Family apps, list 24

Family apps, list 24 Family apps, list 24
We have compiled a list of Family software titles that you can download for free in 2019. These are also some of the essential software titles that you may download and use on your PC.

1- BlackBerry Master Control Program (Freeware) 3 MB
BlackBerry Master Control Program : Complete BlackBerry device management, including the ability to download and install BlackBerry Device Drivers

2- Vehicle Manager Enterprise 2013.2.2.11 (Demo) 28.5 MB
Vehicle Manager Enterprise : An application that enables you to manage your vehicle database and keep tabs on the fuel consumption, drivers or expiring licenses

3- Lambda Gas Calculator Pro 1.0 (Freeware) 955 KB
Lambda Gas Calculator Pro : Detects air/fuel equivalent ratio based on the lambda calculus, while providing users the means to acquire important information that can indicate a broken car engine piece

4- Shot Clock Standard (Shareware) 2.5 MB
Shot Clock Standard : User-friendly and rich-featured program that allows you to work with a countdown timer during basketball games, alter the looks of the timer, use hotkeys, and change the audio notifications

5- tinyMediaManager 2.9.16 Build 2019-02-18 / 3.0 Build 2019-02-18 Pr (Apache License 2.0) 22 MB
tinyMediaManager : Organize your movies, movie sets and TV shows, scrap detailed information about them from different online sources, grab artwork, and sort, filter and search for items

6- PointerStick 3.41 (Freeware) 621 KB
PointerStick : Lightweight software application which enables you to create and edit a pointer stick, in order to highlight the position of the mouse

7- Einstein Scientific Calculator 1.0 (Freeware) 99 KB
Einstein Scientific Calculator : Advanced math calculator

8- English German Dictionary - Lite 1.0 (Shareware) 270 KB
English German Dictionary : Lite : Convert your PC into an English German dictionary

9- Visual CD 4.20 (Freeware) 2.3 MB
Visual CD : Lets you catalog data CDs, floppy disks, hard drives, and folders

10- WSUS Offline Update 11.5 (Freeware) 5.6 MB
WSUS Offline Update : Download the most recent patches and security updates for your Windows operating system and the installed Microsoft Office suite

11- Calorie Counter 7.0 (Time-limited Trial) 1.3 MB
Calorie Counter : Check nutritional information (e.g. carbohydrate, calories, protein, fat) about a wide range of food types (e.g. cereals, dairy and egg products, fast food items)

12- Chronos eStockCard 3.5.0 (Demo) 224 MB
Chronos eStockCard : An all-inclusive inventory tool to help easily keep track of returned and sold goods, generate reports, invoices and bills, as well as handle stock items

13- Logic Scheme Compiler (GNU Public License) 535 KB
Logic Scheme Compiler : Create logic schemes with this tool.

14- EazyAUTO4 Excel to Tally.ERP9 Data Converter 4.097 (Demo) 9.6 MB
EazyAUTO4 Excel to Tally.ERP9 Data Converter : Import financial data, vouchers, prices or e-bank statements from Excel spreadsheets into the Tally database using this intuitive tool

15- Desktop Plagiarism Checker 1.22 (Freeware) 4.3 MB
Desktop Plagiarism Checker : Check your texts for plagiarism and view reports for the websites where your text was encountered using this reliable software solution

16- MuseScore 3.0.2 (Freeware) 95.7 MB
MuseScore : Let your imagination be the only limit in creating an audio masterpiece using this highly customizable, music composition app through scores and notes

17- (Time-limited Trial) 5.2 MB : This application offers you the possibility to add multiple shortcuts and you can set it to be displayed on various positions of your screen

18- Azor 14.2.1 (Time-limited Trial) 10.5 MB
Azor : An intuitive application that allows you to monitor projects on a per task basis, manage costs, customers, products and employees

19- Spelling Bee Practice Software 7.0 (Demo) 3.5 MB
Spelling Bee Practice Software : Enables you to practice your English spelling by easily reading words from a dictionary file, choosing the voice used and configuring it

20- Repair Solutions 1.01 (Time-limited Trial) 4.3 MB
Repair Solutions : Software solution designed to help you track and maintain the management of repairs, it comes with all the neat features that you might find in a database

21- Hotel Reservation and Management Database Software 7.0 (Shareware) 2.8 MB
Hotel Reservation and Management Database Software : Create, edit and maintain customer reservations.

22- Subscription Manager 2016.0.0 (Time-limited Trial) 4.8 MB
Subscription Manager : Generate, store and organize your subscribers in lists by relying on this lightweight application that provides you with several useful functions

23- SunCalculator 1.10c (GNU Public License) 28.8 MB
SunCalculator : A software application with a user-friendly interface, that can calculate the sunrise and sunset times based on latitude and longitude coordinates

24- Nitesh Nepali Dictionary 2.1 (Freeware) 14.2 MB
Nitesh Nepali Dictionary : An offline Nepali dictionary software containing an alphabetical list of English words with information about them in written Nepali

25- WinFontsView 1.10 (Freeware) 38 KB
WinFontsView : Display sample of all fonts installed on your system.

26- Schizophrenia Chat Room 6.0 (Freeware) 145 KB
Schizophrenia Chat Room : 24 Hours Live Chat Support for people with schizophrenia

27- English Swahili Dictionary - Lite 1.0 (Shareware) 239 KB
English Swahili Dictionary : Lite : Lightweight program which enables you to translate English words to Swahili, as well as the other way around, with just a few clicks

28- Key Advantage Typing Tutor 1.4 (Time-limited Trial) 4.9 MB
Key Advantage Typing Tutor : Study how to correctly use the keyboard to type faster and test individual writing efficiency and speed, as well as view the summary for each lesson

29- KP Typing Tutor 7.3.2 (Shareware) 2.8 MB
KP Typing Tutor : Increase your typing speed by taking courses and playing games featured in this easy to use application that supports a wide range of keyboards

30- DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software (Demo) 5.5 MB
DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software : With this lightweight and efficient software solution you can design barcodes of all types and colors and create a unique identity for your brand

31- FontBase 2.7.0 (Freeware) 44.6 MB
FontBase : Manage and customize your fonts, as well as quickly build favorite collections with the help of this streamlined and user-friendly software solution

32- Barrels Essence Manager 2.3.6 (Demo) 24.5 MB
Barrels Essence Manager : Keep track of the incoming and outgoing substances in your essential oil shop and manage your inventory with ease with this software solution

33- Shims Base Converter 1.0 (Freeware) 3 KB
Shims Base Converter : Base conversion utility for decimal number

34- Typing Speed Test 1.4.0 (Freeware) 255 KB
Typing Speed Test : A simple-to-use and intuitive application that is able to test your typing skills by displaying the speed, accuracy percentage and time needed to complete the test

35- ScionPC 8.3 (Freeware) 6.3 MB
ScionPC : Create your own family tree database, enter in the information and study your bloodline before generating reports on your families statistics

36- Kalq 1.0.4 (GNU Public License) 612 KB
Kalq : An efficient desktop calculator meant to assist you in your everyday activities and enable you to perform various mathematical operations

37- Free Arabic Teacher 10 (Demo) 30.3 MB
Free Arabic Teacher : A simple-to-use and portable program that helps you learn to pronounce the Arabic alphabet and other words, take several tests, and find out info about short and long vowels

38- jFox Trading Journal 1.0 (Freeware) 4.3 MB
jFox Trading Journal : A Java-based financial application for currency traders who need to keep track of their transactions and evaluate their performance

39- Numerology 369 1.2 (Demo) 5.3 MB
Numerology 369 : Software solution that allows you to generate numerology charts using only the name and birth date, you can save reports or export them in HTML format

40- English Serbian Dictionary - Lite 1.0 (Shareware) 270 KB
English Serbian Dictionary : Lite : Convert your laptop into an English Serbian dictionary

41- T-GPS 2.732 (Freeware) 2.6 MB
T-GPS : Manage your GPS device, calculate distances, record routes and view them on multiple types of maps, with this handy piece of software

42- FlashQard 0.15.0 (GNU Public License) 15.1 MB
FlashQard : This software is developed to combine the immense power of computers and the power of Leitner System.

43- Original LG Firmware (Freeware) 396 KB
Original LG Firmware : An intuitive and user-friendly operation that downloads the latest firmware for your LG phone based on its model and serial number

44- Smoke Attack (Freeware) 6 MB
Smoke Attack : Shoot down smoke balls and cigarettes with your oxygen gun and bring fresh air to the office in this interactive and entertaining game

45- UIF to ISO 1.0 (Freeware) 563 KB
UIF to ISO : A simple-to-use and compact software program that helps you convert UIF files to ISO file format, while running on low system resources

46- WL Orders Manager (Freeware) 10.1 MB
WL Orders Manager : A reliable and user-friendly software utility that can help business owners manage their generated custom licenses and subscriptions

47- Smart School Lite 2.6.4 (Freeware) 26.1 MB
Smart School Lite : A handy software solution that aims to provide a solid environment where all school attendance related data can be stored and administered

48- Student Enrollment Database Software 7.0 (Shareware) 1.7 MB
Student Enrollment Database Software : Keep a well-organized database of students of all levels from kindergarten to senior with info ranging from personal details, medical records and more

49- ThumbsPlus Pro 10 Build 4004 / 10 SP2 Build 4015 (Time-limited Trial) 49.6 MB
ThumbsPlus Pro : Manage multiple image databases, browse through pictures on your computer, create slideshows and batch edit files, with this comprehensive application

50- PSM Quest 17.1 (Time-limited Trial) 6.3 MB
PSM Quest : A reliable and easy to use software solution for photography business management, that can help you keep record of clients, jobs or product selection