Web And Internet - Audio Video apps, list 9

Web And Internet - Audio Video apps, list 9 Web And Internet - Audio Video apps, list 9
We have compiled a list of Web And Internet - Audio Video software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- JSymphonic 0.3.0 (GNU Public License) 1.2 MB
JSymphonic - A simple and effective piece of software that you can use to copy audio files to and from your walkman in a few steps, with no hassle

2- QtlMovie 1.12 (BSD License) 42.9 MB
QtlMovie : A video and audio transcoding application that bundles all the necessary tools for handling video files, adding them subtitles and creating DVDs

3- Subtitle And Video Renamer 0.5.1 (GPLv3) 5.6 MB
Subtitle And Video Renamer : Lightweight and easy-to-use application that lets you quickly rename your videos and subtitles in single or batch mode, catering to all user levels

4- CamMask 1.5.5 Build 242568 (Demo) 14.6 MB
CamMask : A fun and easy to use piece of software designed to allows you to apply countless special effects to the video captured by your webcam

5- DemuxToy Lite 1.2.4 (Demo) 5.2 MB
DemuxToy Lite : Analyze MPEG-2 transport stream recordings and generate detailed reports on the matter with this straightforward software solution

6- Subtrans (Freeware) 6.8 MB
Subtrans : Translate SRT and plain text subtitles into different languages, preview the videos, adjust the timing, and insert user-defined text

7- KingConvert Sony Ericsson Aino Video Converter (Demo) 6.9 MB
KingConvert Sony Ericsson Aino Video Converter : An easy-to-use video To Sony Ericsson Aino Converter.

8- SGS VideoSource 1.0.0 (Freeware) 238 KB
SGS VideoSource : A component for video capture

9- SubProcess 0.9 (GNU Public License) 5.3 MB
SubProcess : The army knife of the the subtitle users : mass rename subtitles, test synchronization, synchronize.

10- TAS Movie Editor 0.12.2i (GNU Public License) 75 KB
TAS Movie Editor : A Tool-Assisted Speedruns GUI

11- Penguin Subtitle Player 1.2.1 (GPLv3) 5.5 MB
Penguin Subtitle Player : Load and play subtitles when watching movies locally or on the web, adjusting the look and feel of the window for minimal intrusion

12- ArKaos GrandVJ 2.6.2 (Shareware) 328 MB
ArKaos GrandVJ : Have maximum control over your live performances and make sure to add effects, transitions and video that can impress your audience with this tool

13- uncropMKV 1.55 (Freeware) 4.2 MB
uncropMKV : Make MKV video clips compatible with AVCHD / BD discs by making adjustments to the size and cropping mode with this advanced tool

14- AutoX264 (Freeware) 30.4 MB
AutoX264 : A cross platform program (avaiable for windows and linux) that uses mencoder for encoding with x264 codec

15- fooCDtect 2.1 (Freeware) 153 KB
fooCDtect - A useful edition to your preferred audio player that is able to check audio CDs and lossless files in order to identify their source

16- SoundVolumeView 1.85 (Freeware) 84 KB
SoundVolumeView : A user-friendly software that can be used for gathering data about your audio apps, muting them on the breeze, increasing or decreasing the volume, and creating sound profiles

17- Stellar Repair for Video (Demo) 23.1 MB
Stellar Repair for Video : Repair corrupt video files from your computer quickly and with minimum efforts by turning to this lightweight, handy application

18- Sanford Phaser (Freeware) 98 KB
Sanford Phaser - Emulates a classic phase shifter

19- M4VGear 5.5.3 (Demo) 13.8 MB
M4VGear : Convert purchased and rented iTunes M4V videos to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV and various other formats with the help of this lightweight utility

20- Video Analysis 1.0 (Freeware) 8.1 MB
Video Analysis : Analyze the visual structure, color distribution, and overall brightness in clips with real-time updating color bars, which can be saved to file

21- Video To Nintendo Converter Free 1.0 (Demo) 9 MB
Video To Nintendo Converter Free : A useful application that will make it possible for you to quickly turn your clips into a video format supported by your Nintendo

22- FLV to AVI Video Converter 1.1 (Demo) 8.8 MB
FLV to AVI Video Converter : Software solution that allows you to transform FLV videos into AVI format movies, you can pick the destination folder and it comes with batch conversion

23- Mercalli Studio 4.0.458.4 (Demo) 85.8 MB
Mercalli Studio : Correct trembling effects and camera shakes from recorded video sequences, preview the original and processed clips at the same time, and fix distortion

24- iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor 1.11.17 (Demo) 5.8 MB
iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor : Edit existing subtitles for movies, or create new ones you can either embed in the movie or save as SRT file in a simple, intuitive process

25- Sog PDA iPod Video Converter 6.1.02 (Demo) 5.8 MB
Sog PDA iPod Video Converter : Prepare video clips for playback on PDA, iPod, iTouch, iPad or iPad2 devices, trim videos, take screenshots, configure audio and video properties

26- 7thShare Any Video Converter 3.2.8 (Demo) 27.7 MB
7thShare Any Video Converter : Convert audio and video files to a wide range of formats, customize the audio and video settings, create your own profiles, create 3D movies, cut, merge and cut videos, and more

27- Easy Video Sync Fixer 1.3.3 (Demo) 5.9 MB
Easy Video Sync Fixer : Remove the delay between the audio and video streams in your favorite movies for good with the help of this user-friendly program

28- DigitByte Video Converter 3.3 (Demo) 1 MB
DigitByte Video Converter : Convert your videos to AVI format and split or edit them using this smooth application that supports encoding of many video formats

29- AUD Player 0.9 (Freeware) 107 KB
AUD Player : A Winamp plug-in to help you play AUD file

30- SubsHub 1.1.3 / 1.1.4 Beta (GNU Public License) 450 KB
SubsHub : This simple to use application offers you the possibility to easily download subtitles in multiple languages for your favorite movies

31- DJ Scratch 2.6 (Freeware) 133 KB
DJ Scratch - A portable utility designed to bring you the original scratching sound of vinyl records right on your screen by dragging the mouse cursor up and down over a virtual vinyl record

32- AVI to FLV Video Converter 1.1 (Demo) 8.9 MB
AVI to FLV Video Converter : Software solution that allows you to convert various AVI files to FLV videos, it supports batch conversion and it comes with the option to set actions for when the conversion process is completed

33- Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory 8.15 (Time-limited Trial) 32.4 MB
Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory - Complete audio forensics toolset with professional features for restoring and enhancing audio files, such as rich filters and effects

34- SmartScore Player 1.0.0 (Freeware) 16.5 MB
SmartScore Player - Allows you to play score sheet music files created by the SmartScore application or MIDI files by converting them to the supported EMF format

35- RevSubs (Freeware) 27 KB
RevSubs : Quickly reverses the direction of the text in SRT subtitles for right-to-left languages, so that the text is displayed correctly

36- Pacemaker Editor (Freeware) 32.3 MB
Pacemaker Editor - User-friendly and reliable audio mixer that allows DJs to make use of special audio effects (e.g. gain, tempo, fade, normalize), control a built-in player, and carry out editing operations

37- GranuLab 1.5 (Freeware) 347 KB
GranuLab - Create unlimited different sound effects with this granular synthesizer that provides real-time feedback of every change and records sound to file

38- TuneRaft 4.5.0 (Demo) 25.9 MB
TuneRaft - Convert any music or movie to unprotected media formats

39- M3U Dropper 0.741 (LGPL) 233 KB
M3U Dropper : Software application that enables you to easily create portable playlists from audio files, remove duplicated and show item count

40- Video 2 MP3 1.0.3 Build 1 (Freeware) 6.8 MB
Video 2 MP3 - Extremely easy-to-use tool that automatically extracts the audio from a video file and saves it as MP3, with support for batch mode and without additional settings

41- Ultimate Subtitle Converter 0.01 (Freeware) 281 KB
Ultimate Subtitle Converter : Create MicroDVD subtitles from SubRip, Subviewer, Sami and plain text documents, add frames to fix desynchronized subs, and remove captions

42- SensArea 1.12.1 (Freeware) 25.3 MB
SensArea : Edit your video clips frame-by-frame or apply a tracking function on your content by using this lightweight, accessible application

43- Easy Guitar Tuner 1.0 (Freeware) 485 KB
Easy Guitar Tuner - A handy and effective application developed to help musicians tune their string instruments, guitar or bass, with minimal effort

44- Dub Siren 1.4.1 (Freeware) 1.7 MB
Dub Siren - Emulates the sounds of selfmade siren units

45- Zeeb Movie Renamer 3.9.26 (Freeware) 2.4 MB
Zeeb Movie Renamer : Straightforward application which enables you to easily rename all the movies from your hard drive, as well as look them up on IMDB

46- iTunes Podcast.xml Editor Software 7.0 (Shareware) 2.8 MB
iTunes Podcast.xml Editor Software : Edit or create new iTunes podcasts.

47- MP4-Converter 4.5.4 (Demo) 25.7 MB
MP4-Converter : Turn audio and video tracks into MP4 files compatible with popular media devices, or to other common audio and video formats using advanced settings

48- WaveShop (GNU Public License) 3.2 MB
WaveShop - An easy to use and lightweight audio editor that comes with fast processing speed and a wide range of tools for enhancing your tracks

49- Beeper (MPL) 38 KB
Beeper - Use different frequencies you numerically configure, choose their playback order, and generate a sound file with this lightweight application

50- Piano Chords 1.6.4 (Freeware) 752 KB
Piano Chords - Use a virtual piano keyboard in order to learn the musical note layout and the key combinations you need to press to play a certain chord or scale