Samsung Surprise .. Launch of unprecedented memory chips!

eUFS memory chips eUFS memory chips
Samsung has announced that it will soon launch the first eUFS memory chips for phones with one terabyte of storage. eUFS is expected to become the alternative of the currently used microSD chipsets.
The new chips can replace SSDs to store information in computers and portable devices as well. The new chips can store up to 260 (4K UHD) video clips, each 10 minutes long, at a very high resolution (3840/2160 pixels).

The reading speed of the new Samsung chips will reach 1000 MB/s, while the writing speed can reach 260 MB/s. This will increase the data processing capabilities of the Mobile phones.

The new chips consists of 16 layers of electronic chips developed with special technologies, and their dimensions are only 11.5 / 13 mm, and are expected to be used in the new Samsung S10 series that will be launched this year.