Graphics and Drawing - Desktop Tools apps, list 26

Graphics and Drawing - Desktop Tools apps, list 26 Graphics and Drawing - Desktop Tools apps, list 26
We have compiled a list of Graphics and Drawing - Desktop Tools software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- Shell for Windows (Freeware) 1.2 MB
Shell for Windows : Replace your desktop with a fresh new style fitted with a top menu bar with customizable elements and visuals, no more desktop shortcuts and more

2- Diamonds Theme 1.0 (Freeware) 8.1 MB
Diamonds Theme : A theme that displays diamonds on your desktop screen

3- GTA IV icons pack (Freeware) 1.8 MB
GTA IV icons pack : A beautiful iconset you can enjoy on your home PC

4- XWindows Dock 2.0.2 Beta / 5.6 (Freeware) 4.2 MB
XWindows Dock : A desktop organizer for you to use.

5- DeskScapes 8.51 (Time-limited Trial) 72.3 MB
DeskScapes : Animate your desktop background with customized images, make static wallpapers more lively and add interesting effects to your images

6- Sun 3D Screensaver [DISCOUNT: 40% OFF!] 1.1 (Demo) 8.4 MB
Sun 3D Screensaver : A screensaver that brings to your desktops animated images forming a great 3D presentation of the mysterious star that we call the Sun

7- Phlox 1.2 (Freeware) 463 KB
Phlox : A simple application that allows you easily rename your files.

8- Windows 7 Starter - Wallpaper Changer (Freeware) 9 KB
Windows 7 Starter : Wallpaper Changer : Lightweight, portable and easy-to-use software application that helps you change the wallpaper of your desktop in just a few clicks

9- Bubbles Screensaver (Freeware) 1.2 MB
Bubbles Screensaver : Decorate your desktop with the nice color changing bubbles

10- Eycon - USB Customiser (Freeware) 3.8 MB
Eycon : USB Customiser : A simple tool for assigning icons to USB devices

11- Quick Hide Windows 2.0.1 (Freeware) 957 KB
Quick Hide Windows : Hide program windows with a press of a hotkey combination

12- BeCyIconGrabber 2.30 (Freeware) 308 KB
BeCyIconGrabber : Utility to search and extract icons and cursors from EXE or DLL files

13- Universal Vista Inspirat Brico Pack Ultimate 2 1.0 (Freeware) 27.6 MB
Universal Vista Inspirat Brico Pack Ultimate : You can enjoy the true Vista look and feel for Windows XP with Universal Vista Inspirat Brico Pack Ultimate

14- Sharks, Terrors of the Deep 2.0 (Demo) 4 MB
Sharks, Terrors of the Deep : A virtual underwater world of awe

15- EA Games icons pack (Freeware) 1.1 MB
EA Games icons pack : An icon collection inspired by the games created by Electronic Arts

16- Kareena Kapoor Theme 1.0 (Freeware) 12.4 MB
Kareena Kapoor Theme : Place pictures of Kareena Kapoor on your screen

17- The Lords 1.0 (Freeware) 180 KB
The Lords : The Lords icons are surely a special good looking change to any website or desktop.

18- Grayscale Desktop 1.01 (Freeware) 12 KB
Grayscale Desktop : View the Windows desktop in grayscale

19- Win7 Start Orb Loader 1.1.1 (Freeware) 274 KB
Win7 Start Orb Loader : Change your start orb fast and easy.

20- Random Auto Clicker 2.6.7 (Time-limited Trial) 539 KB
Random Auto Clicker : Simulate on certain screen areas, apps or just windows by relying on this streamlined and useful application that may help you automate certain repetitive tasks

21- Kana WallChanger (Freeware) 787 KB
Kana WallChanger : Create a cool slideshow on your desktop background with a custom collection of pictures with controls which also provide access to power options

22- DeskSlide (Freeware) 732 KB
DeskSlide : Set up image slideshows to regularly change the desktop wallpaper, as well as set the style and time interval using this intuitive tool with support for common graphic file types

23- RSidebar 0.1.3 (Freeware) 713 KB
RSidebar : Small vistaish sidebar for Microsoft Windows 98

24- Goodnight Timer 1.1 (Freeware) 1.1 MB
Goodnight Timer : Shut down your computer at a given time, with the possibility to have volume reduced over time, thanks to this practical application

25- A Ruler for Windows 3.3.3 (Freeware) 864 KB
A Ruler for Windows : A handy, elegant and simple-to-use on-screen pixel ruler, intended for users who design websites and need to measure objects on their screen

26- Zorro 1.5 (Freeware) 324 KB
Zorro : Cover areas of your screen with a colored veil to help focus on tasks at hand, with a window frame that's easy to configure, and move to the target spot

27- Wallchanger (Freeware) 1.2 MB
Wallchanger : Have a new wallpaper greet you every time you launch Windows, or manually change it with something new or surprising thanks to this lightweight app

28- Halloween Theme 1.0 (Freeware) 698 KB
Halloween Theme : Dress up your computer for Halloween with this theme

29- Ghost-It! 1.04 (Freeware) 11 KB
Ghost-It! : A simple-to-configure and portable tool that helps you make your windows transparent, set the transparency level, and use custom hotkeys

30- SpaceScene Screensaver 1.0 Beta (Time-limited Trial) 4.5 MB
SpaceScene Screensaver : 3D views of the Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

31- WallpaperWebPage (Freeware) 859 KB
WallpaperWebPage : Replace your static desktop wallpaper with your favorite webpage and watch it get updated in real-time without any action on your part

32- DemoHelper 1.2 (GNU Public License) 169 KB
DemoHelper : Zoom in on your open applications, or draw free-form lines over them with this easy-to-use system tray application, that features many keyboard shortcuts

33- Night Lights Theme (Freeware) 7.6 MB
Night Lights Theme : A theme that includes 9 photos of city lights

34- Screen Calipers 4.0 (Shareware) 1.4 MB
Screen Calipers : Measure sections of the screen or elements of interest with a pair of calipers you can easily adjust and rotate, as well as set the measuring units

35- Clippy 1.00 (Freeware) 221 KB
Clippy : Pull a prank on your friends by making a fake Microsoft Clippy show up on the screen for no reason, showing random and useless messages

36- Scrolling Teleprompter Software 7.0 (Demo) 3.1 MB
Scrolling Teleprompter Software : Create a full screen animation with text scrolling in a teleprompter, type text or load it from file, adjust scrolling speed, change font settings

37- FlyAway - Catch Me If You Can! 1.0 (Freeware) 60 KB
FlyAway : Catch Me If You Can! : FlyAway is a free desktop tool that puts a House-Fly on you desktop who you can try to catch or just leave buzzing around

38- Royal AIO (10 colors) theme (Freeware) 901 KB
Royal AIO (10 colors) theme : XP Royal theme in ten colors

39- Mountain Lake Animated Wallpaper 1.0.0 (Demo) 4.4 MB
Mountain Lake Animated Wallpaper : The quietest and clearest place in the world that nature has ever created.

40- YAWD (MS-PL) 2.1 MB
YAWD : Browse a list of websites, choose your favorite wallpaper content, download it and set it as a desktop background using this handy utility

41- ClockSave 1.1 (Freeware) 77 KB
ClockSave : ClockSave is a simple screensaver that shows the correct time on your desktop

42- Underwater Icons (Freeware) 160 KB
Underwater Icons : These icons will help you personalize your computer desktop in an attractive and original manner.

43- AsideBar 4.1.4 (Freeware) 895 KB
AsideBar : A handy monitoring tool

44- Salman Khan Windows 7 Theme 1.0 (Freeware) 13.7 MB
Salman Khan Windows 7 Theme : A Salman Khan theme pack for your desktop.

45- Animated Wallpaper Screensaver 1.1 (Time-limited Trial) 2.3 MB
Animated Wallpaper Screensaver : Enjoy this high quality screensaver of waterfalls.

46- Atmosphere Lite 7.0 (Freeware) 13.9 MB
Atmosphere Lite : Brings the sounds of nature to your desktop and helps you select slideshows to play with your soundscapes

47- ClockWallpaper (Time-limited Trial) 532 KB
ClockWallpaper : Cool Clock and Wallpaper for your Desktop

48- Free Vector Icons Set (Freeware) 1.7 MB
Free Vector Icons Set : An icon collection designed to beautify your computer screen.

49- Just Watching 2.2a (Time-limited Trial) 1.7 MB
Just Watching : Bring webcams from around the world to your Windows desktop as wallpaper.

50- DesktopSave (Freeware) 1.2 MB
DesktopSave : A program that can store detailed screen options, allowing the user to change between multiple stored settings quickly and easily.