Web And Internet - Audio Video apps, list 101

Web And Internet - Audio Video apps, list 101 Web And Internet - Audio Video apps, list 101
We have compiled a list of Web And Internet - Audio Video software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- Speak-A-Message for Facebook 8.0.0 (Freeware) 12.6 MB
Speak-A-Message for Facebook : Make your Facebook comments stand out

2- Channel Changer (Freeware) 1.1 MB
Channel Changer - Change the transmitting midi channel of your keyboard on the fly

3- FreeverbToo 1.71 (Freeware) 320 KB
FreeverbToo - A practical audio VST plugin to apply Gate and Freeze effects to audio input, with easy control over adjustment sliders, and real time adjusting visual preview

4- MUI 0.0.2 (GNU Public License) 155 KB
MUI - Cross Platform Media Player using Qt and FMOD

5- SQR-6 (Freeware) 896 KB
SQR-6 - An easy to use MIDI control VST plugin

6- PitchCraft EZ (Time-limited Trial) 45.1 MB
PitchCraft EZ : Pro-Quality Vocal Tuning & Pitch Effects Plug-In

7- MultiScopeLite (Time-limited Trial) 5.8 MB
MultiScopeLite : A reliable software solution that enables users to analyze realtime SD and HD video streams captured using various supported devices

8- Spantus 0.0.1 (GNU Public License) 1.8 MB
Spantus - Audio analysis tool that allows you to check out the waveform of MP3 and WAV files, get details about the signal and speech, as well as export the image to PNG file format

9- CC Proximity Pad (Freeware) 727 KB
CC Proximity Pad - Allows you to control 6 CC's at a time with your mouse

10- Bolscript 0.2 Build 1894 (GNU Public License) 1.6 MB
Bolscript - Enter, display and manage tabla compositions

11- Pedal Trigger (Freeware) 517 KB
Pedal Trigger - A step sequencer driven by a MIDI sustain pedal

12- BlazeVideo SmartShow (Time-limited Trial) 55.8 MB
BlazeVideo SmartShow : Software solution that allows you to create videos and animations using images, to which you can add various transition effects and text

13- Ambient: Electrical Noise Full 1.0 (Shareware) 106 MB
Ambient: Electrical Noise Full : VST plug-in that mixes the sounds of electrical atmosphere.

14- Pterosaur (Freeware) 1.2 MB
Pterosaur - A 16 oscillator monosynth

15- SRT resizer 0.001 (Freeware) 16 KB
SRT resizer : Synchronize your SRT subtitles to their corresponding movies by setting new time positions for specific lines, and select the encoding method

16- iLyric 1.0 (Freeware) 325 KB
iLyric : A lyric displaying tool.

17- SimpliChorus 1.02 (Freeware) 1.1 MB
SimpliChorus - A simple stereo chorus effect

18- iTunes Duplicate Song Manager 0.9.6 (GNU Public License) 1.1 MB
iTunes Duplicate Song Manager - Manage your iTunes library with the help of this program.

19- Batch Video Resizer 1.2.3 (Freeware) 6.3 MB
Batch Video Resizer : A software utility that enables you to resize multiple video files in batch mode and choose the desired new resolution, as well as rename them

20- Boost Effect VST 1.0 (Demo) 5.7 MB
Boost Effect VST : A plugin for modern digital music

21- NoteFX Lite (Freeware) 780 KB
NoteFX Lite - Ttransposes, humanizes and scales velocity

22- Thesys 1.6.1 (Time-limited Trial) 10.9 MB
Thesys : MIDI Step Sequencer

23- MIDI Patch Bay (Freeware) 568 KB
MIDI Patch Bay - A simple plugin lets you reroute MIDI channels

24- Easy Video to Gif Converter 3.3 (Time-limited Trial) 4.1 MB
Easy Video to Gif Converter : Generate GIFs from all sorts of video files (AVI, MPEG, MOV, MP4, 3GP), cut clips, employ batch actions, and set the size of the frames

25- BadHead 1.0.3 (Freeware) 50 KB
BadHead - Tube amp simulation with adjustable clipping hardness

26- openAviToGif 0.6 Beta (GPLv3) 17.2 MB
openAviToGif : An application that can convert AVI, MKV and MP4 files to GIF and allows you to customize the output resolution, color number and frame delay

27- DirectTune (Freeware) 27 KB
DirectTune - Interface for adding individual (Live-)Streams to Songbird

28- MultiDelay 1.1 (Freeware) 49 KB
MultiDelay - Efficient delay line with 3 taps and damping.

29- Ssynth MIDI File Player 201.02 (Freeware) 766 KB
Ssynth MIDI File Player - A free utility to play MIDI files on your system.

30- GoPro CineForm Studio Premium (Time-limited Trial) 110 MB
GoPro CineForm Studio Premium : A photo and video editor with a comprehensive interface that you can use to enhance captured moments with a wide range of professional devices

31- LinearPhaseGraphicEQ 1.0.5 (Freeware) 86 KB
LinearPhaseGraphicEQ - An easy to use VST plugin

32- Zong! Viewer 0.4.48 Alpha (GNU Public License) 6.8 MB
Zong! Viewer - View and play MusicXML files with this tool.

33- LinearPhaseGraphicEQ 2 2.1.5 (Freeware) 143 KB
LinearPhaseGraphicEQ 2 - VST audio plugin that helps you achieve clean sound output results using a linear-phase FIR filter, 61 frequency bands, parametric EQ mode, and sampling rate options

34- Cetone033 (Freeware) 127 KB
Cetone033 - A simple bassline synthesizer with two built-in oscillators using sawtooth, triangle, and pulse waveforms, envelopes for amplifier and filter modulation, and a glider for cool transition

35- midimathcher 0.70 (GNU Public License) 985 KB
midimathcher - Analyze MIDI files with this tool.

36- SoundMixer 1.0 (MIT License) 75 KB
SoundMixer : Control the volume of hardware and software components through individual sliders to create audio balance thanks to this practical app

37- KeyboardTools 1.2.1 (Time-limited Trial) 2.7 MB
KeyboardTools : Learn basic and advanced keyboard tricks and music theory to enhance your whole experience with the possibility to hook up your MIDI device to the PC

38- Join Multiple MOV Files Into One Software 7.0 (Demo) 13.6 MB
Join Multiple MOV Files Into One Software : A user-friendly program that delivers a simple method for appending multiple MOV files to one another in an order that you specify

39- Rotate Multiple MOV Files Software 7.0 (Demo) 19.9 MB
Rotate Multiple MOV Files Software : Rotate or flip MOV files quickly and effortlessly, with the help of this simple, easy-to-use application that supports batch processing

40- VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter 2.0 (Time-limited Trial) 12.1 MB
VeryDOC Video to GIF Converter : Create static or animated GIFs out of your favorite videos, make use of batch actions, set the framerate, specify the GIF replay times, as well as tweak the output size and quality

41- RS Balance Pro 1.0 (Freeware) 999 KB
RS Balance Pro - Control of stereo panorama with numeric display

42- SideChain Gate / Expander 1.0.3 (Freeware) 212 KB
SideChain Gate / Expander - VST audio plugin that supports different sampling rate modes and gate adjustments made to the threshold, attack time, hold time, and release time

43- Discover Video Multimedia Encoder (Shareware) 29 MB
Discover Video Multimedia Encoder : Stream and record at different qualities and create HD videos

44- Pazera Free WMA to MP3 Converter 1.3 (Demo) 10.9 MB
Pazera Free WMA to MP3 Converter - Quickly convert WMA, WMV and ASF files to MP3, WAV and other formats in just a few moves, as well as configure conversion settings

45- Join Multiple FLV Files Into One Software 7.0 (Demo) 10.1 MB
Join Multiple FLV Files Into One Software : An efficient and user-friendly application that provides an easy way to append FLV files one to another in the order that you choose

46- SoundSaver 1.0.023254 (Time-limited Trial) 62.4 MB
SoundSaver : The easiest way to convert and restore your LPs and tapes

47- SpectraScope 1.06 (Freeware) 2.3 MB
SpectraScope : View audio waveforms

48- Image Processing Plugin 1.0 (Freeware) 173 KB
Image Processing Plugin : Was designed based on image processing library

49- LyricsFetcher 0.7 (GNU Public License) 1.9 MB
LyricsFetcher - Grab your favorite's music lyrics.

50- iStonsoft Video Downloader 2.1.67 (Demo) 5.5 MB
iStonsoft Video Downloader : An application that provides users with the possibility to download videos from a wide range of online sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, and others