7 new Features in iOS 13, Get to know it

7 new Features in iOS 13, Get to know it 7 new Features in iOS 13, Get to know it
Apple will hold its World Developers Congress 2019 in June in San Jose, where it will officially announce the launch of the iOS 13 beta .

There has been speculation about the new features of iOS 13, and a new report revealed that Apple is preparing to launch iOS 13 with Dark Mode at the system level.

The new system will support 6 other features, including the gesture of regression, which starts with a three-finger click on the keyboard, drag to the left to retract, drag to the right to repeat, and the selection of multiple items at one time will become easier.

The new Apple system comes with multi-tasking for iPad users. You will be able to run multiple windows for a single application, and you may be able to pull these windows apart, stack them up, and move them anywhere.

The report also noted that iOS 13 will bring significant improvements to the e-mail application, where the messages will be organized in categories, such as: purchases, travel, shopping, with the possibility to search within these categories.

There will be a a big home screen redesign on all iOS devices, with a number of other features like in-app tabs coming to the iPad only, in addition to improvements in the Safari browser , and in the camera application.