Graphics and Drawing - Desktop Tools apps, list 28

Graphics and Drawing - Desktop Tools apps, list 28 Graphics and Drawing - Desktop Tools apps, list 28
We have compiled a list of Graphics and Drawing - Desktop Tools software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- Aishwarya Rai Windows 7 Theme 1.00 (Freeware) 9.4 MB
Aishwarya Rai Windows 7 Theme : Bring Aishwarya Rai into your home

2- OpenWithView 1.11 (Freeware) 37 KB
OpenWithView : Disable/enable items in the 'Open with' dialog box of Windows, generate HTML reports with all entries, and check out detailed program info

3- Diablo III Theme 1.0 (Freeware) 3.5 MB
Diablo III Theme : A theme based on the Diablo III game

4- Taskbar Control 2.01 (Freeware) 767 KB
Taskbar Control : Rearrange the buttons on your Windows taskbar by dragging and dropping them!

5- Music Icon Library 2.11 (Demo) 8.1 MB
Music Icon Library : Plenty of liquid-smooth music icons to enhance an interface of applications

6- vanBasco's Screensaver 1.2 (Freeware) 188 KB
vanBasco's Screensaver : A 3D-based screensaver that shows animated objects fly against the stars!

7- Aldo's Magnifier 2.0 (Freeware) 24 KB
Aldo's Magnifier : Magnification tool with adjustable zoom, frame locker, image grabber and printer, color inversion, keyboard shortcuts, and systray integration

8- Age of Empires III - Icons (Freeware) 639 MB
Age of Empires III : Icons : This is a nicely done set of icons for your files and folders

9- CopyFilenames 3.3 (Freeware) 2.1 MB
CopyFilenames : Easily copy the names of the currently selected folders or files with this useful application that allows you to save a lot of time

10- Blue Flora Screensaver 1.0 (Time-limited Trial) 1.3 MB
Blue Flora Screensaver : Blue Flora Screensaver will display on your screen a fascinating little flower fairy which is bringing tons of sparkle dust

11- desktopPet (OpenSource under LGPL) 726 KB
desktopPet : Modern interpretation for the oldschool eSheep (or Stray Sheep) from 1995 that brings lots of funny sheep on your computer's desktop

12- Green Lake (Freeware) 4.9 MB
Green Lake : A lake related theme.

13- RadTab (Freeware) 56 KB
RadTab : Add tabs to all windows on the desktop to make management of multiple programs a lot easier through this lightweight, practical tool

14- DimScreen 1.1 (Freeware) 256 KB
DimScreen : Helps users change the brightness of their screen even if they are not PC experts and do not know how to do it using the native Windows settings

15- My Expose 2006 CTP (Freeware) 1.3 MB
My Expose : A small tool that will imitate the MAC function Expose.

16- Nail it 1.10 (Freeware) 25 KB
Nail it : Lightweight tool which enables you to make any window stay on top of all the other launched applications, with just a few clicks

17- Visual Basic Form Skin & Coral Glass Button 1 (Shareware) 559 KB
Visual Basic Form Skin & Coral Glass Button : This will give classic look with Glass & Rubber effect to your program

18- Fantasy Garden Animated Wallpaper 1.0.0 (Demo) 6.8 MB
Fantasy Garden Animated Wallpaper : A fantasy garden on your desktop

19- Lightspeed Screen Saver 9.1 (Freeware) 3.8 MB
Lightspeed Screen Saver : A cool 3D starfield screensaver

20- Disney World of Motion WinAmp Skin 1.0 (Freeware) 245 KB
Disney World of Motion WinAmp Skin : The application represents a mixture of atractive locations of disney

21- 3D Pipes Screensaver 1.0 (Freeware) 252 KB
3D Pipes Screensaver : Bring back the classic 3D Pipes Screensaver on your modern Windows iterations, with options to set pipe number, style, as well as display mode

22- Windows Wallpaper Changer 1.0 (Freeware) 142 KB
Windows Wallpaper Changer : Changes your wallpaper to any JPG image file, lightweight, portable, non-intrusive and uses low system resources, for all user levels

23- ASUS MultiFrame 1.0.0021 (Freeware) 2.6 MB
ASUS MultiFrame : A simple-to-use and intuitive application that helps users divide the desktop into four areas and send files to a secondary monitor

24- Pure Icon Pack (Freeware) 654 KB
Pure Icon Pack : A splendid set of icons that will look great on your PC

25- Microangelo On Display 7.00.0003 (Time-limited Trial) 12.7 MB
Microangelo On Display : Change the way your desktop and system icons look or add custom overlays with the help of this easy to use and intuitive application

26- WinPager (Freeware) 22 KB
WinPager : Extend your workspace with three additional desktops through which you easily navigate and move windows for efficient management of your work

27- Axialis CursorWorkshop (formerly AX-cursors) 6.33 (Time-limited Trial) 17.6 MB
Axialis CursorWorkshop (formerly AX-cursors) : Create, manage and distribute static and animated cursors

28- AltMove Mouse Manager 2.1.8 (Freeware) 384 KB
AltMove Mouse Manager : A user-friendly program that helps you combine hotkeys with mouse clicks in order to move, resize, hide, minimize, or maximize panels

29- Polymorf3D 1.2 (Freeware) 978 KB
Polymorf3D : A shiny colourful 3d shape that morphs and transforms itself over the screen, with an array of rainbow colours

30- Bing Desktop 1.3.478.0 (Demo) 10 MB
Bing Desktop : A handy software utility that enables you to perform Bing searches right from your desktop, read the latest news and access your Facebook newsfeed

31- Desktop Web Link 1.0 (Freeware) 32 KB
Desktop Web Link : Create desktop shortcuts to your favorite websites, with the possibility to add custom icons with this practical, portable application

32- Rotational Vortex Screensaver (GNU Public License) 1.2 MB
Rotational Vortex Screensaver : The elements of this screensaver create beautiful swirling patterns and then inevitably drift apart as rotations separate.

33- Fading Text Screen Saver 1.0 (Freeware) 417 KB
Fading Text Screen Saver : A text screensaver that will show the text lines from a text file.

34- Microsoft Brazilian Beaches 1.0 (Freeware) 4.8 MB
Microsoft Brazilian Beaches : Microsoft Brazilian Beaches : have the beauty of the Brazilian coast

35- Seven Remix 1.0 (Freeware) 17.9 MB
Seven Remix : An easy way to improve your GUI

36- ViStart 8.1 Build 5208 (Freeware) 1.2 MB
ViStart : Provides you with a small set of themes and skins for your computer's Start menu that not only change its appearance but its functionality as well

37- Paper Icon Library 1.71 (Demo) 8.2 MB
Paper Icon Library : Introduce attention-getting icons into your program and help your business grow

38- Leather icons (Freeware) 145 KB
Leather icons : A collection of leather-looking icons

39- Twilight Saga Theme (Freeware) 6 KB
Twilight Saga Theme : A theme pack that includes wallpapers and logon screen images inspired by the Twilight movie series

40- Burnard (Screensaver Toggler) 1.0 (Freeware) 361 KB
Burnard (Screensaver Toggler) : Quickly enable or disable your screensaver from the system tray.

41- Around the World: London [DISCOUNT: 40% OFF!] 1.0 (Demo) 11.1 MB
Around the World: London : A screensaver that allows you to enjoy the most famous London attractions in all of their magnificence directly on the screen of your PC

42- IconEx (Freeware) 230 KB
IconEx : A small tool that will help you extract icons from .DLL, .EXE, and .ICO files.

43- Hot Chime 1.0.0 (Freeware) 37 KB
Hot Chime : A tool that lets you launch your favorite sites and most frequently used programs by your own

44- Magic Folder Icon 3.10 (Freeware) 564 KB
Magic Folder Icon : If you got bored with the way the standard Windows folders look, use this tool to make them different.

45- Mouse Free 1.0 (GNU Public License) 52 KB
Mouse Free : Customize your mouse moves on your desktop.

46- Glass2k 0.9.2 (Freeware) 55 KB
Glass2k : A small little program that allows Windows users to make any window transparent.

47- Pointing Magnifier (BSD License) 92 KB
Pointing Magnifier : Enhance any part of the screen by turning your mouse cursor into a magnifier, set the zoom factor and cursor size using this program

48- ZapIcones (Freeware) 664 KB
ZapIcones : Hide or display the Windows desktop icons with a simple gesture

49- Xteq COM Register Extension 2.1 (Freeware) 7 KB
Xteq COM Register Extension : Xteq COM Reg Extension lets you use REGSVR32 without a command line

50- Blade Cursors 1.0 (Freeware) 9 KB
Blade Cursors : Cool cursor scheme which deploys through default system means, featuring static, and animated cursors in the form of blades to enhance your desktop