Facebook Messenger... a new design and five secrets

Facebook Messenger new design Facebook Messenger new design
Facebook users was surprised by the new Facebook Messenger design. It was remarkable that a large number of users do not know that the new update contains five secrets:
1- Facebook Messenger porvides 3 new tabs: Chats, Search for people and Discover people/stories.
2- Color Gradients , Facebook Messenger offers the ability to customize your message color, meaning that you can assign a specific color to chat at a certain time. Once the chat is passed up, the color changes to a specific format, so that the user can identify whether that chat is currently important or not or if is is group or personal chat.
3- Chat controls, You can now mute, close, permanently delete, start a camera, or a voice or video call.
4- Share, sharing buttons is now more flexible, it will appear clearly at four points next to the text.
5- Dark Mode, Users will be able to choose the "Dark Mode" for eye relaxation.