Web And Internet - Audio Video apps, list 33

Web And Internet - Audio Video apps, list 33 Web And Internet - Audio Video apps, list 33
We have compiled a list of Web And Internet - Audio Video software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- dmiFlute 0.002 (Freeware) 170 KB
dmiFlute - VST audio plugin that features a vibrato LFO and a multimode resonant filter for helping you create interesting sounds, while letting you alter the vibrato by changing the depth and speed

2- Degath's Ducker (Demo) 689 KB
Degath's Ducker - Reduce the volume of certain audio streams using a ducking effect based on various triggers, thus facilitating communication when sound is playing in the background

3- EKO 5.3.3 (Freeware) 14.3 MB
EKO - Record sound from a microphone or load an existing file to enhance it with various effects, or manipulate the waveform with a multitude of functions

4- Audio Band 0.7.9 Pre-release (MIT License) 2.3 MB
Audio Band - View information about your music in the taskbar and control playback, with this clever open-source tool that currently only supports Spotify

5- Audio Redirect 1.6 (MIT License) 776 KB
Audio Redirect - Simple app that can redirect audio output from one device to another, getting around issues encountered in some games when switching the default playback device

6- Shuffle Player 1.4 (Freeware) 5.3 MB
Shuffle Player - Play up to 34 different audio file types with this good looking, and easy to use application, designed to comfort your ears, and eyes

7- Wav To Mp3 1.0 (Freeware) 526 KB
Wav To Mp3 - Straightforward program that helps you convert WAV files to MP3 file format with the aid of batch processing and alter the bitrate

8- Golden Uni-Pressor | GUP-1 1.02 (Freeware) 1.2 MB
Golden Uni-Pressor | GUP-1 - A general-purpose compressor made for tracking, mixing and mastering.

9- Slow MP3 (Freeware) 528 KB
Slow MP3 - Play your favorite songs at a slower tempo in order to view used chords with the help of this lightweight and easy to use application

10- SNIP 6.10.2 (GPLv3) 93 KB
SNIP - Automatically store details about the tracks you are listing to from iTunes or Winamp so you can find them easier later on using this app

11- JEM SX1000 SYNTHESIZER 1.0 (Freeware) 4.8 MB
JEM SX1000 SYNTHESIZER - A fun and easy to use synthesizer that provides you with the means to create and experiment with new sounds just by using your computer

12- Melody Assistant 7.8.1e (Demo) 43.5 MB
Melody Assistant - Write, print, and render music with a full-featured score editor that is compatible with a multitude of file formats, providing both importing and exporting options

13- foo packet decoder wavpack 0.9.1 (Freeware) 193 KB
foo packet decoder wavpack - Enables you to decode WacPack files that are in container

14- Opus Tools 0.2 (BSD License) 1013 KB
Opus Tools - A set of command line utilities that allow you to work with OPUS files easier, providing a decoder, and encoder, and a file information viewer

15- Drum Count 1.6 (GNU Public License) 7.7 MB
Drum Count - Drum count is a free software (GPL) to count drum hits in real-time.

16- Light Audio Mixer 1.0.12 (Freeware) 5.7 MB
Light Audio Mixer - Practice mixing music to become a popular DJ by combining multiple songs in two decks, and working with various effects, and a 5-band equalizer

17- Pistonsoft MP3 Tags Editor Build 6/30/2006 (Time-limited Trial) 1.9 MB
Pistonsoft MP3 Tags Editor - Software solution designed to help you edit audio file tags, rename files, folders, export data to various formats, save playlists and many more

18- Smart Talk (MIT License) 423 KB
Smart Talk - A text-to-speech application that allows you to upload the text from a plain text file, adjust the volume, and alter the voice rate

19- MP3Toys 2.5.4 (Time-limited Trial) 3.3 MB
MP3Toys - Software solution developed for managing an existing mp3 collection, editing the mp3 tag information and formatting the file names according to the mp3 tag information

20- Modern Audio Tagger (GNU Public License) 2.1 MB
Modern Audio Tagger - A lightweight, yet handy application that allows you to easily manage your music library and edit the specific tags of each song

21- JamApp 1.0.2 (Freeware) 5.7 MB
JamApp - A reliable and user-friendly software utility that you can rely on when you want to remove vocals from a song, as well as adjust pitch or tempo

22- Massiva X.059 (Freeware) 1.3 MB
Massiva - Massiva application was designed to be is a free MIDI/Audio sequencer

23- GoldWave 6.36 / 6.37 Beta (Demo) 11.8 MB
GoldWave - Packed with both basic and advances features, this straightforward application provides users with a simple means of editing and enhancing audio files

24- Vocal Remover (WinAmp) 1.3 (Freeware) 270 KB
Vocal Remover (WinAmp) - Removes the vocals from songs on your computer by turning to this lightweight Winamp plugin that can be easily implemented in the host app

25- WMP Manager 1.0 (Freeware) 13 KB
WMP Manager - The main feature of this is the ability to make wmp hide and still play your music...without the player in your taskbar!

26- Digital DJ Dance Manager 2018-06-10-000 (Freeware) 65 MB
Digital DJ Dance Manager - Effortlessly edit and create playlists for all sorts of events and venues using this versatile dance music management software solution

27- HP MediaSmart MVP Software 3.1 D (Freeware) 384 MB
HP MediaSmart MVP Software : A multimedia management package for your laptop

28- AE5Switcher 1.1 (MIT License) 963 KB
AE5Switcher - Open-source utility designed to help Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 users switch between the speakers and headphones modes from the system tray

29- DSK SF2 (Freeware) 3.3 MB
DSK SF2 - Play SoundFont files on your computer and make use of auxiliary functions such as a midi channel selector, a multimode filter and automation

30- dvdisaster 0.72.3 / 0.79.5 Source (GNU Public License) 7.3 MB
dvdisaster : Provides a margin of safety against data loss on CD and DVD media caused by aging or scratches with this neat software application

31- iZotope RX Loudness Control 1.03 (Demo) 47.9 MB
iZotope RX Loudness Control - Check the loudness of audio tracks by comparing it to a loudness standard and normalize it automatically if necessary, using this plugin

32- Tuner @ Guitar-Fan.net 1.1 (Freeware) 286 KB
Tuner @ Guitar-Fan.net - Tune up your acoustic or electric guitar sound automatically, select between several strings, check out the sound level, and monitor the current frequency using this portable tool

33- foo_tunes 0.2 Beta (Freeware) 153 KB
foo_tunes - A handy software solution that enables users to enjoy an alternative graphic user interface for foobar2000, a popular media player

34- MP3 Pal 1.0 Beta 7 (Freeware) 61 KB
MP3 Pal - Create HTML and simple MP3 labels, rename files using easy identification and assign new tags to multiple tracks to best represent the original content

35- FreeStar AMR MP3 Converter 2.0.1 (Demo) 7.9 MB
FreeStar AMR MP3 Converter - Turn AMR audio files into MP3 tracks and select one of the three quality presets supported by this application with simple settings

36- Cool YouTube Video Downloader 9.8.0 (Time-limited Trial) 1.4 MB
Cool YouTube Video Downloader - Download videos from YouTube and convert them to various formats, trim clips, apply various effects as well as use a DVD ripping tool

37- Phoenix Player 1.1 (Freeware) 53.3 MB
Phoenix Player - A simple music player

38- HandBrake Batch Encoder 1.0 (GNU Public License) 9 KB
HandBrake Batch Encoder : Convert AVI files to M4V file format using batch processing via HandBrake’s CLI by simply specifying the directory that contains the target videos

39- Clown_BD BD Copier 0.41 (Freeware) 5.5 MB
Clown_BD BD Copier : Rip Blu-ray movies and save them on the hard drive or clone discs to other discs, preserve the BD menu, and select the preferred streams

40- StreamBuffRe (Freeware) 592 KB
StreamBuffRe : Redirects online streams to your local video player for you to enjoy watching them without a web browser, monitors stream feeds, and downloads and records clips

41- 4Musics MP3 to WMA Converter 4.3 (Time-limited Trial) 6.4 MB
4Musics MP3 to WMA Converter - One-way converting from MP3 to WMA format in one click!

42- AnyMP4 FLAC Converter 6.3.16 (Demo) 33.5 MB
AnyMP4 FLAC Converter - Convert FLAC audio files to various formats and prepare FLV, F4V and SWF files for playback on specific devices, with this easy-to-use application

43- FLV to Mobile Phone Converter 4.0.02 (Demo) 3.9 MB
FLV to Mobile Phone Converter : Software solution that allows you to convert various FLV and SWF Video to mobile formats, it supports batch conversion and it lets you make some audio and video adjustments

44- Spotify Mini 1.0.0 (OpenSource under LGPL) 816 KB
Spotify Mini - Minimalistic Spotify player that displays information about the current song and enables you to control playback from the desktop

45- FabFilter One 3.30 (Time-limited Trial) 4.2 MB
FabFilter One - Basic synthesizer plug-in that packs a lot of parameters you can easily adjust and can be easily installed in your host application or DAW

46- AvarWord 1.0 (Demo) 8.8 MB
AvarWord - Convert text to speech and and have your presentations held by a custom avatar with the help of this application that is pretty easy to figure out

47- Arp-EG classic 1.2 (Shareware) 4.2 MB
Arp-EG classic - MIDI arpeggiator for all your instruments

48- Chordastic 1.36 (Demo) 20.9 MB
Chordastic - Create lyrics and chords tabs for guitar playing by turning to this handy application that features a highly intuitive interface

49- NodeBeat 1.0.1 (Freeware) 5.7 MB
NodeBeat - Fun and portable app that helps you create music by linking several visual elements using the drag-and-drop support, suitable especially for rookies

50- RapidComposer LE 3.65 (Demo) 41.4 MB
RapidComposer LE - An advanced phrase-based composition application that offers a large palette of chords, rhythm generators and resizable smart phrases to include in your music