emoji stickers in the doodle drawer to make way for official emojis. This means, instead of those flat, 2D emojis in WhatsApp doodle picker, you will soon see the latest 3D-ish emojis.