System Utilities - Encryption Security apps, list 37

System Utilities - Encryption Security apps, list 37 System Utilities - Encryption Security apps, list 37
We have compiled a list of System Utilities - Encryption Security software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- IMLock Enterprise 1.6.6 (Time-limited Trial) 8 MB
IMLock Enterprise : Designed for corporate use, this application can help employers configure the Internet filtering settings, preventing their employees from accessing specific websites

2- Vista4Experts (Freeware) 288 KB
Vista4Experts : An application to configure the most common settings in Windows Vista for computer experts.

3- Dahua Configuration Tool 4.10.0 (Freeware) 19.3 MB
Dahua Configuration Tool : Seamlessly configure your surveillance cameras system simultaneously and make sure that the devices operate with up to date firmware with this app

4- Actual Keylogger 3.2 (Demo) 2.1 MB
Actual Keylogger : Simple and effective program that was created to help you monitor the actions other people perform on your computer, including keystrokes and used applications

5- abylon KEYSAFE (Time-limited Trial) 49.4 MB
abylon KEYSAFE : A simple and reliable password manager that will keep all your information safe and secured : it also allows you to generate new passwords

6- Adios - Shutdown Timer (Shareware) 516 KB
Adios : Shutdown Timer : A neat and straightforward application that lets you schedule shutdown, restarts, locks, log off and hibernates for your system at any time

7- DDACS Control Panel 2.0 (Freeware) 8.5 MB
DDACS Control Panel : Keep your computer protected by blocking access to URLs and network traffic, as well as setting rules for management of files and programs on your PC

8- M2SYS-Biometrics Suite 4.1.0 (Shareware) 19.3 MB
M2SYS-Biometrics Suite : M2SYS-Biometrics Suite : dynamic and robust M2SYS fingerprint scanning/recognition module

9- System Lock 1.2.1 (Freeware) 156 KB
System Lock : System Lock will allow you to lock your desktop so that no other users may use your PC.

10- Password Manager - USB 1.0 (Time-limited Trial) 1.8 MB
Password Manager : USB : Password Manager USB is a useful tool that keeps track of all your web account passwords on a USB drive

11- Torxy 1.0.8 (Freeware) 5 MB
Torxy : Make sure you browse the Internet stealthy by using this utility that allows you to torify individual Internet browsers or the entire system

12- HP ProtectTools Security Manager Suite (Freeware) 87.1 MB
HP ProtectTools Security Manager Suite : This is a security application for managing HP desktop and laptop supported devices alongside a new protective layer comprising a suite of programs

13- Remove Access Passwords 2.0 (Time-limited Trial) 1.4 MB
Remove Access Passwords : Remove Access Passwords will help you remove Database File Passwords in an MDB file

14- Faronics Anti-Executable Enterprise 5.51.2100.659 (Time-limited Trial) 131 MB
Faronics Anti-Executable Enterprise : Accessible, powerful and user-friendly control application that can be used to block all the programs you don't want to launch and run

15- Password Decrypter 1.0 (Freeware) 95 KB
Password Decrypter : Easily get out of sticky situations in which you just can't remember your password with the help of this lightweight and easy to use application

16- Mgosoft PDF Security 9.7.4 (Demo) 1.6 MB
Mgosoft PDF Security : Remove passwords from your PDF files or encrypt them to prevent their content from being copied or edited with this lightweight and easy-to-use tool

17- Trend Micro RUBotted Beta (Freeware) 5.9 MB
Trend Micro RUBotted : Monitors your PC to detect bot related activities that might seem suspicious, cleaning potentially dangerous files using HouseCall

18- ANIXIS Password Reset 2.6 (Time-limited Trial) 12.2 MB
ANIXIS Password Reset : A self-service password management system that allows users to reset their own password

19- ScreenLogger Personal 3.8 Build 73 (Time-limited Trial) 1.9 MB
ScreenLogger Personal : This efficient and reliable piece of software can help you monitor all the actions performed on a computer, including keystrokes

20- RDS-Knight (Time-limited Trial) 5.2 MB
RDS-Knight : Secure your remote desktop connections and keep all the threats away by filtering countries of origin, managing working hours, and protecting yourself against brute-force attacks

21- JoneSoft UnInstall Cleaner (Freeware) 232 KB
JoneSoft UnInstall Cleaner : A powerful alternative to Microsoft's Add/Remove Programs

22- MD5 Brute Force Tool 1.0 (Freeware) 29 KB
MD5 Brute Force Tool : Simple but powerful command-line utility that helps you test the MD5 checksums of your files using brute force, by specifying the alphabet and maximum length

23- Private Folder 1.1.70 (Freeware) 758 KB
Private Folder : Easy-to-use application for password-protecting folders and hiding them from other unauthorized users with access to your computer

24- AdminEasy (Freeware) 295 KB
AdminEasy : AdminEasy is a small and easy-to-use application that will basically set/unset restrictions.

25- Secure Message 1.00.310 (Demo) 271 KB
Secure Message : An application whioch will help you protect your messages

26- PC Optimizer 360 (Demo) 3.6 MB
PC Optimizer 360 : Scan multiple areas of your computer to fix broken registries, remove junk files, or find virus infections to keep your PC in good shape

27- zebNet Secure Text Build (Freeware) 1 MB
zebNet Secure Text : A simple encrypting software that makes it incredibly easily to encode your text documents by typing in a password of your choosing

28- Program Lock Pro 2.31 (Demo) 830 KB
Program Lock Pro : Software encryption and decryption utility

29- Proxy Chain Builder 1.2 Build 2903 (Time-limited Trial) 690 KB
Proxy Chain Builder : Anonymous surfing is possible

30- JPasswords 1.0.0 (GPLv2) 3.9 MB
JPasswords : Add and manage various sensitive information from personal websites, software or other tools, export the data to CSV file format and password-protect it

31- My Data Keeper (Demo) 3.4 MB
My Data Keeper : Store login information, private notes, email addresses and other important credentials in a secure database, with this intuitive application

32- Password Securicor (GNU Public License) 124 KB
Password Securicor : Keep all your credentials safe inside a password-protected database which you can carry around on a thumb drive with this practical little app

33- Sondle Screenshot Keylogger (Time-limited Trial) 5.5 MB
Sondle Screenshot Keylogger : A secure application that helps you to block specific websites and applications, monitor keystrokes and log all kinds of information such as Clipboard activity

34- FF Password Exporter 1.1.1 (Demo) 66.7 MB
FF Password Exporter : Export login credentials stored by Firefox to CSV or JSON files, with this simple application that is fully compatible with Firefox Quantum

35- Asterisk Password Spy 7.5 (Freeware) 3.8 MB
Asterisk Password Spy : Reveal hidden passwords behind the 'asterisks' symbols with the help of this streamlined and easy to work with software solution

36- Wi-Fi Password Key Generator 9.0 (Freeware) 3.8 MB
Wi-Fi Password Key Generator : Clear-cut and simple application which enables you to generate strong passwords for your WEP or WPA(2) wireless modems or routers

37- Lock&Rest 2.0 (Freeware) 1.1 MB
Lock&Rest : A simple-to-use program that helps you automatically take a break from the computer for a specific time, while running on low system resources

38- fideAS file private (Freeware) 2.9 MB
fideAS file private : File & folder encryption with rule-based access management and user-transparent processing combined with data loss prevention technologies

39- TCleaner 1.0.4 (Freeware) 413 KB
TCleaner : A simple software solution that comes bundled with basic functions for helping you clean up your system from cookies and other junk files that may eat up a lot of space

40- Cryptophane 0.7.0 (GNU Public License) 602 KB
Cryptophane : A Windows UI for the GnuPG encryption program

41- Doors Firewall 1.0 (Freeware) 461 KB
Doors Firewall : Personal firewall on your computer that blocks trojans and lets you filter anything that attempts to enter your computer through Internet ports

42- CleanMe 1.3.8 (GNU Public License) 372 KB
CleanMe : Cleans all temporary files on your computer

43- Hypersight Rootkit Detector 1.0.1324.7994 (Time-limited Trial) 4.3 MB
Hypersight Rootkit Detector : A powerful tool for malware analysis

45- RightCrypt 1.0 (Freeware) 215 KB
RightCrypt : A simple but powerful file encryption / decryption tool that runs from the context menu

46- Data Destroyer 17.07 (Demo) 1.5 MB
Data Destroyer : Permanently delete files and folders from your computer by overwriting your data several times, in order to prevent any form of recovery

47- Faronics Anti-Executable Standard 5.50.1111.655 (Time-limited Trial) 39.1 MB
Faronics Anti-Executable Standard : Prevents unauthorized or unwanted programs from being installed, thus protecting your identity and keeping your computer safe from malware

48- WannaSmile 1.0.0 (Freeware) 546 KB
WannaSmile : A temporary fix for the WannaCry ransomware, which stops SMB and adds the known kill-switch domains to the hosts file in Windows

49- Count Time 1.1.78 (Freeware) 575 KB
Count Time : A useful activity monitoring utility

50- Password Generator 2018 (Demo) 3.6 MB
Password Generator 2018 : Software solution that helps you generate strong passwords, serial numbers, key codes, usernames using a set of rules that you created