Video calls over the Internet and more .. This is what Google is hiding!

Video calls over the Internet Video calls over the Internet
Google: the search engine giant is expanding its services to Web users by exploiting the popular Google Duo application for video chat and offering it to users in the coming weeks.

Google will release a copy of the chat application to be available on Google Chrome as well as other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari, in addition to a separate downloadable App on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

This means expanding the Google Duo service to more users. However, it is not yet clear whether the version of the Web application will include all the functions of the separate application.

But are likely to include, at least "knock knock and the ability to leave a video messages."

Google's web video chat feature will support group calls for up to seven people at a time. Users first need to make a group that includes the contacts they want to chat with, and then they can start a video call with all the contact in the group at the same time.