Will the new smartphones replace professional cameras?

Smartphones Cameras Smartphones Cameras
After the smartphones cameras replaced the compact digital cameras and surpassed them in terms of quality and potential, smartphones camera is now moving to another level, and may compete with professional cameras. Smartphones cameras are now equiped with enhanced technology and applications that make sharing images on social media a very easy task.

After the big development over the past years in Smartphone cameras, the question is will Smartphone cameras replace the professional cameras?

smartphones cameras

Some believes that over the next five years, the smartphone cameras will be able to take pictures with the same quality as the professional camera, while others believe that even if the smartphones cameras can simulate professional cameras after five years from now, the professional cameras will be also developed significantly. In this context, it should be noted that eventhough the smartphones replaced the compact digital camera in terms of quality, it will not overcome the specialized digital cameras, such as those that can be immersed in water or those that are made to withstand shocks.